Welcome to village a cooperative settlement/survival game. You are a small group of people wanting to start a new life. Things will start off small, trying to survive the wilderness with the little you brought for the journey. But as your village grows you will attract more and more migrants and build a reputation.

The setting is a fantasy/medieval world.

To play just answer the following questions:

[Image: VillageName.png]
What is your name and gender?

[Image: VillageRace2.png]

What is your race?
-Trog: Strong but stupid, the trog are a usually peaceful race. They are known for hoarding precious stones and gems. Trog are forged from the earth and rock.
-Humans: An intelligent race that are good with their hands. Humans are skilled craftsmen, yet relatively weak. Humans are born, but with a much shorter pregnancy.
-Sectoids: Sectoids are fast and have a thick exoskeleton. Yet they are typically selfish and work only for themselves. Sectoids are hatched and have different growth stages.
-Fungi: Big in number and in courage. These little guys are prey for many predators. Fungi are grown.

[Image: VillageSkill.png]

What are you skilled at? Just 1 prominant skill. You can put other skills if you want, but it wont affect your character at all. It will just kind of add to your backstory.

[Image: VillageFlaw.png]

What is a flaw/fear/negative you have?

[Image: VillageStory.png]

What is your backstory?

1. SleepingOrange - Quelsh Agarikon - Fungi
2. SupahKiven - Bogroth Ederfecian - Trog
3. MasterBlade - Gill Jade - Sectoid
4. MrGuy - Tannus MacLeary - Human
5. Purple Walrus - Neg'ugi - Fungi
6. Moronis Dio Igneousson - Trog

It's not first come first serve. And you will be choosing your starting location once I pick who's in.
RE: Villagers
Name: Quelsh Agarikon
Gender: Male
Race: Fungus
Skill: Agriculture
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Naivete
---Quelsh, simply put, does not know how the world works. He's grown up in relative isolation, raised more on stories and daydreams than experience and wisdom; he thinks the world works like a fairy tale if you try your hardest, and he imagines himself to be the hero in his own story.
---Oldest son of the youngest crop of Agarikons, Quelsh has always shown promise in the family's traditional profession. He can grow vast swathes of nutritious plants and molds, shear sheep with the best of them, amend any amount of soil, and milk until the cows come home (although even he's not sure how that last one's supposed to work. Quelsh is a farmer, not a poet). Still, as good at it as he was, it never seemed fulfilling; he always admired the legions of guards that protected the township from hordes of spined frillwurms and ravenous growlbacks, and even moreso he daydreamed about the great Fungus settlers of the past who carved today's townships out of the great untamed wildernesses of the world.

As he got older, he did his best to train where he could with weapons and navigational equipment and the various tools of the explorer's trade, but the farm always came first, and his family always needed him. He probably won't behead himself in a fight and knows the moss grows on the north side of trees (or is it the south? one of those sides, probably), but at heart he's a farmboy, not a ranger.

That didn't stop him from packing a bindle and heading out into the wide world at his first adult opportunity, though; a passing group of travellers seemed like the perfect opportunity to sate his wanderlust, filled with promise of a new settlement and a new life. The future held untold promise.

Until they realized what a pie-in-the-sky kid at heart he was, at least, and ditched him at the first tavern. But for Quelsh, it was too late to go back; he started looking for another group of like-minded settlers-to-be, and this time, he's sure it'll work out.
RE: Villagers
Name: Bogroth Ederfecian

Gender: Male

Race: Trog

Skill: Metallurgy

Flaw/Fear/Negativity: Obsession
Bogroth is obsessed with making metals. But his obsession goes further than that. He has a dream. That dream is to make a Trog. But not out of earth or rock or even gem. Oh no. Bogroth will make a Trog made of metal. And there is nothing that will stop him from completing his goal. He'd rather die.


Bogroth was an okay miner. Sure his people lived for a long, long time. But as his 'father' said, 'You can never be too prepared'. So Bogroth spent much of his early life mining. He dug up sizable rocks and some strangely shaped crystals. Nothing special. Until the day his father took him to the third tier in the town mine.

Bogroth's first ore was iron. He had taken his time with slowly picking away at a rock that was too big to haul up the shaft. When the rock split, the Trog noticed something different about it. He called his father over to inspect it. The rock man simply patted his son on the back and said 'Nice job son. That's a good chunk of iron you've found there'. Iron...

