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Mini-Grand Organization: The Return
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 Mini-Grand Organization: The Return
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Imagine Cucumber
People like to make things, that much is certain.

So we see, somewhere in some cosmos, someone making something, taking the stars from the sky, swirling around in their hand like one might cup some water from a lake or river.

And similar to that, the space refills, stars flowing back to replace those taken. The hand cupping the stars holds them close, and above an orb, they let the stars go.

Inside of that orb, is bits and pieces, little parts of everywhere, swirling together and clashing. And the someone looks inside, desperate to see everything...

Mini-Grand's are smaller versions of Grand Battles, the nebulously occurring roleplaying character collaboration fun times that we have so many of. Mini-Grands occur with at most four people and three rounds and do not have any greater connection to anything else, not even each other. They are just fun short bursts of character interactions and storylines in odd places, usually ending in a character death/elimination that leads to a setting transition.

Generally, the way that mini-grands work is that people post profiles in this thread, as many as they want, and then someone else takes four profiles that seem fun and have them go through the various rounds. You can use any profile that you want as long as it adheres to the usual format below.

[b]Name[/b]: (Your character's name)
[b]Race[/b]: (Include a brief description if it's not blatantly obvious.)
[b]Colour[/b]: (The colour you'll write your posts in. No tags other than [color], and no using plain black. Please avoid eye-searing.)
[b]Description[/b]: (Physical, mental, emotional, the whole deal.)
[b]Items/Abilities[/b]: (Things they do/have/are that make them suited for a battle to the death.)

You can generally do whatever sort of thing you want to explore writing wise, as long as it isn't annoying or worse! What is important is that you have fun! Feel free to make a profile even if you haven't done any of these before and are brand new, and if you have questions just ask around on Discondor!!!

-What is a Grand Battle Thread (again)
-Old Mini-Grand thread (to get the idea of what this is)
-Minigrands will go here (hopefully)

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 RE: Mini-Grand Organisation: The Return
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hell world
Username: Ixcaliber
Name: Thrillseeker
Gender: Female
Race: Human, mostly
Text Colour: #8A0707
Description: Thrillseeker is tall, athletically built with tan skin, amber eyes and a gaudily dyed blood red pompadour. She typically wears glossy black lipstick and aviator sunglasses with white frames and cherry red lenses. She wears fairly casual clothing that allows as much mobility as possible. She was at the time she was taken for battle wearing a black t-shirt with a white logo of a lantern, a worn, and in some places a little bloody, denim jacket, fingerless gloves, a miniskirt and black leather boots. She has a lot of tattoos, the only ones immediately visible are those on her legs which are nearly covered in obscure iconography.

Thrillseeker tends to be kind of guarded when around unfamiliar people or in unfamiliar situations. Though she’s a woman of very few words her emotion is often written clearly in exaggerated body language. She tends towards caution, having suffered badly for recklessness in the past, but is willing to make a mistake if she thinks she can learn something from it. She has no hesitation when action is called for.

Items/Abilities: Thrillseeker is accompanied by a modified Public Homunculi Vat (known colloquially as a Cauldron). A PHV consists of an upright human-sized translucent cylinder filled with a viscous liquid (in this case blood red) and an attached control panel utilizing touch screen controls. Thrillseeker’s Cauldron has been significantly modified; it has been fitted into a primitive chassis which contains a mobile generator and sits atop a set of hydraulic robotic legs.

Back before the merge PHVs were used to create disposable servants to perform menial tasks and at a low low cost. But now thanks to the work of the Lanterns the Cauldrons now serve a different purpose. It is possible to use a Cauldron to create a genetic and mental imprint of yourself which will activate should the user happen to expire whilst still within the Cauldron’s range, decanting a homunculus body with the consciousness of the user. Furthermore it’s possible for someone who finds themselves in that kind of situation to recreate and reinhabit a copy of their human body using genetic data stored in the PHV and a consumable bundle of genetic materials (a handy source for these materials can be the corpse you left behind). Thrillseeker has a handy stockpile of these.

A homunculus body is distinct from a human body in a couple of ways. First they are physically more fragile, designed only for temporary habitation. Secondly they possess unique visual characteristics; muddy red skin from Rapid Growth Formula, absence of hair and sexual dimorphism. The only distinctions to be made from one homunculus body to another is the height and build.

