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Pokemon Tabletop United

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Players List:
Quote:Schazer as Theo Foreman
Bigro as Maurry Nando Nandando
Mirdini as Ylva Vikstål
Loather as Caroline Williams
NotTheAuthor as Lucian Mandragora
Aves as Ivy Amaranth!

House Rules:

Other Stuff:

Official IRC channel is #eaglemon if you want to chat, so that we don't annoy people in the actual #eagletime channel

Original OP:
I made some very minor character sheet changes based on things Crowsy pointed out I forgot to list, but if you are an enterprising person who had already copied the sheet the only changes are:

Height/Weight above Appearance
Injuries below Current HP

they're really only important for bookkeeping so don't worry too much
Wilhelm Branquist, Archaeologist and Jackass.

Desired Pokemon: Bronzor is a must-have, Spiritomb or Golett (though probably not both) would be neat. Other than that, maybe a Relicanth, but I'm not too picky.
Takin' a look at the new system and seeing if I can still do what I want and if so then yes
Theo Foreman. Their wishlist is ALL THE BUGS and also Tropius. Joltik and Larvesta are probably top of that buglist, though. Also Hawlucha and Avalugg when the XY Dex is released?
Vladenie Veselo as some of you may remember from an alternate universe in which she instead took to a life of crime. In this timeline, she thought better of joining a crime syndicate and probably ruining her life.
Wishlist is GOASTS! like that fire goast and that water goast. Not gonna have 100% goasts necessarily though so the flygon line'd be cool to try and get flygons is cool
Nando Nandando. Resident musician and total baby.

Wishlist is LOUD POKEMANS. But also flashy pokemon like Milotic and Altaria. (or their respective prevos)
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(12-24-2013, 10:27 AM)Not The Author Wrote: »Hey, MrGuy, it looks like the Ability Levitate would indeed grant your Baltoy a Levitate Speed of 8, much the same way Abra only has Teleporter 2, but gains another 6 from the Move Teleport.

We talked about this on IRC and reckoned that as it is literally impossible to create a Baltoy without the levitate ability, they just put the +4 onto it by default

However on further pokedex examination it seems like there's pokemon such as Gastly that also fit this criteria, but start with "Levitate 2" rather than 4, which makes it seem like yeah it should have 8 speed instead of 4 and just loses 4 if it loses levitate.
Ylva Vikstål, Ice Cadet

Wishlist: Shroomish, Ponyta, Mawile, Corphish, Deino because man those poor dragons be gettin' left out (and also having a poke that bites everything that moves can only be hilarious). Cool pokemon all, won't be too beat up if something else turns up though.
Aidah Schwartz, Forgien Exchange Student

Wishlist is Slugma, Dunsparce, Duskull, and maybe Joltik. Also Ditto for things.
Lan Silvrit, new would-be Team Rocket Boss pretending to be a mere youngster setting out on a Pokemon Journey! He's a Cheerleader with focus in guile, like I plan on doing a WHOLE lot of deceptioning this game. I'm probably going to have Lan take upgrades that help him hack pokeballs and eventually branch him into the Mastermind class.

Wishlist: Hippopatas/Gible (mostly for Sandstorm synergy with Excadrill), Skarmory, Ralts (or any of its evolved forms, I'm not picky), Karrablast (or Escavalier), Honedge (if we ever get XY mons), Pawniard (or Bisharp), Solrock, Misdreavus

Man, that sure is a grab bag of random mons!

E: Due to real life issues I'mma gonna have to withdraw my application. Here's the incomplete spritesheet I was working on, you guys can still use them however you want.

Okay, so- I'm importing/adapting one of my BP characters, Agnesi Wu. I'm still working out how to set sharing settings on this new Google Drive thingy, so it's a PDF for now if that's okay. Starter is a Bronzor, wishlist is Beldum, Nincada and Porygon.

e: think i got google doc working
Caroline Williams, Mediocre Philosopitcher.

Wishlist is Stunfisk, Vibrava, and a surprise that's just completely weird.
Reintroducing Dr. Lucian Julius Mandragora! Now with more actual robots.

Wishlist is Beldum, all other Pokemon with Intelligence 7, and Porygon.

