Inktober [FORTUNA] prompts!!

Inktober [FORTUNA] prompts!!
Inktober [FORTUNA] prompts!!
While i do realize im a bit late to Inktober, i thought it would be neat to have a prompt list that is Fortuna themed!
If you would like to suggest your own Inktober Fortuna prompts, go right ahead!
When you have finished, post your art in this thread so we may all gawk at your immense skills :-))

Inktober: Fortuna version:

Alternate version: just draw super wicked looking clockworks all month long.

Skip as many as you like, and change them up with other's suggestions, or even the default Inktober list! Do whatever and have fun =>>!!
RE: Inktober [FORTUNA] prompts!!
oo love this. I should try this with doodles
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