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Spy Party Party
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 Spy Party Party
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Spy Party Party

This is a 9 player game where each player has a separate agenda they must complete to earn their win. This game is similar to mafia, except there is no player elimination and the game lasts for exactly 3 (in-game) Days, lasting 96 hours each. Players may request extensions, with 5 players needed to do so. Players may also secretly request the day to end early, but this will only happen if all 9 players make the request. At the end of each day, there is a quick Night of 48 (or less) hours for the mod to resolve the Day’s finalized targets.

At the beginning of the game, every player receives a quicktopic to give them their role and character information. Apart from mod questions and day extensions/shortenings, these quicktopics are for information only.

All actions are public, but secret. By posting Visit: PlayerName, you commit to visiting a player. However, you can visit any number of players in a day, with only certain visits becoming your targets (dependent on your role). This is very important, as other players learning your role can be devastating. As the list of potential roles is public, players can use their visiting habits to disguise their role from others, including visiting less players then they can target (or more).

Posts cannot be edited in this game, so any visits are permanent.

There will be multiple rounds of this game, and roles will be tweaked between games to balance them and solve gameplay issues.

Here are the roles:
Spoiler :
  • Must Plant a Bug on each of the General, the Diplomat, and the Archivist by N3.
  • Knows who each of these players are.
  • Plants a bug on the first and last visited players. Players are not notified of this.
  • Wins if successful, but loses if shot by Agent on N3

  • Investigates last player visited, learning their role. On D3, their last visited player is instead shot. If that player was the Spy, the Agent wins!
  • Wins if they shoot the Spy on N3.

  • Must match the pairs of: Spy and Agent, Celebrity and Celebrity, Painter and Muse, and Diplomat and General.
  • Targets the first two and the last two players visited, attempting to match each pair. It becomes known when a match is successful, but does not know which roles they’ve matched.
  • Wins if three of four matches are made.
  • DISTINCT POSE: If the Archivist is visited by the Muse, the Archivist learns their role (this counts as targeting them).
  • DEEP DIVE ANALYSIS: If only one or two players are visited, their roles are learned and (if two) they are attempted to be matched. Learning the roles of the correct players does not automatically match them.
  • COMPARE AND CONTRAST: If only three players are visited, the first and last targets are both attempted to be matched to the second.

Celebrity (x2)
  • Wins if most visited and/or most targeted for at least 2 of 3 days. Ties also count towards a win.
  • Slaps the first and last players visited, reducing their effective visits by two (one nullifies this role’s visit). If only one player is visited, they are slapped twice.
  • Learns if they were most targeted or most visited at night. If both, they only learn that they were the most visited.
  • EXPOSED: If one celebrity loses but not the other, they get one guess to guess who the other celebrity is. On a success, they steal the win.
  • STEAL THE SHOW: If neither celebrities win, they both share one collective guess at the role of every other player. If their collaborative guess is 100% correct, all other players lose and the celebrities win.

  • Paints last visited player each day. Any painted player will paint their targeted players for consecutive days, and the day they were painted (only if painted directly by painter).
  • Wins if every player (including self) is painted by N3.

  • Targets first player visited, making that player target them in addition to that role’s normal targets.
  • Learns which roles have targeted them, but not who.
    Wins if targeted by 7+ different players at least once by N3.
  • LOOKING FOR TROUBLE: Targeting the Agent on D3 results in a loss (but not being targeted by the Agent D3).

  • Targets last two players visited, making them in favour of war.
    Knows identity of the Diplomat, and is aware of their progress each Night.
  • Wins if 3+ players are in favour of war by N3, but loses if targeted by the Diplomat on D3.

  • Targets last two players visited, cancelling any favour for war they have.
  • Wins if no players are in favour of war.
  • LAST WORD: On D3, the Diplomat targets the last player only. If they are the General, every player loses their favour for war and the Diplomat wins.

Sign-ups for Game 1:
  1. Robust Laser
  2. a52
  3. awkwardcarapace
  4. Thalia

Replacements for Game 1:
  • None yet.

Feel free to comment on the rules above if they don't make sense or if there are glaring issues.

Spoiler :
(03-02-2015, 02:07 AM)Papers Wrote: i don't know what i expected from reyweld's new hawkspace thread
(06-02-2016, 04:16 AM)Schazer Wrote: Tokyo could kick your scrawny ass
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And then annihilate them as a powermove
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 RE: Spy Party Party

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 RE: Spy Party Party
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 RE: Spy Party Party
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 RE: Spy Party Party
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