Name Easter Eggs

Name Easter Eggs
So I’ve been trying to uncover naming Easter eggs. Something happens if you name yourself:

Anyone found anything else? I’m interested.
I'm pretty sure naming yourself Gimeurcookie is an easter egg.
If you enter a name that doesn't give an easter egg, you can request your name be made into one. I think when that first happened a lot of people did it, so a bunch of usernames of people here are them.
🐦🐙🐙[Image: nifOFwR.png]🐙🐙
As far as I've found, Artemis, Diana, and Hermes all give unique responses. All of the limbo gods' names elicit the same response from Apollo. Amaterasu, Athena, Eris, Helios, Jupiter, Mors, Nike, Opis, Pluto, Somnus, and Zeus, all give the same response as each other, while all other AI gods' names simply act like any name that isn't an easter egg. That's all I've found though.