Clotted Cherries

Clotted Cherries
Clotted Cherries

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It's dark, you're alone in a street and it's dark. You're not a big fan of the dark and the current power outage for your street is really not helping the situation. With a tube of pringles wielded in one hand, you're on your way home to binge Netflix then pass out at 2-in-the-morning. Going to the devil's hour is a little bit too harsh on yourself really.

The road is dormant and the shops are closing for the night. A few candles sit in a family's windows, yet the lack of light outside makes you squint against the darkness, nobody is around. Your house isn't that far now. It's dark, you are alone in a street and it's dark.

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Alright, pull yourself together.

Your name is Annabelle, or rather Anna, and you hate the dark. It's not that you're afraid of the dark it'self- that's not the case. It's what can lurk in the forever changing dark that scares you. You're a lonely college student who lives in an apartment not too far from the college. Sure, you have a roommate, but the two of you never talk and he's always busy. He asked you to grab some shopping for tonight, yet you wanted to grab some pringles and the closest place that does the flavour you want was actually pretty far. The shopping you need is a little strange you must admit.

Quote:-10 gallons of Corn Syrup
-100g of Sugar
-Butchers knife
-100 Clotted Cherries
-0.4g of coffee
-EXACTLY 3 32mg Oranges

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he's weird and also needs better handwriting, you can barely read it. But back to the present. You're clutching the shopping list in your other hand as you head back to the apartment block. The shop should be just around the corner now. You've never heard of Clotted Cherries before.

And so off you go, heading towards Jueberry (that was the name of the shop if you remember correctly.) to pick up the weirdest ingredients ever. You honestly don't know why he needs these but are fully prepared to follow through. After all, he usually knows what he's doing.

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There's a sudden tug on the back of your shirt and you are pulled back into an alleyway, dropping your pringles as you are pressed against a wall.

"Annabelle Orly, I've found you after so long,"

You do not recognise the voice as you struggle, yet it seems to be multiple people holding you back, even if it only feels like one. You don't understand it. A cloth is placed over your mouth as you breathe in and sudden drowsiness comes over you.

"You won't escape from me again."

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When you come two all you can see is darkness. You feel your hands bound behind your back with a rough material. It feels like something is covering your head, perhaps a bag or something? You can't tell. And what did he mean by 'again'? Your name is Annabelle Orly and you are pretty sure you've just been kidnapped.

What will you do?
RE: Clotted Cherries
>Turn the tables and kidnap your kidnapper instead!