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Back at the ETG thread Reyweld and I have been making our way though the saga of Spider-Man and we've lost a few good spider-people along the way.

We've discovered that each time a spider-man dies we enter a new, nearly identical timeline. Except, of course timelines aren't all identical, each spider-person has a special quality or backstory that makes them unique from all other spider-folk.

Chances are we're going to go though a lot more timelines so we need to know more about the background of each spider-person, and I thought, "Yeah, hawkspace would know this."

Here are the spider-men we've seen so far:

Spider-Man I: Loves toast
Spider-Man II: Very critical about punctuation
Spider-Man III: Recurring nightmare about being trampled to death by a heavyset bald man
Spider-Man IV-VI: Same as Spider-Man III, but it was more of a fantasy than a nightmare.
Spider-Man VII: Secret juggler
Spider-Man VIII: Was always too shy to go out on the dance floor.
Spider-Man IX: Was born with a small, hairless tail.
Spider-Man XI: Just a total dunce. who cares.
Spider-Man XII: Really into scrapbooking. Would take photos of enemies while fighting to give them something to remember him by.
Spider-Man XIII: The Warhammer Spiderman, very detail oriented and loves to paint figurines.
Spider-Man XIV: ?????
Spider-Man XV: ?????

What other spider-men are out there? Just let me know which spider-man you have the deets on and what makes them unique. I'll do my best to let their unique background shine on our play through.
Spiderfolks, spiderfolks, has lots of funny spider jokes

Quickly severed mortal ties, spiderfolks dropping like flies

Look out, here come the spiderfolks
I ended up humming that most of the way home!

Spiderman XVII: Lives life like they're in a sitcom

Spiderman: XXI: Afraid of webs