Additional functionality modded into the Cauldron via the addition of a transdimensional beacon is the ability to either summon and decant the consciousness of another user from another dimension into a temporary homunculus body or to offer a version of your own consciousness which can be used the same way. This functionality allows thrillseekers to engage in some good spirited teamwork, however it is important to remember that not all thrillseekers are benevolent in their intentions.

Thrillseeker carries a flask of Rapid Growth Formula (known colloquially as Lifeblood). This is the same liquid from the Cauldron’s Vat and when consumed provides a very temporary healing effect. Thrillseeker’s flask contains enough for only a couple of uses before she’d have to return to the Cauldron to refill it.

Thrillseeker has a couple of different weapons available to her, but her primary one is the Scythe of Iaoael. This weapon was forged from the essence of Iaoael the Rancorous, an animalistic phantom that had slipped free of the White Labyrinth when Thrillseeker encountered it. Much like the phantom from which it was made the Scythe of Iaoael is jet black with a faint purple shimmer across it. It is ornately carved, though the pattern of eyes is difficult to discern in the blackness of the scythe.

Biography: Some come to Ilmire to fight the Night, or to try to understand them. Some come to scavenge what little remains of the decrepit city’s incredible technologies. Some come to peer into the void or to try to tame its powers for themselves. Thrillseeker came to this wretched place just looking for a good time.

fyck phytybyckyt
08-09-2018, 02:59 AM
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 RE: Mini-Grand Organization: The Return
that one guy, that does that one thing.

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Username: Lankie

Name: Otis

Gender: Male

Race: Jackalope - Pretty much exactly what you picture in your head when you think of a Jackalope - Rabbit with antlers/horns. Otis is male so instead of antlers he has a small pair of horns. An average Jackalope stands at about half a foot tall.

Colour: I got a zeal for teal! #008080

Description: Otis is covered in a light brown fur, with the exception of the inside of his ears which are a brilliant, iridescent green. He has deep, dark, brown eyes and a pair of nubby, little horns. He stands about 15cm tall (18cm with his ears perked up) and is a healthy weight for his age. Otis is 14 months old, which makes him a young adult. He sports a homemade cape made from a shred of burlap sack.

Strong, brave, chivalrous, confident, unyielding. All traits of a great knight, which Otis aspires to be. Alas, he falls short (hohehoheho) of pretty much all of those aspects. Otis is quick to anger and will often pick fights with opponents that far outclass and outsize him. He is particularly sensitive about his size and cuteness (for the record, he is extremely cute). He loathes humans, though deep down he desperately wants their respect. Otis comes from a very medieval time, as such he has an extreme aversion to anything technological, treating any technology as black magic.

Items/Abilities: Hoo boy, let me tell you, a Jackalope is absolutely not suited for a battle to the death.

Jackalopes are very fragile creatures, a solid kick from even a human child would probably be enough to kill one. They lack the strength to pose any sort of threat to anyone human sized. The best one could do would give you a nasty bite.

Jackalopes are very agile however, they can hop up to 2 feet in the air and can be very quick when they want to. Jackalopes have excellent hearing, their ears can swivel independently from there heads and they can hear twig snapping from a mile off. The Jackalope's greatest advantage over other mammals of a similar size is their brilliant intelligence. Their smarts are on par with humans, as such they can easily outsmart predators and hunters.

Otis wields a 'sword', which is in reality the snapped off tip of a bronze arrow, perfect for the tiny paws of a Jackalope! It is quite sharp and can leave a nasty scratch, however Otis lacks the strength to effectively pierce any armour. Were Otis to attempt to parry a human with a real sword he would end up very dead.

Spoiler :
Crowds gather at the Alestown church, they are here to discuss grave news. The great infernal dragon has burned down Hamelsea, there were little to no survivors. Hamelsea was merely two villages away, no doubt Alestown was soon to follow.

Inside there is a cacophony of voices, villagers discussing evacuation plans, emergency procedures, desperate pleas to a higher power. One broad shouldered man in chain mail speaks over the rabble, "Running away will solve nothing, this monster will strike again and again. Village after town after city. We must kill this damnable beast!"

A milk maid breaks away from comforting her children, "And who will do such a thing? You!?" There is an uncomfortable silence as various warriors exchange glances, none of them want to volunteer, not that anyone could blame them, to face the Dragon would be suicide. Finally a tiny voice breaks the silence.

