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(09-14-2018, 03:58 AM)Ten11 Wrote: »shouldnt a d21.5 + a d21.5 make a d43? where did the missing face go...

second law of thermodicenamics. nothing can be 100% efficient, no matter how good you are at gluing things.

speaking of gluing things, i hope he doesn't realize how loaded this d42 is. it's really easy to cheat when you're the one that made the dice.
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Each player start with eight pieces of nebula kibble. In their turn, they roll a die, and if the number they rolled is odd, they drop a piece of nebula kibble on the board. If it is even, they get to keep their pieces on hand. If they roll a perfect square, they take a nebula kibble piece from the board even if the number is odd, but if there are no nebula kibble on the board, they don't get anything.

The last player left with kibbles left on hand wins. Any player who lost all their nebula kibble immediately loses, and will be skipped when their turn is up again.

The game goes clockwise. To begin the game, all players must roll a die, and the dice each player rolls must have the same number of faces. The one who rolls the lowest number plays first, and then the player next to them. Ties competing for the first player can be resolved by any tossing a coin; before the coin is flipped, each tied player must choose a face, but not the same face. If their face is faces up after the toss, they go first.
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Fling dice at eachother until one of us passes out

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Person who previously owned the name with lowest number of letters goes first and then go around in ascending order!!!!
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After what feels like an eternity but only lasts a few seconds, you finally decide on a complete ruleset for Wgart! It took some revising, and you're uncertain how close it is to your initial plan as a game, but you've done your best to make it interesting and fun, despite not having any physical cards.

Everyone is still missing their names, which is... making this weird.

[Image: IW9oi14.png]
[Image: IJZztVz.png]
[Image: 1TR4ho7.png]

Wephyr huffs in confusion just as the vessel has a sudden jolt of momentum. Perhaps you'll get to Terrats sooner than expected!

[Image: bv5Cwst.png]
[Image: iZqEvXb.png]

Using the PDA's paint program, you mock up cards and a test game to display all the rules of Wgart!

You've gained 10% value on the Someone's PDA by using it as a drawing tablet!

[Image: oUzGUzl.png]

[Image: 4bLtZCJ.png]
[Image: 9nljAi8.png]

[Image: Ep6zTKZ.gif]

[Image: TiqHr6H.png]
[Image: JiMPGey.png]

[Image: Ai5QY5p.png]

[Image: RuzUNwo.png]
[Image: EueC5uX.png]

[Image: YAe8DC5.gif]

[Image: 5p8qYGl.png]

[Image: UnGbWOW.gif]

[Image: oSnhyD3.png]
[Image: dZONEJ1.png]

[Image: kvrlbMg.png]

[Image: FjoAb0I.png]
[Image: 8EYAvDI.png]
[Image: mRBqyIr.png]
[Image: tKu4xKW.png]

With everything set, you begin drawing cards for everyone! You store the corresponding number which represents each card using the calculator, and roll for which card is drawn using the dice sets.

[Image: bpX2eN4.png]

With everyone's hands placed, it looks like you've got the highest starting card with a Metric 8. You've got the first opportunity to swap your cards with someone else's! The problem now is that Wephyr goes next, as he's next clockwise. The upside is that if Pat wins, it seems clear that they'll redistribute all the names to the respective owners.

For now, you've got to pick your starting action before you can even think about the incoming Quickdraw! Alternatively, you could invent some new rules that help your butt win. Saying that you get to just choose who wins is a little too blatant, but maybe something subtler will help guarantee a win of all three names.

The BagShow
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well im already having enough trouble following the current rules to think of new ones, but we could always just try cheating with the dice when it comes time to reveal the hidden cards.
but im not sure we need to do that, actually. Pat is on our side, so we can co-operate with him to beat Wephyr.
when you get down to it, this game isnt very complicated. out of the two ways of getting points, 2 of the same suit is much more achievable than 2 of the same rank, because there is always at least 1 card of every suit available to swap with in the Quickdraw. however, if you have one of the face-down cards when it comes to the Qickdraw, your likelihood of getting any points drops drastically, because you can't control if its going to match your other card.
so here's what we do: we swap our facedown card with Wephyr's Sidera 3. on their turn they will then likely swap one of their cards with a faceup one. Then Pat swaps their facedown card with whatever faceup card Wephyr grabs. This means Wephyr will enter the Quickdraw with two facedown cards. whichever one they pick to swap with a Wgart card, it will only have a 1 in 4 chance of matching their other facedown card in suit. however, just to make sure the odds are in our favor as much as possible, we should swap in whatever our lowest ranking cards are in the Quickdraw for the highest ranking cards, like that Eu, just in case Wephyr manages to get a point.