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Back at the ETG thread Reyweld and I have been making our way though the saga of Spider-Man and we've lost a few good spider-people along the way.

We've discovered that each time a spider-man dies we enter a new, nearly identical timeline. Except, of course timelines aren't all identical, each spider-person has a special quality or backstory that makes them unique from all other spider-folk.

Chances are we're going to go though a lot more timelines so we need to know more about the background of each spider-person, and I thought, "Yeah, hawkspace would know this."

Here are the spider-men we've seen so far:

Spider-Man I: Loves toast
Spider-Man II: Very critical about punctuation
Spider-Man III: Recurring nightmare about being trampled to death by a heavyset bald man
Spider-Man IV-VI: Same as Spider-Man III, but it was more of a fantasy than a nightmare.
Spider-Man VII: Secret juggler
Spider-Man VIII: Was always too shy to go out on the dance floor.
Spider-Man IX: Was born with a small, hairless tail.
Spider-Man XI: Just a total dunce. who cares.
Spider-Man XII: Really into scrapbooking. Would take photos of enemies while fighting to give them something to remember him by.
Spider-Man XIII: The Warhammer Spiderman, very detail oriented and loves to paint figurines.
Spider-Man XIV: very into magnets, fridge and otherwise
Spider-Man XV: Hoarder Spider-man
Spider-Man XVI: Has never experienced human emotions
Spider-Man XVII: Lives life like they're in a sitcom
Spider-Man XVIII: Spider
Spider-Man XIX: ?????
Spider-Man XX: ?????
Spider-Man XXI: Afraid of webs
Spiderman XXII: Sk8r Boy

What other spider-men are out there? Just let me know which spider-man you have the deets on and what makes them unique. I'll do my best to let their unique background shine on our play through.
RE: spider-folks
Spiderfolks, spiderfolks, has lots of funny spider jokes

Quickly severed mortal ties, spiderfolks dropping like flies

Look out, here come the spiderfolks
RE: spider-folks
I ended up humming that most of the way home!

Spiderman XVII: Lives life like they're in a sitcom

Spiderman: XXI: Afraid of webs
RE: spider-folks
Spiderman XXII: Sk8r Boy
RE: spider-folks
Spiderman 23 - Architecture Fan
Spiderman 24 - Pacifist (No violence or "Webbing")
Spiderman 25 - Wild West Spider-man (with Cowboy Boots)
Spiderman 26 - Knows the Spider-Jitsu
Spiderman 27 - Spider-Cop (has forgotten that spider cop is just a character he does with yuri sometimes)
Spiderman 28 - Old-Man
Spiderman 29 - Business-Man
Spiderman 30 - Spider-Chan (Fan of Jackie Chan)
RE: spider-folks
Spider-man XXXI: Roman Mathematician
Spider-man XXXII: Sliderman (quit photography to flip burgs, but then JJ bought the restaurant because he’s like that)
Spider-man XXXIII: Widowmaker here (spidey-sense allows him to play video games at a professional level)
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea
RE: spider-folks
Spider-man XXX4: Actually just two smaller Peter Parkers stacked on top of each other.
Spider-man XXX5: Actually 20,735 spiders wearing a very convincing Spider-man disguise.
Spider-man XXX6: Believes that he's secretly the henchman of whichever villain he's seen last.
Spider-man XXX7: Believes that he actually is whichever villain he's seen last and that the real villain is just an impostor.
Spider-man XXX8: Tobey Maguire.
RE: spider-folks
Spider-man 29: Terrible nerd boy who knows all the Real Spider-man lore and is frustrated with everything that has happened so far for not adhering to canon.
fyck phytybyckyt
RE: spider-folks
(10-14-2018, 10:47 PM)Reyweld Wrote: »Spiderman 29 - Business-Man

(10-19-2018, 10:03 AM)Ixcaliber Wrote: »Spider-man 29: Terrible nerd boy who knows all the Real Spider-man lore and is frustrated with everything that has happened so far for not adhering to canon.

It is important to note these are not mutually exclusive.
RE: spider-folks
(10-15-2018, 01:18 PM)BRPXQZME Wrote: »Spider-man XXXIII: Widowmaker here (spidey-sense allows him to play video games at a professional level)
FINALLY I have an ETG cannon reason to show off my true skills. Playing this "bad at videogames" character on the show is just so tiring!

(10-16-2018, 09:45 PM)Coldblooded Wrote: »Spider-man XXX8: Tobey Maguire.
I am so excited to murder spider-men to get to the real Tobey.
RE: spider-folks
Spider-man 32: Secretly dreams of retiring to a quiet island somewhere, somewhere nice and cold. Where he can sit and watch the seagulls.
Spider-man 34: Eats nothing but bread for breakfast, eats nothing but almonds for lunch, eats nothing but corn for dinner.
Spider-man 39: Strange coincidences occurring all throughout his life will lead a journalist to publish a lengthy investigation of whether he has connections to a shady doomsday cult. However, they really are all coincidences.