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>Turn around and systematically be visibly taken by surprise at every face in sequence
[Image: UsYKO8c.png]

You're taken by surprise! By all faces at once though, since dragging it out further might be rude.

> Introduce yourself! Names are very important c:
[Image: yaUAqHh.png]

Blue: Pardon me, I'm Blue. Courier. I was just passing through. I didn't know anyone lived out here...?

???: Do Re Mi Fa So, Collector at your service.

>Mmmmmaybe? Do you have an air hose, about yea wide?

You decide to withhold that till its important.

>ask why there's a big slice on their face things and if theyre ok :^(

Blue: I'm taking a bit of a break to look over my Engine here, though I can't help but notice the gash in your face...s. Are doing alright out here yourself?

Do Re Mi Fa So: Oh yes yes, it's, as you humans say "How I be." My, you travelling children aren't quite as learned about the Gods as the masked children are you? Each of these faces is a me from another time, you live as yourself in a moment and I live as different me's in many moments at once. If that doesn't help you understand I don't know what will!

Blue: Oh no, I think I get it.

Do Re Mi Fa So: If you're wondering what's wrong with your Engine, that part is far too withered and old! such poor care for your partner, such a shame.

Blue: How di- Look I spoil this Engine plenty.

Do Re Mi Fa So: I'm sure, I'm sure.

Blue: Then what's that face that you're showing me?

[Image: sZc3gmF.png]

Do Re Mi Fa So: Credence.

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This is gettin' a little suspicious... Keep your guard up and try to push them away.
i'm a rad teen, confirmed good dog, and i try to do things sometimes.
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I don't like this guy...s? Jeez... you really attract some weirdo's, Blue.

>Ask if they know anywhere they could get a replacement hose, or anything that can work just as well.
RE: Cloudsong
Credence: The belief in or acceptance of something as true; the likelihood or plausibility of something being true

>uh. Are you saying I’m lying or,

>Right. Well. Anyways. This needs fixing, think you can help? If you want to, of course.
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>Say, this person's name reminds you of a song. Be sure to bring that up. Maybe even hum a few bars.
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>well I'm always willing to learn more to better care for my partner, to bad I can't buy them better parts though. Money's tight you know.

>What happened to la and ti?