Delete the Virus

Delete the Virus
RE: Delete the Virus
I (Bob) create a program to create turing machines to challenge the virus about whether they halt or not.
This, of course, is an uncomputable task (but it is not paradoxical).
RE: Delete the Virus
There really is no excuse, I’m irresponsible and bad at updating things. Sorry for the very long wait, and I will make certain to keep up with this better.
Quote:The bird moves to confront Link, directly applying flames to the character.
The bird repairs the Fortress, giving it a heal.
The bird continues charging. (5/10).

You attack Link! Let’s see how he responds......

You heal the fortress for 10 points of health! But, due to actions in a post after this, it is reduced to 5 points!

Quote:Action 1: "What!?" Kit meows. "I could have sneaked in this entire time! Curse my ignorance. There is only one thing to do now! Keep breaking the fort!" Kit builds up his energy. The cat brings forth his intellect and powers. He summons the strength of his mighty ancestors the lions. As he does this, a blue light appears around him. It expands and then contracts into a sort of aura. The aura shifts and finally settles on the shape of a lion. Kit lets out a small meow and the lion aura lets out a great roar. Kit meows the following while the spirit lion lets out a low growl about it. "The power is mine! Ah ha ha!"
Action 2: Kit begins moving in the aura, but it doesn't exactly move with him. Kit meows, "Agh, of course. I have to fine tune this as well. Fine." He takes out his keyboard and starts to make a long line of text. He is eventually able to link the movements of himself to the lion aura around him. He tests it out and it seems to work fine. He runs a quick lap around the fortress for fun and it seems to go well enough.
Action 3: "Good, with that done, I will use my full force to attack the..." Kit looks around at his aura and realizes it isn't exactly solid yet. "Another problem!? Why?" He proceeds to think about the needs of a lion to survive. He thinks about the habits of lions and how they hunt for food. He finally comes to the conclusion that the aura is hungry and therefore not wanting to be a solid. "Ah yes, I guess my ancestors would want food." Kit summons up a can of tuna and tosses it in front of the lion aura. Without his command, the spirit gobbles up the tuna inside and immediately becomes more cohesive, creating a nice protective layer around its outside that can be used for actually interacting with stuff instead of looking cool.

Tracking Cat God Summon: 11/30
(I’m assuming you want this to be an entity, correct me if I’m wrong)
You summon the LION AURA! This entity is firmly Anti-Virus, and due to it’s connection to you it cannot be corrupted unless you become Pro-Virus yourself. It will not attack other entities unless you specifically command it to, however.

Quote:Thinking Quickly, Alistair gives some orders via the controller! Link blocks the bird's attack with the Mirror Shield! It can eat three fire attacks and then shoot out a burst of flame! To ensure this sticks, Alistair sacrifices one action to ensure this is so.

The Good Boy, meanwhile, notices that the Bird is attacking Link and, at the order of Alistair, attacks the Bird. Instead of saving :link from the attack, though, Good Boy interrupts the enemy's attempt at healing, though the bird's flight keeps it from suffering any real damage.

Alistair swears. He was hoping to use this turn to prepare Link and Good Boy for the Mites! But maybe he could do something about that from his end.

He uses his last two actions to program up a Mite-Eater! One Action goes towards giving ti form and health, and the other goes towards giving it locomotion and attack power. However, he sacrifices said general attack power in order to give it the ability to hit multiple Mites at once.

He orders it to get inside the Fortress. If it can't find a way in, then it is to burrow inside through the walls. It'll leave Link and Good Boy at the mercy of the Mites and Bird, but there was nothing he could really do about that. All he could do was hope their backup help would get there in time to keep them alive.
Due to the fire shield, the Bird is unable to damage link! The flame it shoots out is unable to reach The Bird due to it’s flight, however.

The Good Boys actions, as previously stated, have halved the amount of health that the fortress is healed!

The Mite-Eater has been summoned! Next turn, it will arrive and join Link and The Good Boy.

Quote: I (Bob) create a program to create turing machines to challenge the virus about whether they halt or not.
This, of course, is an uncomputable task (but it is not paradoxical).

Howdy, Bob! The Virus is immediately confused as it begins processing the challenges of these turning machines, and will be stunned for the next turn!

The Battlefield
Inside The Fortress, The Mites have found Link and the Good Boy, and begin to attack!

