Your friend had been raving about this new popular game roaming around the internet recently, and kept being vague about the game, not wanting to spoil it for you. Since you haven't gotten the game in the months he's been raving about it, he decided to send you a copy of the game, with a few added mods he hand chose for the "best possible experience."

[Image: titlescreenmodded.png]

...You almost want to just shut off the game, assuming he probably put in worse things for you. At least you hope this was something he put in...

[Image: Illustration2.png]

Well the first thing he told you to do was go into the achievements and pick a patron, he has mostly everything else set up for your first game. A custom "tutorial" as he said.

[Image: acheivementshop.png]

You may as well see what these "patrons" are, he said they are supposed to help you in the game. Oh, well at least that thing in the upper right seems to show this isn't how the game is supposed to look. Must be some kind of script to notice changes in UI.

[Image: shopinterior.png]

Oh god this is almost impossible to read. You really want to just get out of here as soon as possible. Your friend must of given you a selection of patrons to choose from, hopefully they aren't just here to mess with you.
just because i love making our poor, poor player suffer.
why not somnus
>Persephone, she's the only good thing there.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
> ........ merc
[Image: gmzzj.png]
(07-14-2018, 02:01 AM)Jirachi Wrote: »why not somnus

Yeah, he’s a good boy
>just click things randomly to get past this screen faster.
>A paper plate. Probably more stable than placeholder, while retaining the joy of doing things you probably weren't meant to do.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
as much as I love our furry trash boyo,
>Mercury. "He's very expensive, so he's obviously better than the other patron options."
You decide to choose the Mercury due to it being the most expensive. Buying it now would probably be easier than later if this is a one time thing.

[Image: titlescreenmodded.png]

Once you purchase it, though, you get kicked out of the shop.

[Image: mercuryseriously.png]
OI OI. How did you get permission to purchase me?

[Image: shipandai.png]
Huh weird, that must be Mercury, it seems like it's messaging you? Well you decide to start a new game, besides if it's fun maybe you'll check out the other stuff and remove this terrible UI.

[Image: mercurynormal.png]
You're not some new trash are you? If you don't show me some respect I'm just going to bounce. Not even sure how you afforded that amount I got set up.
Hey Mercury, do you mind if we call you Merc? Also, enjoy the points! If you got them that is. We think you’re cool! Of course we respect you, or we wouldn’t have spent 10,000 points on you, by the way.
Can't all be Champs like you Mercury. Have to earn our stripes before we can join the big leagues.
Lucky me, I've a talented professional here to show me the ropes.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
Selene ship, Selene AI
(07-14-2018, 09:31 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »>just click things randomly to get past this screen faster.
[Image: mercurynormal.png]

Well at least you know your place, though there is no way you managed to get that many points.

[Image: Sesair.png]

You choose Selene and Selene as your ship and its AI, and then move forward to look over your crew. As you can see your friend seems to have set up some characters when you start

[Image: mercurynormal.png]

Well this person looks like a blast, I'm sure when they get to Fortuna only happy things will happen.

[Image: Noire.png]

You move on to the next character, seems there are two more..one isn't available right now, and the other...

[Image: template.png]

..Seems like you can design them yourself. Though it feels like you're being mocked.

[Image: mercurynormal.png]

Oh man your friend seems like a real winner.
Job: Writer
Species: Low Klannec
[Eloquent Writing]

S-1 I-8 C-4 E-2 A-6 L-7

??? wanted to go to Fortuna to make their beautiful poetry known across the entire universe.
[Image: B2skh0Y.png]
(07-15-2018, 12:08 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »
(07-14-2018, 09:31 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »>just click things randomly to get past this screen faster.
Name: Marshmallow
Species: Arctic Oquinta
Job: Counselor
Pronouns: She (Trans Woman)


S-1 I-7 C-9 E-3 A-6 L-0

Marshmallow lived a peaceful life on her home planet of Jumanjia, until a massive, amphibious snow beast attacked her clan, killing nearly everyone. A coward by nature, Marshmallow fled, and now she seeks Fortuna, in search of something to give her the courage to return.
(07-15-2018, 12:30 AM)Babybowser101 Wrote: »Name: Rubelleta
Job: Writer/Therapist
Species: Low Klannec
[Eloquent Writing]

S-1 I-8 C-6 E-2 A-6 L-5

??? wanted to go to Fortuna to make their beautiful poetry known across the entire universe. At some point they gained mutation from being in close proximity to a notail and are now one of the fluffiest Klannec to exist.
I changed a few things but uhh

y e p
So Mercury, do you wanna make one?
[Image: Marshmallow.png]
You decide to make a Low Klanec that fits in with your crew.

[Image: mercuryseriously.png]
Why would I want to create anything, when it can't be as great as me?

[Image: Start.png]

Once you're done with all of that you choose to start your game...

[Image: Planet_99-3.png]

..Wait planet 99?

[Image: Planet_99-3full.png]

[Image: mercurynormal.png]

Hooo boy. Nothin' like hazin' the freshmen. Not that it matters either way.

[Image: outsidestore.png]
>check crew
[Image: outsidestoreNoire.png]
You decide to check on your crew.

Crew Info

[Image: outsidestore2.png]

[Image: outsidestoreNoire2.png]

[Image: outsidestoreNoire3.png]

It seems you have some obvious choices you can make to move forward.

[Image: mercurynormal.png]

You can make you own choice Trash, you don't have a hope either way, but I will tell you that Thanatos unit up there? It's on my shit list, and if it's not gone I'm gone.
thats a thanatos unit
well then

>lets try getting that experimental laser.
>might as well get the laser. Fortuna might have some scary monsters on it