The next day, Bogroth voiced his intention to work in the metal refining section of town. His father, although reluctant, let him go, as helping the community was important and his son was willing to help there. The refining building, where they smelted and forged the metals, gladly accepted Bogroth after seeing his natural talent with working the metals. So the Trog worked, learning as much about working metal as he could. Over time, it became an addiction of sorts. Bogroth needed to forge, to smelt, to create. He became cranky and unhelpful otherwise. As all great things come to an end, soon did Bogroth's work in the refinery. He began to become bored with the limited schematics that the town provided, only tools and bars and the occasional minecart. He began slacking off, making little creations on his own time and sometimes even on work time. The other workers let it go for a while, for he could whip up five pickaxes faster than the average Trog could make a simple shovel. Then they started noticing a pattern in the things he made. It started with shapes like spheres and pyramids. Then it progressed to inanimate objects. Then plants, animals, other species, and finally...

The day they banished Bogroth was the day they found something that was forbidden, for none of the Trog would even fathom to try and create one of their own out of anything but the regular materials: stone, dirt, soil, mud, even a few gemstones peppered in there. They found a figurine, a tiny statue of a Trog made of polished silver. The worker who found it was thrown into an outrage! 'This is a forbidden act!' he proclaimed angrily, showing the figure of silver to the others. The gasped and growled and stared. Why would he do such a thing? They marched to his house, the crowd growing from the villagers that saw and disbelieved or those that did not see, but heard. They gathered, a shouting, writhing, offended mass of Trog. Bogroth opened to the door and feared, for the crowd seemed to thirst for his life. He turned to his father for help. The Trog tried to help Bogroth, up until he heard the offense. He was so ashamed of his son, felt so betrayed that his own son, the one he made, would do something so... vile. That was the last Bogroth saw of his father, through sad eyes as he was given to the mass. They beat him with sticks, with metal bars of his own making and shovels and pickaxes and other unidentifiable instruments until he could only run from his village.

Bogroth fled his home town, never stopping to look back. He clumsily patched up his wounds, stumbling along with nothing but his knowledge of metallurgy and a pickax that was stuck into his back as he escaped. But that event didn't phase him. It only did one thing to his already working mind. It set it into overdrive. He was free. Free from the taboos and rules of his old life. He could... he could do anything he wanted. And as the image of the silver figurine welled up in his pain addled mind, he knew what he wanted. He wanted a village. A village he would make. His village.
RE: Villagers
[Image: TFntS5N.png]

Name: Gill Jade
Gender: Male
Race: Sectoid
Skill: Mercantile
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Lack of Compassion
Simply stated, Gill Jade is NOT a nice guy. He does not care if you need a tool to save your crops and you can't pay for it. This guy will eat a roast ham in front of an orphanage and not give a slice without a price. And if you want him to have your goods shipped and sold outside of town? Expect a severe cut from what you could have sold it for if you went yourself. Money for the wallet god.

Gill Jade is a wandering merchant that used to go about his trade going from town to town pawning what he could from his caravan. He would often use his skills to pressure suppliers below their profit margins to supplement his own, a tactic that was not widely admired. Needless to say he's in a bit of trouble with a particularly feisty tradesman mafia and has thought it best to settle and make a shop. In the middle of nowhere. Where noone can find him.

How did this come to be you ask? It would have to draw from his particularly troubling childhood. At the ripe age of just an egg, he was quickly tossed out of his parent's abode in hopes that he would keel over and be done with. Lucky for him he was picked up by an orphanage that kept him alive to his first few growth stages. Unfortunately, he was adopted by a wandering Sectoid salesman that took the child in as a source of free labor. He was named Gill Jade, because he was expected to save the man a lot of cash in the longrun.

Needless to say it wasn't a very pleasant childhood, but Gill survived it. He embraced it. from the sidelines he learned all of his adoptive father's tricks and tactics, slowly building a knowledge of hard negotiation and haggling. By the time he reached his adult stage, Gill Jade was just as good a merchant as his parent, if not better. All the while, his hatred for the man and his cruelty (towards him) grew by the day.

