> F L O O D <

> F L O O D <
> F L O O D <

Your armlight turns on, and you jog down the hall. With what you can see with your feeble light, it's just a dusty hall. No papers tacked to walls, no boxes or crates or bits of baggage, no paraphernalia that would imply anyone was here. Rooms 201 to 205 are on your left, and 206 to 210 are on your right.


Working on it. You certainly feel better not being near any windows.


You were in an even-numbered room... and the odd number rooms are on the other side of the hallway. The shooter shouldn't be able to see in those rooms. You decide to head up to room 209 and jiggle the handle. It creaks and rust comes off the joint but otherwise you can open the door.

Inside, the room is roughly the same shape as the one you woke up in. A window is on the far side, shades down. An indent along the right side is where the kitchenette is - err, should be. Faded square patches on the wall and carpet are where the counters, oven, and fridge should be. Electrical wiring pokes out of the wall, torn and jagged. In fact, there's faded patches everywhere, as though all the furniture in the room was suddenly taken out without a trace. Well, there is a trace. The patches, for one, and also the dust that is clinging to every bit of carpet sans the furniture-less spots.

There is also dark bloodstains on the wall. And the ceiling. It's a wide splatter that seems to have dried up long ago.

Old blood, freshly-taken furniture. This is getting weird.

You try all the other odd-numbered rooms. Same thing in each. Blood. Dust. Nothing else.

You try your hand at one of the even numbered rooms. 210. You crack open the door ever so slightly...

It's difficult to see in, but it looks exactly like all the other rooms. Still very dark but --


Lightning flashes, and in one of the buildings across the street, you see the bright flash glinting off of something. Something small and shiny. A dark silhouette is behind it. In the next instant, a flash appears, and another bullet slams into the door, tearing a hole straight through and sending splinters everywhere.

You've already slammed the door and taken many steps back.
Can anyone curse a REAL sword?
RE: > F L O O D <
Fire escape! Escape from who's firing on ye!
RE: > F L O O D <
The rooms start with 2. It can be assumed that the building has at least two floors.
>Find stairs. Does it go up and down or down only?
[Image: DGBpqSL.png]
RE: > F L O O D <

The stairs are at the end of the hall. Er.... were at the end of the hall. Light comes in from above, as well as rain, water, and more wind. A massive hole goes through every floor, all the way to the roof. You shine your light down the hole. At the bottom, barely lit by the combined efforts of the roof hole and the arm light, is a missile. It is bent, but otherwise relatively intact. A small red light flickers on the side. You can only presume that the missile crashed down every floor the building and landed on the first floor.

You can see signs next to where the stairs should be -- 000, 100, 200 (the floor you are on), 300, 400... after this, you can't quite see the signs above your floor, but you guess it's about another dozen floors.


You head to the window and struggle to open it. After some protest, the window creaks open. Tall buildings face you, dark and featureless because of the weather conditions. You lean over and peer down. The road is about three stories below, although there's water rushing everywhere. The few cars here and there are almost completely submersed, with only their tops showing. Junk and litter wash downstream.

You can see, on the wall of your building, brackets where the fire escape SHOULD have been. But it's not there, other than some bits of jagged metal where it was torn off.

It seems your choices for getting down from this floor are either out the window into the rushing water, or down the hole near the missile. Fun.


Oh shush.
Can anyone curse a REAL sword?
RE: > F L O O D <
>Hang down from the window and then drop down, the water and your metal legs will cushion the hit.

Let's hope your metal bits are waterproof!
Vivian Quest
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> F L O O D <

You figure you can get the slip on that sniper by exiting here. Gripping the bag tightly, you mantle out the window and dangle off the windowsill. Despite the wind and rain, you feel fairly confident that you can climb down and set yourself atop one of the cars. You almost slip at one point, but you do end up on the roof of a rusted blue car.

It's very dark, kinda cold, and very damp. You can barely see anything but you doubt that sniper can find you down here.
Can anyone curse a REAL sword?