Following the Doctor of Robotics is Dr. Holly Martin, a Doctor in actual doctoring! Also mad science; be careful to keep an eye on where her scalpel goes at all times.

Wanted Pokemon: Luvdisk, Audino, Shuckle, Hypno, Munna, Ditto

The document is now viewable. Derp.
EDIT2: Trainer stats fixed.
Ruja Cyan

Ruja Cyan is a young 24 year old ninja. She will soon become an ace trainer and a martial artist.
With Barboach in purse shall she... do whatever she wants...

Wishlist: need a Zangoose, also want a Whimsicott and a Honchkrow

[Image: egg005.png?raw=1][Image: egg005.png?raw=1]
So I think I might have gotten this right?

Regardless, here is the ballad of Paul Simons, self professed seeker of truth and clinically professed madman. Recently come into Pokemon after a mixup and bout of totally not delusional paranoia.

Wishlist would contain probably any ghost type pokemon, pokemon that wear masks and the like (such as cubone), or pokemon that look like they might actually not be pokemon but random objects instead (like honedge).
As apparently someone forgot to pay the hosting fees at pokemontabletop.com, here's a rehosted archive of all the PDFs (+ optional splatbooks) on my dropbox account:
I'm totally gonna join this.

Sven Allister, Martial Artist

I'm having a friend sketch the guy, it'll happen later today probably.

Wishlist: Riolu, Ghastly, Totodile, Ralts, and Cubone. No real connection between them aside from the fact that I like them.
Saw this while perusing on the line for a Pokemon game and just thought I'd let you guys know that PTU is having a large update come out in January that will likely change more than a few things. You may want to postpone your game until 1.04 comes out.
Thanks for the tip-off, but I actually already knew!

(12-24-2013, 12:48 AM)Jacquerel Wrote: »The system does not yet have rules for Fairy Types and the various other changes in Pokemon X and Y, which are apparently going to be forthcoming some time in January. They also said that the new version might have fairly large changes in other areas too though, so while I'd like to be able to move to the new system as soon as it comes out we might just have to play the campaign as if we were playing Black and White. But we'll see when we get there!

I'm hoping we won't have got so far that a bit of swapping around will harm things and really wanted to get the initial push off while I'm still not at work. Nice of you to sign up to tell me though!
As long as you understand the scope of the change, you should be fine. As somebody that spends a lot of time on the IRC chat, the changes are likely to be fairly large.

I would apply, but I've been holding off on applying to any games until after 1.04.
Ivy Amaranth, creepy little florist.

Wishlist: Obviously she'd be pretty keen on getting her grubby mitts on any flowery sort of pokes, particularly a Petilil and a Flabébé if we get the X/Y update. Bugs are good too but probably only one, maybe a Paras or an Illumise. Eventually I'd like her to pick up a ghost as well, pending appropriate character growth, but I love literally every single ghost pokemon ever so you can't go wrong there.
hello it's technically the second but I was very vague about when on the second I meant, so the working assumption is that I am going to go to sleep about now and then wake up probably eight hours from now and that will be the deadline

I'm expecting two people to finish their profiles before that time is up and if they haven't I'm prepared to wait slightly longer
If for some reason you are neither of these two people but wanted to make a profile but decided not to tell me about it then this would be a good time to post and say "wait for me !!!"
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Well friends the Time has Come.
I was originally leaning on five and I have fifteen hopeful players, even stretching to six that's not particularly far off three times as many people as I can reasonably fit into this game, so like purely from a maths point of view the rest of this post is more likely to be bad news for you than good and I am sorry. I probably liked your character but... I can't handle 30 actors on the field at a time before we've introduced any enemies!

What we have here are six people who I think should play nicely together. Or, perhaps "be interesting together" would be a better way of putting it...
So uh, without making you wait any further here's the cast:

Quote:Schazer as Theo Foreman
Bigro as Maurry Nando Nandando
Mirdini as Ylva Vikstål
Loather as Caroline Williams
NotTheAuthor as Lucian Mandragora
and finally...
Aves as Ivy Amaranth!

I considered putting it under a spoiler just to get you on further tenterhooks but that would probably have been too mean.

Imminently following this post by whatever margin the forum enforces between two posts in a short time period should be the first In Character post that marks the beginning of Adventure.
So that dealt with... here comes the start of the RP!
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