Aviary (birds birds)

Aviary (birds birds)
Since Schazer and Sadgi seem to live in places where exotic birds are so common as to be unavoidable whenever a camera goes off, as if some secret guys with pulleys and cages are effortedly dumping birds at/around them whenever they are trying to take pictures of animal-free landscape (afterward they say, "aww man this is ruined, there are now birds in the pic"), I thought I would make a thread for bird pictures. Everyone can join in. I cannot take fancy bird pictures but I can post fat mourning doves a thousand times.

[Image: fatbird.jpg]


I've posted this before elsewhere but here again: a tufted titmouse. They take a single seed, fly off with it to a branch, and hammer down on it to crack open the sweetmeats and then repeat

My next post in this thread will contain: more birds. different birds.

everybody post birds
[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Yaaaaay birds

below are all the things I saw on Tiritiri Matangi Island. Tiri is a predator-free island sanctuary, onto which endangered birds have been introduced. Some of these (the seabirds, mostly) are self-introduced, but that is a minor quibble for a thread like this.

[Image: 8415736366_abe60ae86c_c.jpg]
Black-backed Gull.

[Image: 8415742224_8565d1e20d_c.jpg]

[Image: 8415754642_7471b774a3_c.jpg]

[Image: 8366507076_bde4e76023_c.jpg]
Takahe. Super-endangered. Super-fluffy when chick.

[Image: 8365435813_a003704469_c.jpg]
Variable Oystercatchers. The gull above was harassing them from an escarpment, threatening to snatch the chick if they didn't keep up shrieky vigilance.

[Image: 8389187660_faaed0cdbf_c.jpg]
ooh i took a geology field trip

ok so those layers look like a sedimentary rock, probably some sort of sandstone made under the sea? at one point an earthquake thrusted them out of the ground to make like a cliff, and then erosion wore them down to their cool shape. what's really crazy is that the layers are nearly perpendicular to the ground, so like, at some point they must have turned that way. maybe at one point this rock fell off of a bigger rock? i'm not really sure
I'm no geologist myself, but here's what I can tentatively tell you after lumbering about the internet. GNS tells me the island's rock is Jurassic era; I can't figure out the key exactly so can't get better details than that.

Tiritiri is an island not far off the coast, which sports Miocene origins (more recent than the outcropping island!) and the region as a whole is a volcanic field. Earthquakes might've pushed it out of the sea, but I'm not 100% on that.

I'm inclined to agree with Nopad - it does strongly resemble a sandstone of some description. The weird splintering and fractioning is a geological process, exacerbated by weathering (it's exposed at low tide and covered at high).

I need a better picture, but this isn't a "cliff". It's more like a low and tiny spit off an island. I'm uploading one now which might give a better idea.

E: Found one! The picture links to the image on flickr (caution: 2040 px wide)
[Image: 8419437984_1372550a6e_c.jpg]
The outcropping in question is right behind the wharf in this picture. This was taken earlier in the day and the tide was "low but on the way in again". The beach to the left of the outcropping was getting covered with water by the late afternoon when we made our way back round again.

Detailpic of the stuff when you're standing on top of it (bloody glad I took this now):
[Image: 8418299881_cea6364937_c.jpg]
Maybe a volcano like pushed stuff out around it
I fucking love birds. Stop talking about rocks go get a rock thread you rocklovers.
My area mostly just has city birds like pigeons and sparrows and starlings. They're greedy as hell, but I carry around bird seed in emptied tic-tac boxes for them anyway.
[Image: xwldX.gif]


[Image: GJGhW5o.jpg?1]
baby magpie

[Image: 3pwghOy.jpg?1]

[Image: BHM4ilo.jpg?1]

[Image: 99gCQU6.jpg?1]
rainbow lorikeet

I hope you enjoyed birds.

Tiri is really really great. I visit there every time I'm in Auckland since my aunt volunteers there, and once my family stayed overnight and went looking for kiwis :>

During this time their most well-known takahe Greg (who has sadly since passed away) tried to eat my shoelaces.

I have no photos to offer, i am sorry :<
(01-27-2013, 07:26 AM)Gnauga Wrote: »I fucking love birds. Stop talking about rocks go get a rock thread you rocklovers.
My area mostly just has city birds like pigeons and sparrows and starlings. They're greedy as hell, but I carry around bird seed in emptied tic-tac boxes for them anyway.
You know what those common pigeons are? Rock pigeons. (or rock doves, since a pigeon is a dove).

