RE: Inhabitants.
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(08-13-2018, 11:12 AM)Thalia V1 Wrote: »We need to teach him important life things too!
Teach: Emotions, Care, Mortality, Ambition, Love, Empathy, Shame, Self-Worth.
NOOO!!! That's too many! Slow down. Veto.

Create: Intelligent Lizards.

Ok, we’ll teach them one at a time then!

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Inhabitants.
>Teach:Emotions, Morality, Care and Shame.
[Image: tumblr_pdenls50z91xqkkpro1_540.png]

Mr Poi becomes confused about himself. He starts contemplating if he's been doing the right things or not. He asks you to leave him alone for a little bit, he wants to figure everything out by himself. It's the right thing to do...he thinks.

>Create intelligent Lizards
[Image: tumblr_pdenls50z91xqkkpro2_540.png]

Meanwhile, the Lizard's have already been getting to work on a society. They have houses, children and political systems. The crabs nearby watch them build their little mushroom houses. They don't like where it's going and start using pincer-snip-morse-code to communicate. You think you may have started a little world in the one you've just made... huh. You can't interact with them or tell them what to do- so you just watch them communicate.

You also get some notifications. 3 to be exact. One is from the 'Administration' saying that the bug has now been fixed, you can now create another inhabitant.

The other is notifying you that someone has joined the inhabitant's world. That was actually near the start of the world, about 12 minutes ago. It doesn't say who, but "someone has joined the 'game'" as the notification says.

The last one is about the start of the Mushroom Lizard tribe. You will get updated notifications on this if you would so like. They will progress and interfering with them could cause an uprising against the Inhabitants.

A cream note appears in front of you again.

Okay, so remember what I said last time? You can use any word to create an Inhabitant as long as it's an animal or non-sentient object. Have fun!
RE: Inhabitants.
>Inhabitant: Black Widow
>Create: Small domestic frogs
>Create:Giant lobsters to work as horses for the crab and lizard-kin
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: Inhabitants.

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Inhabitants.
Also try to commune with new “player”

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Inhabitants.
>Inhabitant: Moss-Back Golem.
>Create: Mossy zen garden.
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Inhabitants.
>Create: Small domestic frogs
>Create: Giant lobsters to work as horses for the crab and lizard-kin
[Image: tumblr_pdf1y836Tc1xqkkpro2_540.png]
You were able to create the frogs but you get a notification saying that you can't interfere with the Lizard and crab people's lives...

>Inhabit: Black Widow.
[Image: tumblr_pdf1y836Tc1xqkkpro1_540.png]
You create the Insect-type Inhabitant and-oh. It looks like someones came to visit.

(Temporarily closing create, inhabit and teach commands. I will accept the ones posted before this post after the intermission)
RE: Inhabitants.
[Image: tumblr_pdf2jaSKKd1xqkkpro1_640.png]
The boy snaps his fingers and the two of you are transported to a cyan room.

???: Hey, hot-shot, you see something you like?

you don't reply.

???: Cold shoulder, it's cool, it's cool. So anyway, you're probably wonderin' how I could see ya right?


???: Aren't you talkative. Anyway, I'm your co-player! Your number 2! (I'm number one though really, let's face it.) Our Inhabi's can't really see us so It's a dead giveaway if you see someone floating and looking right at'chu.
???: Name's Ray, my true name might hurt your ears and I don't wanna hurt that pretty lil' face of yours. It'd be such a shame really. Who's the little blue guy?


Ray: Are you like, mute or somethin'? I mean, It's fine if you are but this convocation's going nowhere if you ain't got a way of talkin'.

He shakes his head before creating two tablets and passing one over to you. The screen lights up and you see your Inhabitants again.

Ray: Those little lizards look funky, It's like a mini colony... Anyway, don't worry, you can still interact with everythin' down there in here. It's just that if you float around like that you'd be an easy target for any hostile players; And me, being the so kind person I am, don't want anything happening to ya... Inhabi's can't see this building but other players can so I'll deck it out with some sick protection later...The lil' dude with me was Wocc. It's a cooking-type frying pan. Wocc gains all sorts of cool perks from being that.


Ray: Man you're not one for convocation, huh? Well, I'll be here if you wanna chat or somethin' hun.

You can now talk to Ray by starting a sentence with "Ray:"
RE: Inhabitants.
>Ray: Thanks nerd; We're grateful for you saving our kind-of-noob ass here. If ya wanna help with something later, just say it up, my buddy.
>Ray: I would legally and illegaly die for you.
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: Inhabitants.
>Ray: whats a type and can i make a trumpet-type specifically for dooting at inhabitants if they do stuff i don't like for example war and stuff
Noot noot doot doot.

