(This IRC channel is for both photo ops and mistakes in photing.)

In the words of some great philosophers:
"What the heck do you all look like?" -Socrates
"Do you have some sort of pictography machine?" -Plato
"Take yo' pictures and put 'em here!" -Philosomat 4.1
"Also maybe captions?" -Nancy Drew

[Image: NERD.jpg]
(In which Pinary is, shockingly, a nerd.)
You're kind of adorable looking, Pinary. :3

I don't photograph well so instead of drawing up a stylish background and taking a recent photo, I'll give you these ones from April, in which I don't look particularly good either.

[Image: 206314_10150164264032580_523797579_66057...8914_n.jpg]
I regularly pose with benches.
(Yeah, that's the Baker Street. Or in the vicinity of it, anyway.)

[Image: 207423_10150164263687580_523797579_66057...8004_n.jpg]
Abstract works of art, too.
(This trip threw up some beautiful photos. Dubiously shaped topiary plants and giant straw foxes all round.)
Camwhore! Camwhore! Guess who is a Camwhore! (it might be me).
It might be time to join the ranks of these sexy people maybe. I think so.
[Image: newhaircutii.png]
[Image: photo47n.jpg]
It seems my photos have recorded that I have eternal stubble. What's a guy to do? I'll submit better photos when I ... do... something.
Is observing my own pattern of behavior of observing my own patterns of behavior a mental fractal or just navel gazing? Please advise.
[Image: photo.jpg]

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Only picture of me I could find. It technically counts. If you squint. I guess.
Noms I had no idea you were an enormous cracked bronze sphere.

fyck phytybyckyt
Ixcaliber Wrote:Noms I had no idea you were an enormous cracked bronze sphere.

They're doing remarkable things with technology these days.
[Image: DSC05619.jpg]

I was looking for something
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
[Image: 51KI]
I saw this thread, so watch me, right here, right now.
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.
[Image: 52TYg.jpg]
Hi I'm Sanzh
I took this while waiting for a science seminar on cancer genes, it was interesting although I did end up collapsing near the end because I haven't gotten started on a caffeine habit yet ::c
Fuck you Dunedin, November is no time for Subantarctic breezes to scour the city >:I
[Image: Mwl6v.jpg]
I have so many derpy pictures I could share it's not even funny. Especially not amongst such classy forumites! But I'll keep it to down to two for now.

Obligatory "yes I am both self-centered and eccentric enough for this shirt to exist" pic:

And more recently:

Thus are the shenanigans that make up my visage.
I exclaimed "MEESE" out loud before I scrolled down and read the caption. You just made me a very happy idiot, Sparky.
I forgot this thread existed, so here's late halloween photos
Me being a derp and trying out my facepaint and sharp teeth.

[Image: 52sXx.jpg]

aaand more normal.

[Image: CHtXw.jpg]
[Image: WEdy1pW.png] [Image: cyTsdj6.png]
[Image: 30058_799389.png]
Here's me at the beach!


you are gorgeous...
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.


you are...

you are...

that's a nice beach you're in!
Nice beach, btp! Where'd you get it?

Also here is me looking like I'm fixing a computer. (I was really just unscrewing everything in the hopes that I would find a loose wire or something obvious. No such luck.)


Also everyone in this thread is beautiful

Except Ixcaliber, go get a camera Ix D:<
[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
Thanks for the beach complements! If you want one I know a guy.

PYP those are some beach'n frames. (HAH)
So the sun just set. (Big fucking deal, I hear you say.)

What's really neat is I was sitting by a presumably east-facing window, overlooking the front yard of my parents' place toward the street. Across the road is a park, which has a bunch of sycamore trees which have their fresh buds springing this time of year. (The park's the same one which monarch butterflies roost in over winter, but that's not relevant to this story.)

The trees at the park are significantly older and taller than most other trees in the neighbourhood, save for the monster eucalyptus a couple doors down the street which is constantly chattering with birds. At this time in the afternoon, the sun's set enough that things down in the front yard are starting to get all shady, but the tops of those massive trees still get hit with something akin to late-spring midday Canterbury sun.

Looks something like this.

[Image: NI8vE.jpg]

What I didn't realise until after the sun had gone down about ten minutes after I'd uploaded that (weird glowy things are the room lights reflected in the window) was how damn bright that was. Everything else looked grey by comparison, and the colour didn't really come back into the sky and rest of the trees until the ol' Earth's rotation settled the score a bit.
Schazer i had no idea you lived in the I WANT TO BELIEVE poster
Ahaha, right, yeah. That's the ceiling lamps in the living room reflecting on the window. Doip
So I had a nice day at the renaissance far.

I even found an eagle-time cane.

Here's the top:

Turns out that, if you push the eagle head down and turn it a bit there's a secret surprise.

Demonstrated by the always-fashonable Alice:

I am ashamed to say that, unfortunately, I did not have enough money to buy it.
yay, ren fairs! That cane looks so fancy, but I don't think anyone has any occasion to carry it to because it's hard to accessorise with and maybe slightly illegal. Give Queen Alicabeth my kudos on her costume!
quidquid Latine dictum sit altum videtur.