"I will do it!"

The people look around furiously, did anyone hear that? Who said that? Where are they?

A small creature clambers up onto a pew and raises a tiny blade up into the air "I shall slay this Dragon!"

There is a moment of shocked silence, then a slow roll of laughter started to spread throughout the whole church. Otis' confident smile eroded away as he somehow shrank to an even smaller size. "Don't- Don't laugh at me! I can do it!" A bartender prods his fat finger into Otis' stomach, knocking him off his feet "You!? You look like you could barely take down a cat!" A second wave of laughter flowed through the room. "Hahaa, oh man, I needed that! But back to the matter at hand, wh-"

"Hey!" Otis hopped up "Don't ignore me! I'm part of this too! The Dragon burned the fields where I live! Smoked poured into our burrows, many died from suffocation! Including children! I'm as much a part of this as all of-"

"Oh my gooood!" The shrill voice of a teenage girl cut through Otis' speech "Look at his little cape! That is soo cute!"

"D-Don't interrupt-"

"Ahh and look it has a little sword! That is so darling! It thinks it's a knight!"

"I...I'm not...I am a knight!" Otis flailed his weapon in the direction of the crowd, which elicited an exaggerated oooooOOOOOOoooo and even more uproarious laughter. Otis choked back tears as he tried to keep his composure. He scuttled off, leaving the town to its mirth.

Just outside the church another tiny figure waited, another Jackalope sporting an intricate pair of antlers and a big white spot over her left eye. She winced with each burst of laughter, she knew exactly what was going on. Eventually Otis squeezed through a gap in the doorway, looking thoroughly dejected. "Hey bro. So how did it go?" Otis just stared at the ground, the only sound coming from him were tiny hiccups as he desperately tried not to burst into tears. "Yeah I figured as much." The other Jackalope hopped towards her brother, she looked into the distance awkwardly.

"Look. Maybe...We should go back and-"

"And what Amber!?" Otis snapped, making her sister jump. "Give up and become another farmer or another forager!? Just like every other Jackalope that has ever lived!?"

Amber looked her brother indignantly "And what the hell is wrong with that!"

Otis dragged his paws across his face "Everything! I'm sick of just existing in this world and not being a part of it! I want to be remembered as someone important! a hero!"

Amber crossed her arms across her chest "Well, I'm sorry Otis but this is the reality we live in. No matter what you do they will never respect you, so why even try? Lets go home where you are someone important already!"

Otis pointed his paw in the direction of burned out Hamelsea "What if I kill that dragon!?"

Amber buried her face into her paws "Otis..."

"But what if I actually do it!?" Otis paced around maddeningly "If I can kill that thing then they'd HAVE to listen to me, to us!"

"Otis, that thing is the size of a castle, we both know that it's impossible."

"But what if-"


Otis froze in place as his Sister grabbed the collar of his cloak.

"You will be killed! Instantly! And then only thing you will be remembered for is being that idiot who thought he could kill a dragon with a goddamn arrowhead! "

There was a moment of silence that felt like an eternity, until finally it was broken by a single solitary hic.

Amber's scowl softened as she let go of Otis, she sighed heavily as she stared off into the distance. "I'm going back to the burrow. They need help with the stockpiling, it's going to be a rough Winter." She turned back to Otis, "Please don't throw away your life for this fantasy." And with that, Amber turned back around and darted off back home.

Otis sat on ground and began to cry. "it's not fair...it's not fair..." The Jackalopes soft weeping was interrupted by a thunderous roar echoing the distance. From the ruins of Hamelsea birds flew away in all directions, a terrifying silhouette briefly showing itself in the horizon. Otis wiped the last of his tears across his arm. A squall catched his cape and his face sharpened with determination.

"I will slay you."
08-11-2018, 08:34 PM
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 RE: Mini-Grand Organization: The Return
the lowest of the low

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Name: Gyantalase
Gender: Girl
Race: Extraplanar Humanoid
Colour: unnatural foliage #007042
Biography: Gyantalase is a symbol, a chesspiece, the hand and will of the fey-chaotic-demonic plane of Flesh and Wild in the other realms. They would describe themself as a paladin, and even go so far as to say “human” if you asked, while others would call them a virus and an abomination.