RE: Inhabitants.
>Ray: We speak in turns. You'd have to end your speech turn to receive any useful talk.
>Ray: Is it possible to inhabit abstract concepts like flow and life?
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Inhabitants.
[Image: tumblr_pdg2g6BmHW1xqkkpro3_640.png]

You: Thanks nerd; We're grateful for you saving our kind-of-noob ass here. If ya wanna help with something later, just say it up bud.

Ray: So cat don't gotcha tongue eh? Nice to know you were just blankin' me darlin'. No problem for a kick-ass guy like me...You do realize that I was going to do crap to your planet anyway though, right? I mean, it's a free-for-all battle royal up in here basically. Last team standin' wins and all that crap, y'know?

Ray: Actually, don't think I've seen you around before hun. You don't know do ya?

You don't really know what to say to that, so you shake your head. Ray puts his elbows on the table and places his cheek in his hand, about at wrist-level.

Ray: Man, I know pretty much everyone here, I would've known if I saw a pretty face like yours before. Anyway, you just engaged in an all-out factions war, congrats! All of us are shoved into 4 factions of 4 peeps, then we just kinda kill the other teams off. You can kill your own teammates, but you're then at a disadvantage. I've only played once before -but boy, was it a bloodbath!

Ray: Don't mean to scare ya though darlin' just givin' you a heads up and stuff, y'know?

You: I would legally and Illegally die for you.

Ray momentarily loses his composure and puffs out a cheek in a semi-laugh. He regains it and lets his arms fall back to his sides.

Ray: You're a silly one hun, really.

Ray: There's no rules or legal crap outside this game. Or inside for that matter. But people just don't kill much because it's kinda looked down upon. Sure, you're not gonna be put in the slammer, but you ain't gonna have many friends.

He pauses and looks down at his tablet for a few seconds. After a quick bit of swiping and typing, he puts it back down again and looks back up at you. He seems nervous for some reason but quickly goes back to attempted smooth talking.

Ray: But don'tcha worry about it. As long as you've got my back, I've got your one hun. Everything on your lil' planet seems peaceful enough for a first impression so you're pretty much as intimidating as a white butterfly stuck to a pink marshmallow. I a'int underestimating you honey, don't worry.

You: Wouldn't think of it.

You: We're sorry, we speak in turns, you'll have to end your speech turn to receive any useful talk.

Ray: Oh okay- wait 'we'? Are you some kinda headmate thing? I learned about those yesterday. It's where you have multiple people in one body or brain rather, and they all have the mental capacity of different people.

You: Pretty much yeah.

Ray: Aw man, that's kick ass. So would it be right to assume you're a they or it then?

You: We guess?

Ray fist pumps the air, does a twirl in his seat, then turns back around to face you.

Ray: Sweet!

There's a silence for a few seconds where neither of you talks.

You: Is it possible to inhabit abstract concepts like flow and life?

Ray's eyes light up as he looks down at his side. It looks like you just gave him a revolutionary thought, or he's just really excited to talk about it to you. He turns back to you with a cocky grin though.

Ray: I've actually never seen anyone do that you know? I mean, I've heard that some people have done it before but never actually done it myself. I have only played one game though.

Ray: It'd probably look like what most people would think it would look like? Y'know so like-uh...a 'dreams' type might be all misty and stuff and could be blue...I dunno darlin', It's hard to comprehend this stuff. Good question though.

You: So...what's a type and can we make a trumpet-type. Specifically for dooting at inhabitants if they do stuff we don't like. For example war and stuff.

Ray: You must really like me talkin', don'tcha?

Ray shakes his head and leans back in his chair, he sticks out a black tongue as if he was trying to provoke a reaction from you. He then realizes what you said earlier and slumps back in his chair.

[Image: tumblr_pdg2g6BmHW1xqkkpro1_640.png]

Ray: Okay, so typing is kinda a broad thing because there's an infinite vocab right? But there's a section for animals and a section for non-sentient.

Ray: Then you go into sub-categories of both sections. Plant-types would be in the animal section because they breathe, grow and shit. Anything that lives in the sea will be an aquatic-type, like the lil' blue dude. He needs to stay hydrated or else he'll probably die or somethin'.

Ray: Anyway, non-sentient types just fall into whatever category they'd be classed in usually. Wocc's a cooking-type because It's a frying pan. If you made some sorta food based one, I'd be classed as a consumable-type. A trumpet would be classed as a Noise-type if I recall. Someone had made one in my previous game, thinkin' that they could doot it for fun. It ended terribly though because the guy just rusted and died when their team went to an all water planet. Turns out you can't touch or directly interfere with your inhabi's either so you wouldn't be able to 'doot' it hun.