In North America, the most common sparrow is a House Sparrow, which is not actually a sparrow but a weaver finch. They, along with european starlings, are an invasive species that kick native cavity-nesting birds (birds that nest in the leftover hollows of trees that woodpeckers make) out of their nests.
While super rude, and though they're basically sky-plaguerats in their swarming capacities, groups of starlings near the end of the day make captivating flying patterns that look like flowing sheets in the wind. (Schazer showed me this)

I saw a largish group of them a few weeks ago doing this by the nearby power plant. I think I'll go take a short video of it tonight.

In the meantime, here are some starlings. They are bossy and try to chase other birds away from food sources. Other birds including each other--they make scratchy-throated noises at and peck if another starling gets too close to them. Oh just when I typed that I heard a few doing just that. (they are persistent buggers)

[Image: mybread.png]
my bread, asshole

[Image: starlingsuet.png]

and to close out this post, let's see another kind of bossy bird:

[Image: bluebutt.png]
whose butt is that

Blue Jays are corvids (as crows and ravens are); corvids are one of the smartest families of birds. Blue Jays make calls that imitate a hawk's before they come to a food source, as doing so scares other birds away from it.

[Image: jaygatsby.png]

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
Vanilla soft serve
That plain somewhat-vanilla-tasting unflavored base of soft serve before syrup is put into it

everyone is diabetes
[Image: RjvYOd.png]

That's the mightiest pelican I ever did see.
surely this pelican is more regal than mighty. It is mighty regal.
[Image: 933hfLL.png][Image: aCQpT7Z.png][Image: iRoHjKM.png]
You know what's funny? In Brisbane you don't see sparrows too much. Just rather injured pigeons (I've seen pigeons with only one foot before). I think the pigeons chased away all the sparrows ><

I like sparrows.
(01-27-2013, 11:26 PM)Mehgamehn Wrote: »MAKE WAY FOR THE MIGHTY PELICAN

I love that nonchalant walk.

Birds that big scare me, or at least they make me feel very uneasy. I don't know why.
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
(01-28-2013, 01:31 AM)Ed Wrote: »
(01-27-2013, 11:26 PM)Mehgamehn Wrote: »MAKE WAY FOR THE MIGHTY PELICAN

I love that nonchalant walk.

Birds that big scare me, or at least they make me feel very uneasy. I don't know why.

Probably because they are basically velociraptors.
I tremble before the mighty pelican

(the full documentary that this clip is in was in the related videos for the regal pelican strut video)

edit: the above clip was neat and all, but I felt like it was missing something
[Image: RjvYOd.png]

I tested my camera's video-taking abilities
We don't get to see red-winged blackbirds in this area too often (although we get to hear their neato calls pretty frequently), so I grabbed the cheap camera because it was closer. This dubious image is the best I could get before it left.

Sadgi if you can get it to focus right your camera looks like it can take some GORGEOUS video. More please.

Also, I'm pretty sure someone promised ONE THOUSAND fat morning dove pictures. I see ten.
Took this shot out my window just now. Dumb blizzard making all the birds cold. They're not fancy birds, but still.

hi-ho hi-ho its off to work we go
awwww look at that red one
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
Here was that murmuration of starlings I said I was going to videotape. It's hard to make out, but hopefully, you can see it. If you're having trouble, largenate the video box.

While I was at place, I also saw many water birds but couldn't get very good pictures because it was getting dark and they were scared of peoples.

[Image: heron.png]
a heron or crane of some sort

[Image: gullsnducks.png]
All those bird-sized chunks in the water are ducks and gulls. I think the ducks were either Lesser Scaups or Goldeneyes and Mallards. The Gulls are ring-billed gulls and Fact Seagull herring gulls.

The next day, it seems a few of the starlings followed me back
[Image: starlingmess5.gif] [Image: starlingmess4.gif]

Starlings are good vocal mimics. Some people keep them as pets.

Mynah birds are related to starlings. They are a superior bird.

[Image: RjvYOd.png]
If I had such a bird, I would teach it to recite poetry or something worthwhile like that.
I would not teach it to say that it is birds that it is not. That is silly and foolish.