The one thing Gill Jade had that his adopted father didn't was a lack of compassion, and a small gap in his morality gained from his environment. He eventually *inherited* the family business through organizing a framing his father for stealing a shipment of royal jewels to barter off. The profits from the items were used to pay off the real thief, whom he then helped the guard capture and kill so he could sieze the profits for himself (with a small tip to the guard captain to overlook the conspirator's belongings). The royals would sieze everything his father owned, but with all the money from the heist Gill was able to buy it all back, and then some.

The rest of his merchanting career followed suit with this trail of cruelty and hardball, borderline legal sales. The current fiasco with the tradesman mafia isn't the first of its kind, and it probably wont be the last. At the very least, setting up a trading post on the new frontier should bring in some profit while he waits it out. And who knows? If the town becomes successful, Gill Jade could find HIMSELF as the head of the local tradesman association! Only time will tell.

[Image: x16a0qa.png]
RE: Villagers
Name: I'adrod Chorkect
Gender: Female
Race: Sectoid
Skill: Trapping
Flaws: Rather absentminded, and tends to forget important things. Assuming it's merely absentmindedness. Also, living in a town filled with people who distrust all outsiders has made her a little bit xenophobic.
Backstory: I'adrod was hatched with a wrench in her... tarsus. Regardless, as she grew up, she liked to tinker, not that there was a lot to always tinker with.
Her hometown was... exclusive. In that they were violently wary of outsiders, especially non-sectoids. They generally tried to remain as self sufficient as possible, to avoid having to deal with other towns and races. Occasionally they would send somebody out to go trade for goods, but this did not occur often, if they could help it.
I'adrod mostly helped with the gathering of food. She would rig up simple traps for wild animals, to capture or kill them. Not generally much more than a cage with bait, or seeing how far she could stretch the usage of a single bear trap.
There had been more than one occasion where she forgot where exactly she had set up a trap, or more precisely, forgot to tell others where it is and what it looks like. Fortunately, nobody got permanently injured, but it doesn't mean it's easy to forgive with your leg stuck in a bear trap.
She wasn't allowed to make anything without surveillance after that.
At this point, she decided to prove herself. She would help the security teams and keep intruders and other enemies away from the town. But she needed supplies, and the town wasn't exactly stocked on what she needed.
Within a few days, it was time for another supply run, and the Sectoid lined up to go had fallen mysteriously ill. And, in a convenient turn of events, I'adrod was willing to go in his stead.
A few weeks later, rumours went around. Many feared she was dead. Some merely hoped she was dead. However, hopes were raised (and dashed) when the bug girl returned with a cart full of goods in tow. More than expected, in fact. Nobody could quite get it out of her where she got the resources to afford all of it.
About a week later, it was all ready. Another day after, a human was found dead outside of town, with an arrow through his head, leg tangled in a tripwire. An experimental tug at it shot another arrow, coming from one of the trees. Seemed to be that part of it was hollowed out and replaced with something similar to a crossbow.
Now, I'adrod had, in fact, meant to tell the others about all the clever traps she had set up, but it just sort of... slipped her mind. And when a few unlucky Sectoids fell prey to these devices, the village was less than happy. She couldn't quite understand why, after all, they had killed more intruders than people from here, but many of them were calling for her head!
No matter. She had learned a bit more about the world in her few weeks gathering supplies. She would find somewhere else to go. Somewhere they would respect her talents. So she packed up a few extra supplies, and made her way out of town, before they had a chance to kill her themselves.

She forgot to disarm the traps before leaving.

edit: boop picture
[Image: IZOTFHQ.png]
RE: Villagers
Really great stories and characters so far. Like really.

But I still need at least two more. Keep it up.
RE: Villagers
Worst come to worst I could make a character sheet for the horse.

Not sure what his skill would be though.
RE: Villagers
Name: Tannus MacLeary
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skill: Medicine
Fear: Isolation

Backstory: Tannus's childhood was pleasant and uneventful. He had two loving parents and three pleasant older siblings, all of them living in a large clothing store owned by the father. His older sister acted as clerk; he, his parents and his brothers worked to create clothes (mostly for travelers passing through, but quite a few locals gave them patronage as well).

Then the plague hit.

Travel to the town dried up; nobody wanted to risk catching the disease that was ravaging the populace. Anyone who tried to escape was cut down by the Duke's men, so they wouldn't spread it either. Doctors could have cured it, they said, but nobody came; the town's own doctor had caught it and died long ago, so everyone feared that no precautions could protect them from the disease.