Gyantalase was created from a human blueprint to be sent as an emissary, more powerful than the simple creatures that can easily squeeze through but easier to send than greater beasts. They are imbued with the power of their native realm, armored and equipped and ready to spread the ideals of chaotic nature.

Description: Being created from the form and concepts of a human paladin, Gyantalase’s mentality is different from many others of her ilk. While she is an extraplanar chaos being, she “believes” in her “cause” where most of her brethren simply act according to their nature. She is still young by her kind’s reckoning, only having recently begun her first excursion into the mortal realms.

She normally appears as a slightly feminine figure wearing armor that looks...fleshy at the joints. The armor sometimes shifts, with eyes appearing here and there, and long wormlike tendrils trail from her arms and shoulders like a cape. Her hair is generally green, and cut short into a bob. She has a cheery, friendly personality. Despite her exceedingly villainous appearance and dangerous powers, she does not kill idly and only fights in self-defense or to punish evildoers. But considering she tries to turn whole towns into living masses of fleshy buildings and pulsating streets, she has to fight in self-defense fairly often.

Items/Abilities: Gyantalase has armor for protection, the regeneration abilities you would expect from someone like her, and a shifting, living sword that appears from who-knows-where. Her natural magic can transform inanimate objects into “living” things that exude the energy of the wild planes. Living creatures that stay too long in a fully-transformed environment will also be affected according to their magical resistance, becoming adapted to it and a part of its ecosystem, although the effect is slow and minimal in the first generation.
In addition, she has many of the same powers a paladin would, tempered by fey magic. She can Detect Evil (whatever that is from her perspective), Lay on Hands, and call down the magic of higher planes on those who’ve broken the laws of nature.

She can pass as a normal human, but only to the unobservant and with effort. When asleep, she (or the armor) begins to lose form somewhat. The effect is slightly horrifying.

Spoiler :
[Image: QDc8ta3.png]
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 RE: Mini-Grand Organization: The Return
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Imagine Cucumber
Name: DigiH8rSlayer
Gender: She/Hers
Race: Cyber-Streamer
Color: make it PURPLE #9932CC
Description: DigiH8rSlayer, Cyber-Streaming Warlock of her goddess, the Swirling Abyssmal Whole, is a young woman in her twenties who has never logged off. While a woman of many names, Digi has a few very consistent looks, preferring colors in purple and blue with a raised fox-eared hood, long fingerless gloves, a long skirt, boots, a holo-code t-shirt, and a streaming scouter. Her features are sharp, her nails and make-up are always on point, her hair is long with two bangs, red with purple highlights, a bit but not too curly, and of course, she has her black-purple skin and aura marking her as the SAW’s chosen.

DHS is confident in her abilities as a warlock, physically sound, and an active member of various online streaming and magic communities, always open to sharing her knowledge, trying out new things, and inspiring others to do their best. She can however, be overconfident in her abilities, always wanting to give things on last try before giving up.

Items/Abilities: As a Cyber-Streaming Warlock, DigiH8rSlayer has access to a number of abilities granted unto her by her goddess, the Swirling Abyssmal Whole, an entity of the virtual landscape that subsists on the infinite potential of online connections. These magical abilities can manifest in many ways, though the two most prominent are that Digi is constantly connected to her stream and Digi can tap into the power of the users of her stream to empower herself even further. As long as Digi can make things exciting for the chat, she has options open. Her streaming scouter enables her to look at the chat, browse the internet, and generally communicate with her fans.

Biography: It is the year 29 CC, and the first generation of people born in the current centuries have entered adulthood. This generation has grown up with free and unlimited access to a virtual landscape full of all information on the planet as well as the ability to get help and aid anyone they can connect to. This raising of the collective consciousness has resulted in the discovery of magic, with abilities thought impossible now the norm in this generation of people.

DigiH8rSlayer has been her handle for the last four years and has been a patron of the SAW for three longer. Once lingering from various online communities to another, it was only upon discovering the Swirling Abyssmal Whole that she found a place that she truly belonged in. Digi streams her magical abilities as well as various other lyfestyle and entertainment streams for her fanbase, sharing her tips and tricks to get through life and occasionally getting into fights and also ridding the Online of bugs, viruses, and hackers when needed.

“Don’t just try this at home, you can find instructions on my blog on how to safely learn about and get into anything you see on my stream.”

I wanna be a real friend, Don't wanna break when I bend
I wanna a be no seeker, I wanna scream eureka
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