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The Birthdaytimes Thread
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 RE: The Birthdaytimes Thread
that one guy, that does that one thing.

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[Image: Birthday_thunder_2018.gif]

Hey guys! So here's my gameFAQs guide on how to beat Ultra Shakespeare.

He's pretty tough, he was born and (allegedly) died on April 23rd which makes him a powerful Birthday Thunder Stealer.

First off you're going to want your Lankie at level 26, they learn Weird RPG Walkthrough Joke That Absolutely Does Not Land At All which is really useful in this fight. Norivia equipped with the Lightning Lance is also really good for this fight, the bonus alliteration damage is quite effective on Poet elementals, which Shakespeare is.

Okay first you're going to want establish some electro DOTS and blah blah RPG stuff blah blah...

Spoiler :
It's my birthday!

Which means its Norivia's Birthday too!

Which means more Birthday Thunder weirdness that I absolutely refuse to drop after maybe literally a decade!?

Happy Birthday Norivia!
04-23-2018, 08:49 PM
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 RE: The Birthdaytimes Thread
cuet anime grils

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Happy thunder day! What a sweet RPG mockup.

[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
04-23-2018, 09:13 PM
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