Act 1- Voided.

Act 1- Voided.
Act 1- Voided.
???:You know what? This quest is a load of bogus to me.
???: You say that about everything hun.
???: well this is the most Bogus of all...and will you please stop calling me that!
???: Well excuse me Mr 'let me have a proper name!' It's not like we find a human every day! Besides, I've fallen back into calling people hun.
???: It is unusual for one to be this close and far out...are you sure it's not one of their men.
???: Don't go around assuming genders Jamison! That's not good for our image we need to keep up!
???: Oh, shuddup! Who cares about that crap nowadays? Besides, dragging a human back to base is so cumbersome.
???: Alright, tell you what hun, you go on ahead, I'll see if I can wake the human up, ok?
???: Fine!

You feel yourself stop and you're propped up against a rock. All you can remember is green and black and screaming, it smelt like everything was on fire, including your own creations. Wearily, you, half-lidded, open one eye, looking up at the person above you. They're blonde.

[Image: tumblr_pir2paHsG71y0dqg2o1_400.png]

You swear you recognise him as he looks off to a fleeting figure, a smile on his face. But you just can't tell where. He starts to shake you gently, whispering 'wake up' under his breath. You crack open the eye to it's fullest, being met with a De Ja Vu as you stare up at him.
[Image: tumblr_pir3jpXr6F1xkrnapo2_400.png]

He looks away nervously and smiles in the same way, patting you on the shoulder as moves away from you.
???: Hahahha! Oh, thank the stars you're not dead! Allow me to introduce myself, hun. I'm Ray.

And then you realize that everything around is a void. There is no rock, nothing.
RE: Act 1- Voided.
Ask him many questions all at once.
“Who are you?”
“Where am I?”
“Why would I be dead?”
“Why are you so hot?”
RE: Act 1- Voided.
Throw your head back and emit a high pitched, ungodly squawking sound.
RE: Act 1- Voided.
You: Who are you...where am I?...

You trail off, looking up into his eyes and damn, he's mildly attractive.

Ray laughs, sitting down across from you. we'll it's more like he's hovering up and down, very, very slowly.

[Image: tumblr_pirlt9j15j1y0dqg2o4_400.png]

Ray: You okay, darling? I just told you my name's Ray-haha. Must be from the turbulence, you did take a large plumit after Gravity was added to the session. You're at the start of the world in a way, I guess. Well, a world. We're just opening up and creating our own little pocket dimension after ging through a load of arena battles...

He stops, placing a cool hand against your forehead. It tingles and burns upon contact.

[Image: tumblr_pirlt9j15j1y0dqg2o1_400.png]

Ray: doll. You look a little pale and you're overheating, you sure you ok down there?

You don't give a response, looking down to the side of the void.

Ray: Meh, It's alright, doll. You don't wanna talk, you don't wanna talk. Can you at least get to your feet, we've got a lot of travelling to do.

He reaches an outstreshed arm to you with a warm smile.

You: Why are you so hot?

You think, taking his hand and getting to your feet shakily. A sly smirk comes onto Ray's face. Crap you didn't mean to say that out loud! He chuckles lightly, not helping you up properly and pulling you to his chest instead.

[Image: tumblr_pirlt9j15j1y0dqg2o2_400.png]
Ray: I don't know? Why is the sun always portrayed as yellow? Why are knives always used as weapons? What are taxes because I have no clue what they are? Because, hun, I went through metamophosis and became this hot beast.

He pushes you away with a wide smile, floating up into the air a little and snorting.

[Image: tumblr_pirlt9j15j1y0dqg2o3_400.png]

Ray: Psshh! Shoulda seen the look on your face. Someone told me to say all that junk if someone ever asked.

You let out a low screech that could resemble a bird if you knew what those things actually were. Ray comes back down to your level, not before patting your head, and outstreches an arm for you to link.

Link arms with the stranger?
RE: Act 1- Voided.
Yes do it
RE: Act 1- Voided.
Caw! Yes.
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RE: Act 1- Voided.
>Yes, but steal the stranger's wallet.
RE: Act 1- Voided.
(11-26-2018, 03:07 AM)typeandkey Wrote: »>Yes, but steal the stranger's wallet.