The Mites small size allows them to land a few good hits on Link, ducking under his sword and clawing onto his back, and causing a total of 7 damage to him! Link, however, manages to slash some of them as they claw and leap towards them, killing two and severely injuring one! The Good Boy defends Link from the Mites that’s hadnt begun attacking him, barking as they got close and snapping at them with their jaws, though not injuring them.

The Mite-Eater continues burrowing through to the fortress, and will arrive next turn to deal with the little pests!

Virus Health: 72/100
Viral Fortress [PV]: 48/90
Mites: 3-3-3-3-3 (Napping!)
Mites 2: 1-3-3 (Fighting Link!)
Link: 52/60 (Storming the fortress/Fighting Mites!)
Good Boy: 60/60 (Following Link!)
Lion Aura: 60/60
Mite-Eater: 20/20
The Origin Server

Due to focusing on IRL events, Gutza will be gone form the game. I am not sure whether permanent or temporary (that depends on how much longer the game goes, which I imagine won’t be too long. The portal to The Origin Server will remain open for two more turns, and anyone can choose to enter and finish where he left off. If no one does, the Scout Team will return to the battlefield in two turns and the portal will be permanently closed.

Scout Team: 70-70-70-70-70-70
RE: Delete the Virus
Action 1: "Now, it is time to unleash my full, lion, powers!" Kit charges at the Viral Fort, running with great speed. He unleashes a great swiping attack with his new cat aura. However, as he makes contact, a text box appears. It reads "I'm Not a Robot" with a check box in front of it. Kit quickly taps the button. It takes a few seconds to load, but then it pops up with an image chopped up into a few boxes. Above, it states, "Press all of the images with cars in them." Kit uses his feline agility to quickly tap them all. The first picture disappears and a new one reappears. It beckons the same command. Kit does the same thing. Finally, a huge text box stating, "YOU ARE A ROBOT," appears in front of Kit. "Blasted computer," Kit meows. "They never learn. Well, I guess I should make a drone feature for the aura so I don't fall for this again *grumble grumble*." Kit goes back to his keyboard, types in a few quick commands, and then presses enter. The lion aura slowly shifts, removing its blue light from Kit to right next to Kit, making it its own entity (or giving it a dodge chance if it already was).
Action 2: "No no no no no no no no NO!" Kit hisses. "We musn't let The Origin Server go unfound. I need to send in my best associate." Kit picks up the phone part of a dial phone and dials a number. It seems a bit longer than a normal number, more like an IP address than a telephone number. The phone rings for a few minutes and a meowing voice is heard from within. Translation Provided:
New Cat: "Who is this!"Kit: "Hello again! It's been so long.""Ugh. Why does it have to be him.""I'll make this short. I need you to be an agent for me. You'll be like an extension of my power.""Pssh. What power? Last I checked, you were still a loser.""Look, I know we don't see eye to eye, but come on! This is important!""I'm not getting caught in your web of tricks again Kit, understood?""No, I don't understand. Especially since, if we do this right, you could get all the kitty treats you'll ever need. How does that sound?"*Growl* "Fine. But don't expect me to enjoy working with you.""Who does?"
Kit hangs up with a satisfactory cat face. He waits around for a few minutes, and a grumpy looking cat in a wheel chair appears. "This better be good," he grumble.
"Grumpy!" Kit meows. "It's so good to see you. Now, all you've gotta do is follow my instructions and use my power.
"Fine!" Grumpy barks. "Just get on with it!"
"Okay, okay. All you've got to do for now is hop in that portal. Okay?"
"No." Grumpy crawls into the portal, just barely not scratching up Kit.

Summoning Cat God: 12/30
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RE: Delete the Virus
"Good boy," Alastair encourages through a built in microphone on his controller. "Keep them off of Link for a bit more and hopefully the Mite Eater will take care of the rest."

In the meantime, Link had a much bigger job. Constantly dodge rolling around to keep the Mites from damaging him, Alastair guides Link through the Fortress! As he does so, he maps out the physical locations and, thanks to elaborate metaphor structure to coding format, understands the best point to attack in order to collapse the Viral Fortress! It took three actions, too, so he's certain the weak point is fixed.

"Alright Link, you're a living weapon's arsenal," Alastair says to himself as he puts in the proper button inputs. "Use it on the weak point and take this place down!"

Hopefully this would end things and, with it, free him up to help out with the origin server.
Level Up: The Revival

No, I am not explaining the subtitle. Yes I made a forum game before I posted anywhere else. Maybe, I could be inflating my own ego. No, surprisingly, I do not like that as much as I should.