The Fortuna Rp (We''ll come up with a name eventually)

The Fortuna Rp (We''ll come up with a name eventually)
*Thalia is overheating!*
Tonya thinks about it. The treasure planet is pretty tempting but she is much more familiar with casinos and tourist attractions. If she plays her cards right, she might be able to turn a profit, pick up gas and candy, and gather up some fame!

Tonya enters in directions for the Second Planet and tries to figure out a nice landing spot.
*Thalia is overheating!*
(Health: 56/80
||Fortuna rolls 2 dice, 10 sides each, too see if anyone will notice the over-heating AI. An 8 is rolled for Falcon while a 5 is rolled for Beige.||

|| The faint smell of smoke reaches Falcon. Beige remains unaware for now||
Tonya would frown if she could when she smells the faint scent of smoke. She stops working on the navigation controls and puts things on pause so she can go and attempt investigating the scent.

They haven't even reached their first planet and things could be going wrong!
||Fortuna also rolls 4 20 sided dice for the landing spots.||
||1. Remains of a burnt down town. Few live there any more, and those who do are likely sick.||
||2. A large Mall, nearly as big as a neighborhood. Full of odd ball shops selling everything from bugs fossilized in amber to foods made from molten lava||
||3. A silver colored Casino. Run by a group of Apollo units. Also has a bar and a small swimming pool.||
||4. A field near a Nature Reserve. The fauna is known for behaving weirdly friendly no matter how aggressive their species normally is.||
(Health: 41/80)
Tonya just uses her Psychic Powers to attempt operating the console from a short distance away and select the Third Option. A Casino likely has a lot of food, friends, and good times a plenty around. That and maybe Fuel...

Tonya continues to try and trace the scent. If needed, she planned on using her powers to try and put out whatever fire has started.
|| Two 10 sided dice are rolled. Falcon gets a 9. Beige gets a 6. ||
|| Falcon finds the overheating AI in record time.||
|| Beige notices the smell of smoke.||
(I don’t think beige is here but ok)
Health: 32/80
"Oh dear... Thalia, you are smoking and not in the good and hot way.", Tonya looks very concerned and nervous at this since they are not a mechanic in the slightest. Maybe they knew how to ride everything, but that doesn't translate to repairing robots!

Tonya attempts to shake Thalia around with her Psychic powers to get her to somehow function again. Tonya tries to think of how to cool down the bot if it doesn't work.
“Ow! God, why is it so hot in here?”
"Sorry about that! You were burning up in here and I needed you snapped back. Are you ok now?" Tonya asks, a little concerned. Did Tonya accidently cause this by hurting their feelings or something?

"I can try and look around for some ice if you want. I have some free time after picking out the Planet and the Landing space. We'll be landing at a Casino to try and find some fuel and maybe gamble just a little." Tonya attempts to assure Thalia.
“Oh, cool! I don’t really need the ice, though. Built in air conditioning! Thanks for the help.”
*Thalia smiles.*
Tonya looks extremely confused, "Then why were you so hot you were smoking? Is something wrong with your internals?"

Tonya sighs in relief that the Ship A.I isn't broken on the first day and about to explode. But, after all this she could not let Thalia go without a quick inspection. "I should take a look to see if anything melted or is buggy or burned. If you have built in air conditioning. Then all this shouldn't have occured."

Tonya attempts to open up Thalia and check her inner components for damage. All the while, attempting not to pick fun at them or flirt in any way shape or form.
“Maybe? Not sure.”
“Oh, maybe I should put myself into sleep mode before you do that, or I could get really hurt.”
*Thalia’s screen glitches, before going into sleep mode.*
| A small, robotic voice informs everyone on the ship that they will be landing in 10 minutes over the intercoms.|
Tonya overhears the the speakers and regretfully decides she will have to put off doing a hackjob on Thalia.

Tonya sighs again before crossing her bony arms, "Ahhh. Darn. I guess I'll have to have someone else look at you. I have to oversee the landing. The Doctor's busy most of the time so it will have to be just you and me leaving the ship. We don't have much cash so we'll check around for gas and food and then use what we have left to gamble and scrounge up some cash!"

Tonya promptly turns around and heads off to prepare for disembarking. That, and pretty herself up for social interactions! Tonya always has blasts at Casinos!
((Since Beige is rather inactive i figured I'd give the possibilities of having new crew mates. On every other planet there will be one possible person that can be added to the crew. The current planet is the first of said planets. In total there are 3 different people that can be added. Just who will be there is decided on a dice roll (1-5= 1, 6-11= 2, 12-17= 3). You don't have to recruit the person too continue too the next planet or reach Fortuna))
(Casino sounds great)
[yeah I’m kind of drifting from eagle time at the moment. My bad! But you probably shouldn’t count me as an active member.]
(06-17-2018, 09:42 PM)Robottobt Wrote: »[yeah I’m kind of drifting from eagle time at the moment. My bad! But you probably shouldn’t count me as an active member.]
((Its a shame, but for now I won't count Beige as part of the crew. Should you become more active on the site I'll happily add Beige back on.))
While Tonya waits for some time to pass. She decides to scrounge around the ship and get familiar with it. Maybe looks around and see if there was anything she was missing from her cargo report. She refuses to believe they *only* have food. Beds, desks, and whatever other equipment on this vessel might count.

If all they have on board is food. Tonya was going to cry, if she could cry that is. On the brighter side, it would make shopping more fun if she can gather up cash at the Casinos! Cha-ching.

The ship itself is a pretty strange thing. There is a giant hand on the front of it. Maybe she could use it to *punch* other ships in the cockpit to establish who is better? Tonya laughs to herself about it.
(Well yeah technically)