Slowly but surely, his family was running out of food. They had produced clothes that they hoped could protect them from the plague, but they slowly got torn up, needing repairs... and with no travel from other towns, they were running out of fabric. One by one, his brothers stopped coming back. Then his father was lost, and finally his mother. He begged his sister not to go, to stay with him; but she just gave him a little smile and told him it would be okay. The doctors would be there soon.

They never came, and eventually, Tannus was too hungry to stick around anymore. He patched up his outfit as best he could and left for the city wall; his desperate pleas to the guards, thankfully, were heard. He was let go.

By the time he reached the next town and burned his old clothes, he'd decided to do everything he could to prevent others' deaths, even if it meant he would die himself. And so for the next twenty years, he diligently studied to become the best healer for miles around.
RE: Villagers
I had the name for my character somewhere but I lost it. QuQ I've been waiting to find it again before applying. Also, I have a question! Do Fungi eat normally, or do they absorb nutrients by sitting on rotting wood, or something?
RE: Villagers
Name: Neg'ugi
Gender: Female
Race: Fungi
Skill: Warrior
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Pyrophobia (Fear of Fire)
She developed it when her Mother sacrificed herself to be burnt at the stake instead of Neg.
As a result she is uneasy around any fire and tries to stay back from it.

Backstory: Neg'ugi was part of the Blue Wood Tribe. A Fungi tribe regarded as one of the most powerful in the Blue Forest. Neg was raised only by her mother as her father was killed in battle. Her mother would always tell her stories about how he was quick as lightning and as strong as a rock. He was one of the best Warriors in the village. The more little Neg heard about him the more she wanted to be more like him. As she grew she was assigned the role of cook. She didn't really like to do it but she put up with it. She would sometimes watch as the men went out to hunt. She would often Daydream of going with them, running through the forest, feeling the wind hitting her face. Unfortunately for Neg, her tribe was not very forward thinking in things like women hunting.

Even if she wasn't allowed to hunt it didn't stop her from practising in secret. She taught her self how to use a sword. Many months had past and she had mentally prepared herself to ask to become a hunter. She walked up too the tribe Chief (while he was giving a speech about how to worship the gods) and demanded that he make her a warrior. He stopped for a moment and started to laugh, he then stopped again and realised she wasn't joking. The Chief
scowled at her and said if she can beat the best warrior in the village then she could become one.

The sun was high in the sky, Neg faced her opponent the strongest and biggest Fungi warrior in the village. He was also the Chief's son. The whole tribe gathered to watch the fight. Neg's mother was in the coward she looked worried. Neg ready her weapon waiting for the right moment to strike. The Gong rang and the fight started. Neg and her opponent dashed towards each other,their weapons held tight . They met in the middle with a clash of steel. The fight only lasted an hour, but man was it vicious. Neg had sustained some cuts to the face and there was Fungi blood everywhere. The chief's son was lying on the ground exhausted. The Gong rang again and the fight was over, Neg had won.

The exhausted warrior was removed from the battlefield, he would live but he was shamed. The chief was shocked and angry. Neg looked at him and smirked, her dream was finally going to be a reality or so she thought. The Chief in rage of his son being dishonoured ordered Neg to be killed. In seconds Neg was being held. Neg was furious and was struggling to get free. Out from the crowd a voice shouted NO. Everyone looked where the voice came from, it was Neg's mother. "Take me instead" she said. Neg was in horror and struggled even more. The Chief pondered this and agreed, but Neg would still have to leave the village. Her mother went up to her, and gave her words of comfort. The men let go of Neg and grabbed her mother. Her mother also said that her father would be so proud. Neg began to tear up.

As Neg got far enough away from the village she looked back and saw a fire being made. Neg knew that fire was for her mother and it deeply disturbed her. She cursed her village and went off to find a new village. One that would need a Warrior.
RE: Villagers
Farmer, Smith, Merchant, Hunter, Doctor, and a Guard.

We could really use a carpenter so we don't have to live in tents and wagons...
RE: Villagers
I still don't know if they eat normally, so it's a bit different than I envisioned at first, but still based off a character my friend made me for my bday. [I started making the sprite back when this thread appeared tho 8'D.]

