Alchemy Fight

Alchemy Fight
My desperate attempt to make a somewhat decent forum game that won't survive.


The Sequel:

You choose an item and do either a && or || with a (Non op weapon) item of your choosing, and either wear/use the item on the enemy.
Every turn you can alchemize another item.
So for example, a turn would go like this
Hair Clippers && Sword

You create the MEDIEVAL BARBER and do 30 damage to the GICLOPS
Giclops-470 HP

Note: I will make pictures of the combinations.

Note 2: I stole nearly all of this from the original.

Note 3: If something like this was already here i will be embarrassed with myself.

Stealing first enemy from original.
[Image: n2KKM4t.gif]

Giclops: 500 HP

1. Hair Clippers
2. Screwdriver
3. BB Gun
4. Microphone
5. Funko Pop
oh hey
Microphone && BB Gun
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
(how do i quote pls help me)
FlanDab: Microphone && BB Gun

[Image: Shout_Shot.png]
You acquire the SHOUTSHOT. You have to yell into the microphone to shoot, which is a REALLY bad design choice.

-20 HP to the GICLOPS.

Giclops: 480 HP

FlanDab: 100 HP

(Note: You can combine items from the item list with ANY item you want, but only with items from the item list. Also, just to clarify, you can only use three && or || in an alchemization. you CAN have 3 && and one || at the end of the alchemization.)
oh hey
oh hey it's not my fault this died so fast

Bumpity Bump Bump.
oh hey
oh hey
oh hey
Screwdriver II Funko pop
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
Screwdriver && Hair Clippers
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