He pauses as if trying to remember something.

Ray: Also, these inhabi's are gonna go to war wherever you like it or not. When the walls between worlds go down, there's gonna be three groups of four all charging to kill you. The other Inhabi's can see our little base-house thingy but ours still can't. So that's why we need to be careful with our typing. Our team need to either play defensive or go in for an attack. Because if one of us dies, all our Inhabi's that we made die too. That's why attackin' other players on our team are allowed because you have the risk of dyin' yourself and any useful Ihabi's you made. It's easier to attack in this game, but sometimes the best offence is a sick defence, y'know?

Ray stops tilting his chair back and sits normally in front of you. He has a bored expression on his face as he looks at yours. Grumbling to himself, he create's a glass of water, takes a chug, then goes back to working on the tablet. He then create's a pen and notebook for himself and starts jotting down something.

(Commands are open again!

Your current abilities are:

CREATE: Make something to put into the land.

INHABIT: create an Inhabitant based off of any word.

TEACH: teach an inhabitant something.

CHECK: Check up on an inhabitant to see their stats, skills, thoughts and typing.

RAY: strike up a convocation with your black-tongue-buddy.)
RE: Inhabitants.
>Inhabit: Strength.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Inhabitants.
Teach black widow how to poison someone. Also teach it love and hugs.

Inhabit: Raptor.

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Inhabitants.
Oh yeah and we should add a few more rooms to the shelter, for the new guys.

[Image: PBxWmBw.png]
[Image: Fu2tbmz.png] owo whats this???
RE: Inhabitants.
Ray: They want to fight? Yeah, we can make them bite the bullet, face the facts, pay the tax, etc, etc, hyper death sounds.
Ray: There's any more ultimate tip you got for us, ya dofus?
Inhabit: Diamond.
Name: Wyndy ( dah ultimate spider )
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: Inhabitants.
Ray: so what decides whose team someone is on?
Ray: you say you know everyone, how many others are there and what are they like?

Create: Cheshire cats
Teach all: animal handling
Inhabit: Paradox
RE: Inhabitants.
>Inhabit: Golem
>Create: (2) Mini Moss-backed golems.
>Teach:all: Masonry, Leadership
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Inhabitants.
Started writing the Ray script but I've had quite a shitty day all in all. Might post tomorrow or the day after, I don't want you guys having even crappier art because I'm in a bad mood. Also, just a notice: I've chosen the next inhabitant and you can have a max of six in total. So two more slots can be filled. Discuss this carefully and no more suggestions for a bit. Y'all are some creative stars -Lil D

(The D stands for my penis...I'm joking I'm a chick. AVPM references aside though, have a good day/night!)
RE: Inhabitants.
>Inhabit: Strength
>Name Black Widow: Wyndy
>Teach Wyndy: how to poison, love and hugs.
[Image: tumblr_pdjosiiC1p1xqkkpro1_540.png]
The black widow seems startled by the sudden knowledge of how she poisons someone, yet knows that she won't poison anyone if it touches it. Wyndy seems comforted by this. Wocc approaches her and greets her with a wave, it seems impressed with its webbing that it creates.

You get some ideas for some other structures and things to put into the land, but save them for after you talk to Ray.

You: They want to fight? Yeah, we can make them bite the bullet, face the facts, pay the taxes, ect,ect, hyper death sounds.

Ray bursts out laughing, he even pounds a fist on the table. After he stops, he slouches back in his seat.

Ray: Right, sure- okay...wait what're taxes? Nevermind, I'll just look it up.

He starts fidgeting with his tablet and you see a pink creature appear on your planet.

Ray: Hope you don't mind me spawnin' some stuff here darlin', It'd be a pain to make them travel back and forth in the car.

You: There's any more ultimate tip you got for us, ya doofus?

Ray: Hun, if anyone's a doofus it's you. But there's definitely one thing you need to keep in mind. You can only have six inhabi's and they could die at any point. It's a max of six in total, you get no more if one of your six dies. You should probably work together with your headmates if you want to make any more.

You: Any ideas how a Paradox inhabitant would work?

Ray: Now that's just a paradox in it'self doll! Don't try to play me for any of that stuff, I may seem like a kick-ass guy, who's all composed and stuff (And trust me, I am pretty much all the time) but I'll give myself the non-existent credit that I'm not very smart. Street Smart, but not regular smart!

Ray furrows his brow before shaking his head.