[Image: fungiiii.png]

Name: Mycota Mushelle Frog Chair Other Name For A Toadstool Let It Be Chemin Rockland (This is what happens when four people try to name the same character together... how about just Mycota for short?)
Gender: Female
Race: Fungi
Skill: Mushroom Chef. She can cook and bake and fashion all kinds of mushroom-based foods, or uh, food that doesn't normally have shrooms except she adds them in anyways and it still tastes like delicious, nostalgic home cooking!
Flaw: [strk]Food poisoning[/strk] Her entire life is a lie. 8'D That warm and naïve, pixie-like, resident cook demeanor is a front, hiding a shocking dark side. That's right. Ever since she was just a little sprout, she's wanted to become an assassin. She experiments with extracting toxins from poisonous mushrooms and cooking them into appetizing but deadly dishes.

Backstory: Mycota's mom and dad were a young couple starting their life on a farm when the morbidly overweight village dog ate them. And her two brothers. She was just a tiny little sprout, and the villagers owning the fat dog took responsibility for the accident by adopting her. They raised Mycota with gentle loving-kindness and dedication rare in families. Only thing is, they were so full of love for all under their care that they kept the dog the whole time. She grew up terrified, that same dog that she witnessed eating her parents always fixing her with a hungry look... until one day, she snapped. In those big, beautiful picture books of mushrooms that her (human) adoptive parents had gotten her for her to 'better know her kind', some of the mushrooms were described as poisonous.

She started running around in the forest, the fear of the dog outmatching the fear of any lurking forest animals, and finally brought home shrooms to poison the dog. She couldn't have known that after a decade of eating pretty much any gross junk it could find, the dog had become essentially immune to all poisons and disease.

Her assassination.

Had failed.

She vowed to grow stronger. To surpass all mushroom assassins, and stand at the top of a pile of poisoned corpses one day. She will have HER REVEEENGE-!!!


*curtains close*

RE: Villagers
Am I seriously going to be the old-fashioned human? Yeah sure why not.

Name: Mino Tarchival
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skill: Craftsman
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Lack of Motivation, for life, for lots of things until his body TELLS HIM (you need to eat, you need to drink, etc)
Mino was a very cheerful child, apprenticed to his father, a mason. Eventually the father could no longer keep him when the entire town was already too full of houses, the king no longer wanted anymore stone pillars and he couldn't
afford travelling to another town. Someone thought it was funny to send people to some place in the middle of nowhere to settle and then send a king there. Sure, the very heavy taxes would take a long time to get to another place, but
with that in mind, the villagers could barely escape either! Anyway, Mino's father had a friend who was His Majesty's craftsman. When Mino's father found out he was visiting, he begged and begged his friend to take him. His friend might
as well take him, being sterile himself and having no wife (claiming, "he didn't want one"). So the friend accepted and resolved to stay in the town, resigning his position as the Liege's master craftsman. And so, Minos' father's friend,
whom we shall call Igris, adopted him and went from there and built on to Mino's already primed masoning skills. Mino could build a castle out of stone (given enough time) and a small, stable house out of WOOD by now (4 years after he'd
been adopted, currently 18).

Igris cared for and taught Mino some more, Igris was proud to have an adopted son at 23 who knew how to build houses out of a variety of different materials, and could make you the most magnificent hat out of diamonds or horse feathers, whichever
you like. Minos was the ultimate craftsman, the jack-of-all trades, in craftsmanship, that is. Sadly, he did not have any recognition, being in a deserted town. He also had to wait a long time to make something out of any material as the
carts from other towns took a long time to arrive. Igris was adamant about keeping Mino in that town.

3 years later, Mino understood why.
By 26, Mino could probably beat the 46 year-old Igris at a doublet-making match. Igris refused to admit to this, and from then on, Igris tried to trick Mino into doing things which were really, really, (really,) stupid.

Mino didn't know about alcohol. Mino didn't know about jumping off of cliffs, either. Guess who tried teaching him to do both of those? THAAAT'S RIIIGGHHT! his crazy aunt IGRIS.

