Collectible Shard Game

Collectible Shard Game
You open your eyes, and you feel your forehead is covered in sweat. God. What the fuck is happening.

You look around yourself, in a body you've never seen before in a place you've never been before, and you're playing a card game. On the table in front of you is a futuristic tablet the likes of which you don't think exist in your home reality.

Not that you have much memory to speak of. You try to think about what you were doing before you got here, but your ears finally activate and you can hear the clamor of a crowd all around you. You seem to be in some sort of tournament, judging by the official decorations which you can read somehow, saying "SHARD BATTLES: OATSIN REGIONAL TOURNAMENT".

On the table in the middle, is a holographic 3-D grid battlefield depicting a simple grass plain. It's empty.

Across from you sits some sort of orange goblin thing, with a distressing amount of cold black eyes. They look at their tablet, before swiping up, causing a holographic egg to form on their side of the battlefield.

"Your move..."

Their voice is incredibly somber for someone playing a card game in a tournament. Really, you should be the somber one because you have no idea what you are doing.

You look at your tablet.


Not particularly helpful, but you suppose you have to make some sort of move.
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
Hm. Play the pluble farmer card. Need some food income to get that pluble hut up and running.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
>Traditionally in these sorts of games, the first thing you do on your turn is draw a card, right? Perhaps this newfangled tablet thing makes that automatic, but you can't afford to take that chance. Trust in the heart of the shards and tap that deck icon with whatever appendage you may possess.
Check out the STAT screen; We seem to need to spend some sort of resource to play our Shards.
Mulligan your hand
mulligan your facial features
[Image: Iv0bTLS.png]
you're currently producing -1 food/turn. probably not the best.

>attempt to ensnare ENEMY in PLUBLE HUT
> What kind of body "you've never seen before" are you in ? No because unless you swap bodies often, it fee like it'd be waaaay more relevant a phenomenon to you than a card game right now.

>Also unless you're that jaded or have nerves of steel you should probabl panicking and screaming rather than thinkin of a move. Not that it's the smart thing to do but it's the normal reaction f most peple to have, just sayin.

Quote:Hm. Play the pluble farmer card. Need some food income to get that pluble hut up and running.

But the puble farmer lives in the puble hut, which would indicate you need to play the hut first to put the farmer in.

Except for some reason, the hut consume food. More than a single faror producein fact. One hope you can put several farmer n te sam hut to make it rentale, otherwie either there's something we're missing (very likely since we don't know anything) or that doesn't bode well about this game design