Ray: Forget I said anything hun. A Paradox inhabitant might be a bit like an eternal loop of something or put a confusion effect on enemies. Don't take my word for it though.

You: So who decides whose team someone is on?

Ray scratches his cheek, thinking for a second before replying.

Ray: I don't think there's anyone who decides. You've been gettin' the Notifications right hun? Well all of them are pre-coded and shit so barriers and game construct rules are also in place. You can't make a nuke or something otherwise that'd just throw the whole game. In my opinion, I think the game balances out who is allowed to be in which faction using previous gameplay and shit, y'know?

Ray sighs before tapping some stuff into his tablet.

Ray: But yeah, so they wouldn't let dead experienced players into a newbie game unless four dead experienced players were to each join a different faction at the same time. Which is good, because the less experienced the players are, the easier it is for our faction to win. At least one person who's played a game before will be in each faction though...

You: You say you know everyone, how many others are there and what are they like?

Ray: There are tons of guys and gals spawnin' in every day. So there's practically millions of other people but to put it in short-!

He cuts himself off, suddenly getting an idea.

Ray: Nevermind short, this is amazing.

He smirks before clicking his fingers. Dark red glasses appear and he slides them on, a powerpoint slideshow projecting onto the wall.

Ray: Now this is something I'm good at!

Ray: Dr Ray PhD here with a degree in knowing everything about everyone! To make this easier, I'll split it into some categories. You've got your humanoids, creatures, sentients and your anthro's.

Ray: Much like you and me, we're both Humanoids! Humanoids are people who look like humans or have most features of a human. Myself as a prime example was turned into a humanoid/creature hybrid, It's kinda where I get my real name from. I have some of my creature features transferred over from my previous form, (My tongue and some stuff I a'int sharin' with ya for my own decency for an example.)

he stops talking to stick his tongue out again, only this time, it's longer.
[Image: tumblr_pdg2g6BmHW1xqkkpro2_640.png]

Ray: Only full creatures can become Humanoid after death, and they are the only entity that can do this. Humanoid's who are born Humanoids usually only have one power, your's is clearly being almost invisible, and no odd or disturbing features about them.

He presses a button on a remote he'd gotten, changing the slide to a different one.

Ray: Creatures are pretty funky if you ask me. They can range from demon-looking things to a thing that's a dragon made out of sludge! We can turn into a humanoid after death, yet are significantly weakened upon turning. Sure, we keep some of our looks and charms, but beforehand, we're usually either really ugly or really hot. Thankfully I got the upper-hand when turning into a humanoid. Man, I was an odd little fellow- well little isn't the thing, more like the size of a Double decker bus...anyway!

Ray: Scentiants are pretty much self-explanatory. Imagine a Fork could float and talk. Boom. Now take that into any object that can't breathe or anything and make it live. Shit's like Frankenstein's monster when that goes down.

Ray: Finally we have Anthro's...I'm not a huge fan of them, they're usually huge jerks and think they run the show. You get the really rare sweet ones but that if they're a half creature. Anthro's are animals that just walk on two legs and can talk and crap. End of discussion.

He sighs, making the power point and the glasses disappeared, sitting back down across from you.

Ray: There are some good people that might join in this game that I know, we could ally with some of them and make them choose to surrender when their teams are all dead.

Ray: One of them's the Anthro/Creature hybrid I talked about. Her name's Minett and she's so fuckin' innocent like holy crap honey, you'd not want to invite her to a crazy bar. Poor girl would probably die. She's played games before and I actually met her in the previous game that I mentioned, she was mainly a healer/support in our faction and boy did our faction kick ass together. Then there's A-

He looks as if he's about to continue but he stops himself, a longing look in his eyes.

Ray: Yeah, she's the only one I know that'd willingly surrender and join our enslavement of other factions. Be good to get her on our side from the get-go but that's a very slim chance. I'm gonna modify my own planet, Going for a carnival theme for the whole place, mirror mazes and crap to confuse the enemy.

Ray picks up his tablet but looks at you with a sly smirk.

Ray: Don't worry hun, I see that vacant stare of yours really means your jealous! She's got someone of her own, don't sweat it darlin'. Why don'tcha tell me a lil' about yourselves? You know quite a bit about me already. What's your home planet like? Did you get anything like this game over there?

Ray does some typing on the tablet before you get a notification. You CHECK his, and your own, Inhabitants.






[Image: tumblr_pdr72gDmMj1xqkkpro1_1280.png]
You then move onto creating what you were going to make before. The Cheshire cat creature doesn't really look like a cat though. It's massive in comparison to the Roly Poly you made earlier! You can't really decide where you want to build the extension rooms to the shelter...or maybe you want to scrap the shelter and make an entirely new house? Everyone on your team is happy with their new skills in life too! Strength doesn't seem to quite get what it'd use animal handling for. It does, however, see the good use that Leadership will bring to the team.

