>Shed a single tear. What a senseless waste of life.
>Then eat the dead wolf. Waste not want not.
>Try... Try to cut it? Maybe your dull sword can have a few stabbies
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.

>Honor the senseless slaughter by wearing its hide for protection
[Image: PNPpCfB.png][Image: KGVIPNT.png]
>Use the vandalized ritual to bring it back to life as a minion.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
♪ old meat → wolf → new meat

Cook em up, cook cook em up! ♫
Mourn the wolf.

[Image: umKgGQW.png]

You take a moment to lament the wolf's unfortunate death. It probably wouldn't have survived long here anyway, but it's still sad to see.

Eat the wolf.

[Image: 9C5C7Wl.png]

In a sequence of events that are not depicted here, you drag the wolf out of the cave and butcher it. Without proper tools, you find it difficult and messy. There isn't a lot you manage to salvage from the body. Nonetheless you successfully prepare and cook a decent meal of wolf meat. You save a couple strips of cooked meat in your ration pouch for later.


[Image: zXNuAvM.png]

By the time you finish, a few hours have passed. It's getting pretty dark and the wind is starting to bring an intense chill into the cave.


[Image: sZr3iil.png]

Seeking warmer shelter, you continue on deeper into the cave. It looks like whoever was here before you left some stuff lying around. Even this deep in the cave, ash seems to have coated everything.

Your eyes are drawn to a boarded up passage at the back of the chamber... an uncanny light seems to leak from the other side.
[Image: et0zORA.png][Image: lSI9N43.png][Image: qutBi71.png][Image: d7w4o4h.png][Image: Kf12dbw.png]
>Those markings... More vandalism!
Did you save any blood? Paint the walls
>Add rope to inventory.

>Inspect parchment attached to wooden boards
>Inspect contents of crate.
>Peek beyond the boarded passage.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
Inspect parchment attached to wooden boards.

[Image: VY6NEGj.png]

Some kind of symbol has been drawn on it. You don't recognize it from anywhere.


[Image: 6ZewMLR.png]

As you hold it, the symbol suddenly begins to glow, and the parchment smolders at its edges. Within a few seconds, it burns up completely. Weird!

Peek beyond the boarded passage.

[Image: cCCTrzg.png]

You peer between the boards to see if you can make anything out on the other side... Something shiny seems to be radiating the strange light, but you can't see any details like this.

Vandalize the markings.

[Image: qcxJWau.png]

You spend some time drawing more graffiti over the patterns here. This is somehow cathartic.

Inspect contents of crate.

[Image: HhnRBUK.png]

It's a particularly sturdy and heavy crate. Excitedly, you pry it open to discover what's inside. What could it be? Food? Blankets?

...Oh, it's empty. You check the other crates and are similarly disappointed, finding nothing but ash and cobwebs.

Add rope to inventory.

[Image: Q9aNP7G.png]

You never know when you might need a rope.

Paint the walls with blood.

[Image: mMXpq2q.png]

You head back outside to get some wolf blood... but the body is already frozen. You consider taking a chunk of frozen blood with you, but you don't really want that melting in your pockets.

Already shivering from the cold, you decide to return to the cave.
[Image: et0zORA.png][Image: lSI9N43.png][Image: qutBi71.png][Image: d7w4o4h.png][Image: Kf12dbw.png]
>Take bones and fur of wolf.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
>Destroy the boards blocking your path. Pretend they're someone you hated in school.
Bring the wolf's corpse back inside, so that it may un-freeze. When it does, try to skin it for its fur: free fur coat!
[Image: CYWQziW.png]
Get fur and bones from Wolf

[Image: JIN4pvQ.png]

You lack the tools or expertise to skin a wolf, let alone one you mangled with clumsy butchering. You manage to pry some wolf fur and bones from the corpse at least. They could end up being useful, you suppose.

Destroy the boards blocking your path.

[Image: 5WRiU27.png]

You beat the boards with your fists, but your feeble hands are completely ineffective.

The barrier is very sturdy, however it looks like the boards are just lodged into this opening. If you could get purchase on it somehow, you might be able to just pull the barrier free...
[Image: et0zORA.png][Image: lSI9N43.png][Image: qutBi71.png][Image: d7w4o4h.png][Image: Kf12dbw.png]
>Too hard, make someone else do it.
>Use stick as a lever to pry open the boards.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]