MSPAF Pluckening Scheme Station

MSPAF Pluckening Scheme Station
An insidious, obtuse title for a simple, hopefully-not-insidious plan!

The "upgrades" to the MSPA Forums have rightly pissed off quite a few people, and quite a few of those people are cool people who we (Eagle Time's "regulars") are friends with. I'm keen to make something positive out of this shitstorm and work towards building Eagle Time into a bigger, healthier community that can be a hub for webfriends past and present into the future.

Of course, there's been talk already over the past hours as to how best to go about it. Where do we advertise? How? Are we looking for something specific? Is there a favourable end goal in mind? Is overthinking it a bad idea? These are things I'm keen to ask you guys (the existing regulars) before I start making grand sweeping statements.

NB: this is not me decreeing that you can't invite people onto Eagle Time however you see fit, seeing as you'll all be making personal invitations to friends who you think would enjoy the atmosphere anyway. I'm more seeking feedback for how I go about it as this forum's admin.

Personally, I made plans to run a huge ridiculous mafia game before MSPAF Games exploded, and still want to run that game - but on here. This is liable to drag a lot of people onto the forum if it goes as planned, and I guess I'd like concerns about such an endeavour to be voiced beforehand, because I know as a rough rule of thumb the "average Eagle Timer" has had a less-than-stellar experience with the game. Would you be okay with a second shot at making a pleasant community?

My key concern is that a sudden influx of people (from any background) might bother you old farts if the community's tone shifts too suddenly. How would you like me as an admin to try and address that? Pre-emptive nonaction? Play it by ear? Are you a new face on the forum and think I'm full of crap? Lay it on me.
I am all for a community expansion. I think that ET is a neat place for Forum Games in particular, and I'd love to see some more activity in that subforum.
I wholeheartedly agree with letting whomever wants to come over.

There are problems that come with getting larger, but nothing that we can't deal with when the time comes.

It may be pretty fun to put together a guide for new users. Not like a "THESE DA RULES" page, but maybe just a helpful list of existing threads and things we do there, maybe even some highlights from those threads.
Will the unspoken rule of 'No stucks' hold, or will there not be any anyway since they've got their own forum Over There or am i mistaken iunno
I think it would be fair to encourage others to take their adventures beyond the confines of the MSPA format. Try something new and unique. For many people, Homestuck is all they really know, so it's why, when presented with the opportunity to make what could be a really neat story, they incorporate a lot of elements that have been hashed out before.
I welcome everyone with open arms as long as they're not pillweefs. One thing to us old farts though, one of the biggest reasons why people dif not migrate before (or now) is d that we're "anti-homestuck" and while that may not be completely true we have displayed general bitterness towards it, so now more than ever I propose we keep that to ourselves. At least in the general sense of "it fucking sucks, why would anyone like this?" we all have a similar opinion so there's no point in wailing on it, the kickstarter and similar stuff though...

Excuse any weird typos, I'm on a stupid phone.
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Hey, I still think Homestuck is pretty neat.
And ultimately pretty irrelevant to this forums, you know? That's the attitude that seems sensible to me to present. We're not the MSPA forums, so how anyone feels about Homestuck is as important to what goes on here as how anyone feels about, say, Sluggy Freelance.
(03-10-2013, 01:26 PM)Superfrequency Wrote: »I still want to import BRPXQZME
Well, it worked!
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea
As you may have noticed, I recently joined the forums for the sake of porting my game to an appropriate place for basically the reasons Schaz has stated in addition to the fact that Eagle Time seems like the least affiliated option with the most shared, established community. As a result, a significant number of other members have joined in order to participate. In a way, this probably will act as a trial to see whether or not folks from the ol' MSPAF are interested in Eagle Time as an option for "good times on forums".

There's a small chance I might consider importing a few members from one of my older forums too because I think a healthy community is the best opprotunity.
I'm making Eskerostuck and nobody can stop me.
Got it schazer! So basically headhunting, except instead of giving them a job offer we kidnap them?
Also schazer madfia. I should probably try running mafia at some point myself. Maybe with all those poor innocent kidnapped peeps?
How can you export me when I was already here?
Comrades and whatnot!

I bring to you a proposal from the deeeead.

CPI is not exactly a healthy forum right now. Im in talks with the community about site changes and if theyre not about to be addressed, I think we should reopen discussion about bringing in MSPAFers and consider speaking to the MSPAF staff about bringing those interested in forum games to a healthier community.
One of the major reasons that CPI is active at all anymore is because of this inflow of people, but I think they deserve to land on a healthier forum. Opinions?
^^ the CPI thread for interested parties
I had a glance at your thread over on Chocolatepi, and there are a few misunderstandings/assumptions being made I reckon? I'm talking as an ex-admin though so obviously the inputs of Eagle Time exclusives (both regulars and lurkers) as well as dual citizens would be much appreciated.

First: Eagle Time's administration consisted of Pinary and I, and now it's currently Pinary and an account called OTTO (which I have the password to, but I won't access unless there's some kind of emergency like a botspam swarm and Pines being awol). I'll have to expand on my reasons for quitting as a modmin here but basically, it brings out the worst in me and any stuff about the community I want to say, arguably works better without me wearing an arbitrary badge of authority. It doesn't really need anyone in the position of a moderator, and I don't have the know-how to run the technical/administrative/under the bonnet side of things with the codes and junk.

Leading on from that: Eagle Time does not urgently require, but would certainly benefit from, a general tune-up. Its administrative requirements as mentioned have basically nothing to do with the community and behaviour (which is self-moderating, mostly), but we would ideally have someone more active/less busy than Pines to man the Scraper and implement fixes like an improved Advanced Posting page layout and a retooled User Profile page (among other things). Eagle Time is functional and perhaps more aesthetically cohesive than Chocopi, but unless someone with coding experience volunteered to do a bunch of fixing (and, more importantly for me, if Pines is ok with lending the keys to such a person), our rate of website-tweaking probably keeps pace with Chocopi.

Thirdlyish: Eagle Time was never a "contender" for official MSPAF affiliate, and while we're not going to gang up on any Homestucks who stumble in here they're going to get a lukewarm response if they do try getting in-depth about the comic. (and let's face history and run ass-backwards screaming into the volatile unknown of the future: If we get a mass exodus there's going to be inevitable insularity and lines being drawn unless we collectively learn to not tie up our online identities with individual pieces of media).
The issue on CPIforums is that, unlike here, it's pretty difficult to communicate with the admin at all because the admin presence is virtually not there. Like, "Simpl.", really? On a "Design" forum? But yeah, totally get where you're coming from.

And yeah, figured that the MSPA fandom would bring up some issues.

We'll see what folks have to say. Chances are if there is a move it's not going to involve the entire forum.

Also I have no idea how the post scraper works, but I figured I'd mention it because it's nifty as fuck.