Now you have a full view of your current 'active zone'. There are areas off screen that you can use, mainly filled with the same creatures, mushroom trees, rocks and the rare pond. Building the new house off-screen may be easier than on screen, but you could always extend/ replace the current house in its current position. Boy are things getting crowded

{Lizard Town update}

The lizard town is thriving, discovering new land and claiming it as their own. Some lizards are currently building houses, others are sorting out a well-structured political system. It seems that no lizard is currently in charge of the whole Town.

Lizterther Columbus has begun exploring new terrain and talking to the natives of the lands. He has been outcasted from his family and will now rule a single life until they accept that there are people outside of the mushroom town that are their own kind.

{Thank's for waiting!We're open again! Make sure to try and communicate and discuss things and such and have a good time! War is lovely.}
RE: Inhabitants.
>Name Strength Reynold.
>Create Workshop.
>Create mineral-rich boulders.
>Ray: Hey, what do you think of the lizards? I think they seem to be way more intelligent than what I thought they would be. Their rapid pace of development is verily eye-catching.
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: Inhabitants.
>Create Broom
>Create Mushroom rocks
Scenary is getting a bit messy, huh? Guess we have to clean it a bit
Duck, duck, duck, duck, GHOOST.
RE: Inhabitants.
>Create:Golem Workshop (Added onto the other workshop)
>Create:Golem Instruction Manual
>Teach:Strength:Golem Production
>Teach:Strength:How to get Golems to do things
Quiet. Good for an unusual opinion. Doesn't talk much.
RE: Inhabitants.
Ray: You wouldn't like our world, it's pretty boring. No magic, no gods, only one dominating sentient species. Even the planet's name is boring; Earth.
Teach: Strength: Mixed martial arts
Teach: Strength: Heroism
Teach: Wyndy: Networking
Create: Underground housing complex under the hut with a connecting trap door
RE: Inhabitants.
[Image: tumblr_pdt6wwCZ9K1xqkkpro2_1280.png]

A workshop seems like a great place for the Inhabitants to make their own stuff, seems like a good idea to get their brains working too! An extension is built off of the workshop for the primary use of creating golems for some well as an instruction manual. Strength complains that this seems like an odd creation for you to make but then likes the idea of controlling more smaller creatures. You also create some mineral-rich boulders and some veins of minerals underground, if there's a workshop, there should be something to use to make stuff!

After this, you create a broom, yet it appears in your room! You can now move about things you created on your planet!

You get the sudden idea of an underground bunker under the hut and add a trapdoor into it. After a bit of hard work, you get a nice amount of empty rooms underground. Strength loves the idea of martial arts and will become the hero/leader of the group! Wyndy splutters out thanks under her breath before going back to talking to Wocc.

Then it all disappears. Ray doesn't seem to have noticed, and you can't comment about it as your already pre-set to say some things.

You: Hey, what do you think of the lizards? I think they seem to be way more intelligent than what I thought they would be. Their rapid pace of development is verily eye-catching.

Ray stops what he's doing and looks over at your tablet.

Somethings not right.

Ray: I think they should be good enough. Unless we're hostile to them they shouldn't be hostile to us unless they think they can overpower us, hun. Like I said, I don't know much game-wise as I've only been in one game. When we get other players, probs ask them about it. one might be more experienced or watched some games before. But I think they'll be chill-er...I was gonna say 'Mr Question dodger' then I realized your sassy ass don't have a fuckin' gender again...sooooo...I think they'll be chill Question Dodger!

You: You wouldn't like our world, it's pretty boring. No magic, no gods, only one dominating sentient species. Even the planet's name is boring; Earth.

His text isn't coloured.

Ray: Yeah that does seem pretty boring but at least it actually has a name! This whole plane of existence that we chill in outside of game has no name how crazy's that. But with the whole 1 species thing, that does seem rather plain. You're a humanoid, so I guess that almost everyone is one on your planet, right? The whole god's thing seems fuckin' bland too hun, no offence or anything, but I guess that's just your origin story, growing into this wicked translucent humanoid!

Ray: Sometimes a plain backstory is better than none or a really cheesy action-packed one.

A message soon displays on your tablet and everything around you turns black.

[Image: tumblr_pdt6wwCZ9K1xqkkpro1_1280.png]

You hear a scream from Ray, It's a twisted, choked scream as if someone was melting and was on fire whilst being stabbed. Then everything is silent.