Hot Potato Advanced

Hot Potato Advanced
Hot Potato Advanced
This is Hot Potato Advanced, a quick secret role survivor game!

Each player secretly picks 4 Cards of the Passive and Active Cards to compose their hand. A random player will receive the Potato Card, which indicates who's turn it is. From there, whoever is passed the Potato Card gets to go next.

On your turn, you may use one of your Active Cards. The card you use will not be revealed, but the target of your card will be. If a player discards a card, it will be revealed. After your action is resolved, you must pass the Potato Card to another player of your choice. That player must discard one of their cards!

A player who is out of cards is out of the game, and cannot be targeted or passed the potato. You win by being the last player left with cards.

I'm looking for 5+ players, capping at 12 for now (in which case I'll separate into two smaller games). To join, post below and PM (or Discord) me your four cards from the . Please use whichever you'd prefer for contact, as I will have to send you secret messages. You can also request a QuickTopic.

Armour Card: If you would discard a card, discard an Armour Card instead. If you have at least one Armour Card, and must discard more cards than you have Armour Cards, instead just discard the Armour Cards.
Copy Cat Card: If you discard this card, first change it into a random card owned by your attacker. Then proceed with discarding it as normal. If it copies a Copy Cat card, do not execute its effect.
Massive Card: If you discard this card, gain a Blank Card. If you already owned a Blank Card, instead gain a random Passive Card.
Graveslammer Card: If you discard this card, choose another player. They discard a card at random. If your Graveslammer card is discarded by another Graveslammer card, your target must discard 1 more card than you did.
Fog Card: If a player uses Seer on you, their result is 0. If a player uses a Witch Card, your cards are discluded from the count.

Seer Card: Name a player and a Card. You learn how many copies of that card they own.
Witch Card: Name a Card. You learn how many copies are owned of that card in total (including yourself). A random player other than yourself will be announced to be the target.
Spy Card: Name a player and a Card. If they have that card, it is discarded.
Brigand Card: Name a player and two different Cards. If they have either, they discard one of their choice.
Obliterator Card: Name a player and three Cards. If they have all three, they discard all three. If a named player has less than 3 cards, name however many cards they have. If you successfully name all of their owned Armour cards, their ability doesn't activate. However, if they own any unnamed Armour Cards, their ability will activate. An obliterated Massive Card will not activate.

The Potato Card is given to a random player at the start of the game.
Potato Card: Choose another player. They discard a card of their choice and receive this card. If the owner of this card has no other cards, this card goes back to the player it was passed from.
Blank Card: This card is blank, and does nothing.