Guess who tried stealing Mino's Get-the-hell-out-of-this-deserted-town savings? Guess who wanted to sabotage some of Mino's new crafting attempts? GUESS, OH THIS IS A GOOD ONE, GUESS WHO TRIED DEFAMING MINO'S HUMBLE NAME?????????
It was so obvious, Mino was the nicest man in town, how could he be framed of robbing all the houses in the town? Igris tried placing most of the loot in Mino's room but Mino claimed he was babysitting Mari's kid that day. And the
only person who could attest to that was the kid so the town had increasingly bitter feelings about him from then on. All until that very same tyke decided to play on one of Mino's catapults. He placed pillows where he thought he
would land (the wrong place anyway) and launched himself. He ended up landing on top of Igris' private workshop. On top of said workshop, the kid found all of the lost possessions from, his house as well as his friend's, carelessly
dumped there! So he shouted. He shouted out. He shouted, he shouted, he shouted and a crowd arrived and asked him, "What is it, you wretch?!" (they didn't like'em 'cause he tried defending Mino). So the kid said in response that
there was a whole bunch of gold on top of the shop. One of the surly ones got a ladder, not to see if it was true, but to beat him. There would be no beating, for the child told true and the surly man was shocked at what he saw
on top of the house. He announced this to the ones below who came up to look.

Pretty soon the whole village came up to see. Including Mino.

They all burned Igris at the stake and then invited Mino for cake. The whole town started to prosper, everyone was progressing, Mino found his savings and got out of town with everyone trailing him, telling him they wished he didn't

Pretty soon, Mino would wish he hadn't gone. He discovered a corpse wearing his father's old clothes. All the ribs were broken and the bottom half was decayed. Mino suspected Igris of this, and had wished that he suffered a more painful death.
Sadly, with dead people being dead people, Mino knew this could never happen and generally began to feel depressed at the loss of his father and his mentor's treachury.

He is now at the local town where all of us plot characters are, in his own small shop. He is still the best, but people would rather go to someone who can get the same, mostly simple job done with a smile! Yeah, business isn't that
great for Mino, and so he has packed up all his things and sat in the market, hoping someone would pick him up and give him some sort of job that doesn't require smiling.
RE: Villagers
Name: Dio Igneousson
Gender: Male
Race: Trog
Skill: Carpenter
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Weak Willed
-Dio Igneuosson was never one to stand up for himself, even when picked on by those bigger and stronger than himself. He joined the business of logging and carpentry simply because it was the only place where no one yelled at him more than anyone else was.

Dio Igneuosson began as nothing but a lump of stone and earth. He was crafted into a rather cold and unfeeling tribe of fellow trog, all of whom were composed of sterner rocks than he. Seeing his tribemates working in such brutal conditions, Dio felt shame at his perceived weaknesses, and felt that any and all abuse hurled at him- verbal or physical -was surely deserved. So Dio was schooled as all young trog are schooled. So Dio was beaten and bullied by his schoolmates for reasons known only to them. Blows that he accepted, for he had not courage nor reason to stand up for himself. Then school was over and the bullying did not stop. It continued in small subtle ways. Gifts that were given at holidays always seemed to arrive later and in poorer condition. Dio felt that this was the punishment of his mother goddess of earth for being crafted of such weak stone. His employers always seemed to pay him less for more work than the others did. Dio felt that this too was a just punishment for his failings. And when it came time to fire employees, Dio always found himself nodding his head solemnly to the news of yet another lost position. Dio felt this was right, for one such as he was not fit to be happy, surely.

However, one winter, something strange occurred. A sectoid appeared, and began requesting young workers for some fantastical new project! None of his kin were willing to go forth with the sectoid, believing him to be a scammer seeking only to deprive them of working hands. But Dio, weak willed as he is, believed that maybe the sectoid spoke truth, and went with him on his journey. When they at last reached the lands the project was located, the sectoid proved its treachery by shackling him to a table with tools nearby. Dio felt this was just punishment for his foolishness, and listened as the sectoid explained to him that he was to assist in building a great monument to the sectoid's god. Dio did so for many moons, cutting, sawing, hammering, and more until, at last, a group of warriors freed him from captivity and slavery. Seeing his sorry state, the warriors took pity on the young Trog, and carried him to where a new village was soon to be founded, wishing him much luck in the future. Dio could only stand there and wave forlornly at his rescuers, wondering what trials awaited him.
RE: Villagers
Name: Hills Song
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Skill: Fishing
Flaw: Mute
Background: Hills grew up in a small family, with her parents and an older brother in a village out in the wilds. It's not that her family lacked any kindness. Big bro tried to watch out for his poor sis, and all. But communicating became such a struggle that she started dodging her family as much as possible, just to avoid the possibility of having to try to talk to them. She didn't stay around the village much either: didn't take long her to learn that the other kids weren't as good-natured as her family.

