Snail Mail Derailment

Snail Mail Derailment
Nice censor-kittens. Or address gremlins, I dunno what they are.
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea
I'm pretty sure they're Joltiks.
Oh. What’s that? *hi-ho google away*

you kids and your packmen and your kinkajous
sea had swallowed all. A lazy curtain of dust was wafting out to sea
(12-25-2013, 11:44 AM)Superfrequency Wrote: »Kakapo, kiwi, bellbird,takahe?

3/4! Not bad! You win a [Image: tumblr_myejqrwCn51r21i1co1_250.png]
The bellbird was correct, actually! The takahe is actually a pukeko, a related bird that is capable of flight. It's much more common and is much lighter-built. They both have the same colour though.
Actually it is a takahe because pukekos don't have green feathers! But the two are very close
[Image: WEdy1pW.png] [Image: cyTsdj6.png]
[Image: 30058_799389.png]
Oh no I failed at bird

Plaid you have slain me in birdology and thus take my crown and empire
Does this mean I get my cat back
[Image: WEdy1pW.png] [Image: cyTsdj6.png]
[Image: 30058_799389.png]
I've been going on post bents more since I've moved to Japan, because what else am I going to spend my disposable income on? Alcohol? Furniture? Keeping a properly-stocked fridge? All passé.

But that's enough of me and my horseshit, what I'm here to show you today is a parcel courtesy of the ever-inestimable Pharmacy.

This be the loot. I didn't want it to go unsaid (even if I wanted personal details to go unsaid) that Pharms has some of the loveliest handwriting I've seen. I could hug that penmanship.
[Image: 2014-04-15%2023.19.13%20HDR.jpg]
Cute paper to add to my wall decorations, letter with all my favourite Pokemon drawn on it, stationery with birds, and stickers (because clearly what I need in my life right now are more stickers), including some kickass sharks. I am all for those sharks, instructions on the back say:

Make beautiful
greeting cards . invitations
paper crafts . home & office decor
kid's crafts . correspondence

I am totally decorating my home, office, kids, and correspondences with sharks. E: Holy shit I opened it up and there's three layers of shark, that is so excellent

[Image: 2014-04-15%2023.20.35%20HDR.jpg]
Customs forms are always fun, and by fun I mean "oh god did I fill this in thoroughly enough to get my shit shipped out unfossicked.

[Image: 2014-04-15%2023.20.45.jpg]
A bead????

[Image: 2014-04-15%2023.21.11%20HDR.jpg]
A bead! A piece of coral to be exact, because I haven't been able to stop rambling at her about my Groc characters and their undersea antics.

[Image: 2014-04-15%2023.19.50.jpg]
Thank you Pharms!!! Between this, an early escape out of car school (fuck half-clutch S curves) and an awesome moon to watch rise, it's made for an excellent evening :>

Addendum: I've hung the coral up on the cord that my light switch is attached to, which made me realise it looks like a yam (my favourite vegetable which apparently doesn't exist outside New Zealand). So you get bonus points on top of your already-admirable pile of bonus points, because yams are delicious.
Yeah those things. Whenever I tell people my favourite vegetable is a yam though, they assume I mean sweet potato ( doesn't help that that's a close second).
[Image: hiJFZoFl.jpg]


This one is from MrGuy! She's very generously commissioned me to make a thing AND ALSO for some reason threw a box of Delicious All-American Foodstuffs into the deal? The only catch is I'm going to have to document it eating of said foodstuffs, which I'll do as I periodically raid my new snackbox.

[Image: U9zj2Oul.jpg]
BOX INNARDS (you don't get to see any of my apartment because it's currently a tip.) On the savoury side, I've got Snyder's Hot Buffalo Wing flavoured Pretzel Pieces, which sound ridiculous and delicious and whoops I just opened them. Holy balls that is like a mashup of Works and Tomato Sauce flavoured Eta chips from back home. I'm gonna be putting in one hell of an effort to not eat this before I'm done with this post. Also, a package of "pretzel crisps" which are like a pretzel but squashed.

[Image: YQhQdD7l.jpg]
As for sweet things, I've been blessed with some Reese's peanut butter cups (because I've never eaten them before), Lifesaver gummies, Ferrero Rocher (I think those are Italian not American but I'm certainly not complaining?) something delectable in the guise of "Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites", and then

[Image: 41bwcTPl.jpg]
Guy was quite worried about "the smarties" arriving intact, and I figured she was talking about these things. I was kind of bemused as to why they were so important when she'd packed m&m's minis in there anyway. Well now I know

In conclusion, thanks MrGuy! From the bottom of my heart and/or tastebuds.

