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woah jeez i like that kino
welcome 2 the forum
For myw's The End.

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Insanely badass, just like the fanventure. @v@
I hope to have time to read it properly when this week is over.
(04-02-2013, 02:06 PM)Mythee Wrote: »Insanely badass, just like the fanventure. @v@

Quote:just like the fanventure

Quote:the fanventure


Raaaaage FORUM ADVENTURE Raaaaage

*roars incomprehensibly, burns down a village*

(also Neko that is amazeballs you are amazeballs)
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F'narts'n crafts for Kitet's Triceratops Adventure.
Hahahaha oh my god that's great

I guess now's the time to say that the Tricolortops was actually a design I came up with in 5th grade? I am all giggles right now.
I started procrasta-doodling and it turned into a scene from Incident
[Image: Scenesketch.png]
~◕ w◕~
If there was any doubt about who the best person is:

I can confirm that person is Whim.
I know it's not a real proper fan-art, but the latest screen in Derelict Dreams is littered with shoutout items to other Eagle-time stories!


Can you find them all?
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i spy with my little eye a fedora and i am pleased :3
I spy with my little eye the lizard's from You Are A Janitor.

Also there's a dead guy nearby I don't know why
I think that's triceratops (do they have a name??? I forget) from triceratops adventure, not bedo.
I do see DOC in there though.
look there's arse adventure
and a jumping fishhook!
[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
Ahhh cameos, always delightful to see a bunch cramped in a single picture.
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[Image: isitbecauseimtoobeautiful.png]

If you are wondering, yes he isn't wearing a shirt. And pants.
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I think this is turning into a series.
Scene from Incident.
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Whim, I certainly love this series.


You're right!

Sometime in between the undersketch and the inks I must have forgotten that.

[Image: Undersketch.png]
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what are you doing in the ocean
you're going to rust :<
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Here's a thing i did [Image: ZRELKsB.gif]
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
Chwoka you are a fricker and I gotta figure out how in my text-aventurey format I'm gonna parse that
(11-12-2015, 10:40 AM)Schazer Wrote: »I'm officially expressing my disappointment that this is not an AI high dating sim

first of all schazer, how dare you accuse me of not writing an AI dating sim
Heyo : D
I'll likely be launching an adventure within the next month or so....
I wanted to an interest check, and I feel that this forum is a nice place to launch it.
It's a test run and a prologue. I want to launch an adventure, but I need to experiment with the plot style, and in addition it runs on a game system/adventure system of my own design, and I need to properly test it. In addition it makes great setup and modifies the full adventure I plan to do.

Quote:Anyhow, there's a subterranean society. They're pretty damn successful, and are run by an unshackled AI, named Laplace's Demon.
Sometimes people don't like living underground, and want to see what is up on the surface. They agree to leave the safety, comfort, and luxury of their society to see what's up on the surface. To do this they must volunteer to take part in a Journey of Chambers. This is literal, as they must progress through a series of challenging chambers to reach their destination. They'll bypass the squalor of the lower class near the surface, and reach the surface.
This isn't all daisies and roses, as they are risking their lives in the Journey of Chambers. Everyone has their own personal reason to reach the surface, and not everyone likes the fact that other people are alive. There's also a time limit to exit each chamber, and failing that will likely result in a painful death.
In addition to this Laplace's Demon has decided it would be helpful to allow individuals from the surface to come down and watch the Journey of Chambers. They get to use wireless controls to help guide the Applicants safely to their destination. These surface dwellers are given luxuries like endless food, a safe place to sleep, and much more in return for their volunteering in this reoccurring event.
You will play as a Guide, and choose an Applicant. You may also elect to not choose an Applicant, and swap back and forth between people you try to guide. This sacrifices the ability to reliably build trust, resources, and a few other things in order to not be as shackled down or devoted to guiding a single person.
Of course these people are their own people. They make their own decisions. This is why things like trust, picking an Applicant carefully, and getting to know them is important.
Though what is most important is that many of them desire To See Stars.

Quote:However, this is not where our tale begins. While the Journey of Chambers occurs fairly often, the beginning of our tale is not there, but somewhere similar.
11 Clones have been reared, implanted with memories, and allowed to grow as people. They are on the cusp of joining society, but it is unsure whether they are stable enough, or if the cloning process as it is is efficient enough to allow these Clones to join Society.
So they will attempt a shorter version of the Journey of Chambers. Whereas 9 chambers are required to be completed as a minimum only 1 chamber will be required for success. A 21 story Factory Chamber that was decommissioned has been refurbished and put into use in the bowels of the subterranean society, and has been set up similar to how the Journey of Chambers is.
However, all simulations ran by Laplace's Demon resulted in less than a 50% chance of success based on projections of decisions undertaken by the Clones themselves.
This is why Laplace's Demon has brought in you and other researchers from the Society that have worked on this project and related ones. No matter what your rank is, you have chosen to sign up as a Guide and help a Clone survive this singular chamber.
Just like before, every Applicant is unique, likes, dislikes, sexualities, gender expressions, and more are what differentiate them from each other. While they are all clones, have been carefully implanted with varying memories (many of which are the exact same as the others have), and experience sensory overload, they are each singular.
They are not people. If you killed one, they would be written off as a workplace accident. They haven't officially been able to join society, or given rights, or even made aware that their lives are fraudulent. If the results aren't sufficient, if you aren't able to keep them safe, if you aren't able to prove to yourself, your colleagues, and Laplace's Demon that they can join society, deserve rights like us, and are well adjusted, they will die.
Are you ready to begin the Trial Run?

Relevant images below : D
By game system/adventure system, do you mean there's set structured mechanics and your role is more like a GM/DM, or will it fall more on the MSPA end of "chief story-teller where game mechanics form an initial narrative scaffold but are ultimately pretty arbitrary"?

Either or some inbetween point should be interesting, but as a potential reader/suggester it would help to know whether I'm contributing to more of a story or helping playtest/polish a ruleset.
It's basically a game system, but it's geared in a way to be used in adventures to give structure. Similar to how Fortuna and other adventures have stats for characters. In Homestuck the stats system and game mechanics form an initial narrative scaffold but are arbitrary, at least that's the comparison I assume would be made for that one.
My role is a bit of Narrator and GM. There are a number of hidden stats. Due to the characters having motivations, and being able to make their own decisions, the narrative could likely be just them making decisions, rolls, etc. They don't have the best planning, or decision making skills, and thus the Guide is needed.

For Trial Run the readers/suggesters are both contributing to the story, and helping polish the ruleset.
The readers/suggesters through interacting with the characters (primarily the one they have become devoted to keeping alive), they can influence how they behave, how they see the world. While traits and stats are set at the start, Applicants can interact with each other, form bonds, and change as people. Character dynamics can change over time, and dangerous character dynamics (or events) can be neutralized.
The most tricky thing to learn is gaining trust, playing to the strengths of the character, and other features/mechanics. It's why being careful about the Applicant picked at the start is recommended.
Oh yeah and the results of Trial Run's story affects the details of To See Stars.
So every life saved, changed, and all that further along matters. Same with every death, ruined life, and such.

So basically everyone that gets in on this has a chance to seriously impact the course of this story and the one after it.
One of the cautions though is that if someone applies to be an applicant's Guide, rather than a general one that just sends in commands, is that if they should check if the adventure is updating. While characters can make their own choices, an applicant's Guide sort of is at a higher level than a normal reader. It's a special touch that says "hey I'm dedicated to keeping you alive, I chose you". I may have to create a system for inactivity, but if someone is removed from being an applicant's Guide, that means any trust between them is gonna drop, especially if a dependence was formed.
Some of the words may need more explaining..