So where else could she go but the woods? She learned to keep in the wilds by watching other villagers gather plants and trap game. But she learned to fish on her own. Fish don't need talking to, nor do they try to talk back. She learned the fish of the brooks and streams, and how to catch them. She'd bring back her excess catch to leave with her family. She didn't particularly dislike them or anything. This was more or less how she raised herself.

She explored out further and further, following the streams and learning their fish, until she wandered upon a group of settlers and realized she'd lost the way back home.

Well. It's not like she has anything better to do.
[Image: xwldX.gif]
RE: Villagers
Name: Rolser Pringem
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Skill: Smithing
Flaw/Fear/Negative: Pyromania
Backstory: Rolser lived in a tiny village as an apprentice blacksmith, where he'd keep the fire going and get send on errands, small stuff like that. Once his master foundhim ready, he got to work with iron and steel, maing plows and tools for the villagers. He'd always liked putting wood in the forge, but this was just plain estatic. With lots of practice, he became a reasonable blacksmith, but no smithing could satiate his newfound lust for putting things in fire, until one night he snapped and burned the forge down.Once he snapped out of it and realized what he had done, he ran away from the village and his life to find a new home, when he learned of a group of settlers leaving to build a new town.
RE: Villagers
It was tough to decide, but here are the winners:

[Image: VillageCharacters.png]

SleepingOrange, SupahKiven, MasterBlade, MrGuy, Purple Walrus, and Moronis!

Like I said it was hard to pick, everyone had great entries.

Now as a group you must choose your location. You can just talk normally or start rping, doesn't matter.

-A Vast Grassland- A mix of flatland and rolling hills with deep lakes. Large herds of animals graze the land. Not very many trees grow here.
-A Old Forest- Numerous vegetation and wildlife fill the forest. Small creeks and streams are close, along with some overgrown caves. There is a eerie feel about this forest.
-A Breezy Coast- Salt and sand. A great fishing spot. A little inland is a river for water.
-A Mountain Trail- A path through the mountains. This spot has high altitude. Caves are scattered throughout. Glacier fed streams will provide fresh water.
-A Scorching Desert- A barren desert. Small oases and waterholes provide the only water, with animals and plants nearby.
-A Muggy Swamp- Dark and wet, not many travel into the marsh. Creatures lurk in the water and trees.
-Or perhaps a different spot?

Each spot provides the resources necessary to live and build, however some are harder. Each area is also connected to a trade route.

Also now is the time to make changes to your characters appearance. I tried to make your clothing fit your skill, but I don't mind changing it to better fit what you had in your head when you thought up your character.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
Personally, I'd be partial to the forest or mountain trail; they'd probably give us the widest array of resources, particularly lumber (in the former case) and minerals (for both).

I might be persuaded to a Different Spot if anyone thinks of one, of course.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
I'm going to have to agree. I'd prefer the forest, because it has an abundance in wood and has caves to find minerals in. The mountain trail is fine too, but I feel the forest would be the better decision.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
[Image: 23obg5y.png]
(and maybe add a small dagger cause everyone else seems to be posing with tools of the trade, iunno)

I would prefer settling on the forest's edge personally. Kindof in that "or" territory. Cause destumping a land plot? Not fun.

Also, we have a farmer, and he's gunna need some fields to do his work. Forests aren't that good for that. Being on the boarder of the forest though; its the best of both worlds.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
Aww, I was hoping we could go HARDCORE MODE and live in the spoooky swamp. Still! If I'm gonna be outvoted, forest is a great second choice.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
But then we'd have to grow rice and who knows if anyone out there even wants rice.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
I'm with Blade on this one, border of the forest sounds like the best choice. We'll still have to deal with the dangers of the forests but we're not gonna be assaulted by them from all sides.
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
Looking at the description, I'm guessing there'll be another shot to get in later?
RE: Villagers (Players Chosen!)
Congrazzles those who got in! I'll be following this, it's got a really fun premise~