Bonus (and by bonus I mean I only just found this particular item and it's really funny to me for some reason:)
[Image: 60TK05Ul.jpg]
"Newtons Fig"
you see now there are other flavors, that arent fig, so they cant all be called fig newtons,

Can we do a secret santa this year? Because thatd be pretty damn cool.
Judging by how Reddit handles it we'd probably wanna open signups around october, get our exchangees in early november and send the packages off early december. They have a $20 minimum too.
We've had secret santas other years! No cash limit though because some of us are poor and/or artists of some description and making something is a more appealing option.
[Image: WEdy1pW.png] [Image: cyTsdj6.png]
[Image: 30058_799389.png]
Males sense!
I suppose art kinda has an abstract value anyways.
The only requirement for having a Secret Santa is for someone to volunteer to run it.

2011, I ran one. 2012, I thought I'd participate but no one ended up volunteering to run it. Last year, I just ran it again. (And fulfilled my desire to participate by secretly put together a gift for Jac, who was running an exchange on the MSPA Forums.)

Those exchanges were art, writing, and other things that can be handled through forum PMs, with some people voluntarily sending things along in the mail. Last year, I also offered to fill writing requests for anyone whose Secret Santa didn't put anything together by the end of January.

I do remember one year, pre-Eagle Time, when some of us put together a two-part Secret Santa where one side was packages and one side was art/writing/etc. If there's interest, we could do that again. I'd be up for running the electronic side again (though I'd step aside if someone else was interested) and participating in the actual mail side.
The latter sounds good!
That way we can get participation without financial obligations too!

I can volunteer to do the Mail side of things. Heck, I can even do the electronic stuff if we wanna do this with the fewest number of hosts.

I'd recommend having a space open for volunteer 'elves' to send a gift to someone who's santa dropped out or didnt fulfil his/her side of the bargain. As a host, I'd sign up for that! I might even send a bonus, randomly selected gift to some lucky fellow.
Good news folks!

If we just use this thing we can include the host in the secret santa-ing :)
It does the random selection and emailing automatically.
[Image: esI4tqw.png]

I don't trust this gentleman's cold, soulless eyes.
[Image: Snapchat-20140924124551.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0443.jpg] [Image: IMAG0447.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0445.jpg]

I can't wait until my Cherno Alpha gets here
[Image: zjQ0y.gif][Image: vcGGy.gif]
Much to my delight, a package arrived in the mail today! I'll put this all in an internet box so you too can have the joy of opening something up.

The following response is spoiler-free:

Firstly! I looked up Maquiberry, it's also known as Chilean Wineberry apparently. So kind of like an elderberry or blackcurrant or similar.

8) and 13) probably suffered melt fate in the Japan midsummer rather than factory error, because it seriously did take me that long for me to get my shit together and ship the box out (my bad). I had a packet of Acai berry gummies (same brand) that became a packet of Acai berry gummy sheet by the time I remember it had been in my car. The sheet still tasted good, and supermarkets being fickle about their confectionery stock I could not for the life of me find a replacement packet so I took a bit of a gamble.

2) I would've warned you if I knew they weren't pitted, whoops! I wasn't sure if you'd like preserved fruit proper, particularly the ever-popular plum, so I thought I'd send you something sweet and see what you thought of it. Brown/black sugar candies are also really popular here but I couldn't be sure they weren't your jam. So, fruit! And lots of it.
Ben you have an e-cig why did you make fun of me when i told you i used one you big cyber bully.
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]
I am a cyber bully; I don't need logic, just your tears.

Also, I just bought my vaporizer a few weeks ago. It is very relaxing and pleasant; the only thing I dislike is that people call smoking it "vaping", which is a super obnoxious neologism to me for some reason. I've been wanting to get into it since I found out you could get nicotine-free fluid.

Mine tastes like honeydew!
Yeah vaping sounds pretty stupid. I haven't smoked regular tabacco regularly since i bought mine, only thing is, i think the ones they sell here are pirated versions of the real thing, they're also more expensive and the cartomizers break so easily.

I like to mix Ice-Mint with everything sweet.
[Image: iqVkAVO.gif]