[Olympic Games]

[Olympic Games]
RE: [Olympic Games]: LAST GAME ON PAGE 26
that was a haiku
for the PMC. and here's
a goodbyeku

blizz picked space llama as fauna
laser gets the two red traits [can't lie][intrusive][/color]
fellow wins 2 blue traits, 1 green <[motivated][individualism][folksy]>
life has 1 blue trait [second fiddle]
ian gets 2 green traits [cooperative]

kieros gets stats and name, wants to know what the traits are before making applicable stats
i get bio and will write it based off the other things

let's work it out together! dm or pm us with what you pick
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RE: [Olympic Games]: LAST GAME ON PAGE 26
[It's a lonely heart.]
[Image: unknown.png]
People can't escape forever.

Overview of the contest
Six million ways to commit murder, some are simple, some are bizarre and some are rather... "Notail". And this is one of them, a whole species gone thanks to a notail, Nafi, photoshop and a nudes picture and after all, everyone knows that O-4 paid for her sins, right? Nafi thinks they escaped from that destiny even after mess with ruhi favorite painting? It's time to make a bonus round to make them pay with romance and bees!

Challange: Make a fanfic of nafi in a blind date show where three anomalies try to win their heart! ( Or be feed to the bees. )

Prizes: One single green trait for the fauna crewmember!

Rule 1: It must have at least one "Neo, I hate Ruhi"

Rule 2: O-7 must appear and have a good day.

Rule 3: O-6 must die in this one.

That's it, simple things, huh? Good luck
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: [Olympic Games]: BONUS GAME ON PAGE 31
Not only did the post making contest nearly destroy the fabric of reality itself but now it summoned this.
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RE: [Olympic Games]: BONUS GAME ON PAGE 31
I didn’t join at the start because I wasn’t able to but hell do I wanna now

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[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???