Post Heist: The Scraper Emergeth

Post Heist: The Scraper Emergeth
Ladies and geveryone else, welcome to the MSPA-to-Eagle-Time Post Scraping Machine Device! I've been slaving over this hot pile of regular expressions for ages, and now it's ready to go.

Want to get your MSPAFA ported over? Now's the time! Been waiting to post in a Grand Battle until they came over? Get ready to write! The tool's been written, adjusted, tweaked, tested, fixed, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters, so there's just one thing left to do: set it loose!

Here's how you can get a thread scraped over:
  1. Find the thread ID. (It's the number after "showthread.php?" in the MSPA URL. For example, "showthread.php?12345-Pretty-Great-Thread" has thread ID 12345.)
  2. Post in this thread with the name of the thread, the thread ID, and the Eagle Time subforum where it needs to go. (Don't give it to me on IRC, I'll just lose it.)
  3. Wait for me to run the scraper. (If you're in a rush, find me on IRC and poke me about it. If I'm around and not busy, I should be able to take care of it fairly quickly.)
  4. Enjoy your thread!
(Now, just to note: It's not a perfect process. Because of the way it works and because of some formal mathematical stuff, nested tags can cause it to bug out and not work properly. There are some situations which just need to be handled manually, and that is, unfortunately, essentially unavoidable.)

If you've got any questions, I'll answer them here. As for the first wave of post-scrapings, they can happen in the next hour (or maybe two) until I head to sleep, and then I'll tackle more in the morning. Let's get to it!
Name: Interstice
ID: 49401
Subforum: Forum Games
Forum Adventures



Caffeinated Western


Legend of the Tea Master
(Note: I'll be grabbing all the Grand Battles I can think of automatically, but if it's not a canon or intermission battle, it's probably worth posting here just to be safe.)
Name: A Different Realm
ID: 28493
Forum: Forum Adventures

Name: NoNoNightmare
ID: 40399
Forum: Forum Adventures.

Looking forward to this.

I already PMed some requests a while back, but here they are for convenience.

These go in Forum Adventures:

The Pointless Adventures of Nopor Puss - 24972
The Further Pointless Adventures of Nopor Puss - 25013
Bee Puns Text Adventure - 27409
Duct Tape - 42329
ZooStuck - 52739

All my other adventures have either been moved here manually or are abandoned.

This goes in Games:
WHO ARE THE REAL MONSTERS Mafia (Malkyfia) - 52560
The game is finished now, but we might as well have the whole game here for archival purposes.
Forum Games I think:
All 5100 Mini Grands

5101 – 39444
5102 – 39491
5103 – 39737
5104 – 40127
5105 – 40706
5106 – 40958
5107 – 41036
5108 – 41400
5109 – 42137
5110 – 42403
5111 – 42513
5112 – 52332
5113 – 52622
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Boom! First batch of threads moved, just like that!

A couple of bugs of note:
  • It looks like sometimes accents... break stuff unexpectedly. I don't really know where in the pipeline that happens, so I'll take a look tomorrow and see if I can't fix that. (I'll look into fixing any posts that have had that happen to them when I do.)
  • Font tags look to be broken sometimes. I'll look at those tomorrow as well.

Also, I didn't bring over the GBs yet because I'm going to do those all in one big batch tomorrow. It takes time to scrape, and I'm dead on my feet tonight.

Anyway, keep requests coming! Tomorrow's going to be a big, scrapey day, so be ready!
Name: Meteos
ID: 28642
Forum: Forum Adventures

Some day I'mma try to get this going again
Name: Last Day
ID: 43471
Forum: Forum Adventures

I'm hoping nobody minds that I dual update at the MSPAForums as well as here until the MSPAFA awards happen. Is that okay?
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There are plenty of adventures already that update on both forums, that's not going to be an issue.
I'm not the OP but I know this is what he would have wanted.

Name: and now it's time for...........!!!!!!!!DAME OR GATOR!!!!
ID: 52438
Forum: Forum Games
Name: Anti Hero
ID: 40709
Forum: Forum Adventures

I'm going to be updating it soon and would rather do it here than MSPAFA.
How is it post heist if the heist is ongoing
Name: Space Opera - The Drip Chronicles
ID: 24568
Forum: Forum Adventures
It'd be nice if we could get the GB fanart/wiki thread over here:

Name: Grand Battle Wiki and Fan-Type Art
ID: 28261
Forum: Grand Battles
On the subject of GB-related things, there's an adventure I think we'd all be glad to see here.

Name: Grand Battle High
ID: 34633
Forum: Forum Adventures
because i have no idea if there is even any protocol about this

would it be too difficult to change my username at this point in time
Not really! What would you like it changed to?
thank you <3<3<3
Name: The Byzantine Consternation
ID: 41786
Forum: Grand Battles
Yeah fuck it I'm going to bring over that one adventure I do that nobody likes except me.

Name: Look Away
ID: 41937
Forum: Forum Adventures
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ID: 44946
Forum: Forum Adventures