Alchemy Attack

Alchemy Attack
RE: Alchemy Attack
I'm okay splitting it up fairly evenly?

Maybe toss the earth base, a wind base, and the resist gel your ways so that you can provide (what I'm hoping is) elemental resistance of all types, and I'll take the remainders?

Splitting the gold 5-6 whichever way is also fine, but I'm presuming won't matter much as long as we can share it back and forth when necessary.

Anyways, onwards to free yet another prisoner I think!
RE: Alchemy Attack
Agree with your notion, but you've actually got more elemental stuff than I do, so you should take the earth, a wind, and resist. I'll be able to mix the shadow cream with a dark base.

You can go free the friend, and I'll start heading east. If I get into a scrap, you should be able to join it with reinforcements.

Also, that was a dope animation. We should do more big potions.
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RE: Alchemy Attack
I meant more in terms of variety, but I won't lie about my interest in some double darkness, sounds good.
RE: Alchemy Attack
[Image: AA%20map%2018_zpsmoefnhz1.png]

Sai starts heading East and encounters an event!

[Image: weirdshop_zpsdtn7adau.png]

You find a shady individual hanging around. They speak to you!

"Hey buddy, you want some rare ingredients? I can assure you they are exceedingly legitimate"

>Let me see your wares, good Sir.
>No thank you, Madam.
>yeah lemme get uuhhhh EAT SHIT [FIGHT]



[Image: AA%20map%2019_zpspr3kzv4x.png]

Palamedes heads west to rescue a friend!

[Image: cage%20open%2009_zpsbhfxvdou.png]

Who could it be now? Find out, right now!

[Image: cage%20open%2010_zpsa7xs0wi4.png]

It's ICan'tGiveCredit!

[Image: AA%20map%2020_zpsktrkj43k.png]

[Image: battle57_zpsztx53rce.png]

Schazer throws their Molotov Cocktail at the Mountain Man, dealing 3 fire damage!

They then throw their Vampire Paste onto B4! A vampire barrier emerges from the ground. Schazer gets caught inside of it and is unable to move!

Mirdini throws their Cardinal Bomb at the S.P.A.T agent, dealing 2 non-elemental damage!

They then throw their Evil Cauldron at the S.P.A.T agent, dealing 1 dark damage!

[Image: battle58_zps5py3pjba.png]

Rocks fall! People continue to not die!

Mountain Man launches a rock attack! The attack gets caught by the vampire barrier and gets converted to HP! Schazer heals for 2 and is now free!

S.P.A.T Agent throws an earth potion at Mirdini! They take 2 earth damage.

[Image: battle59_zpsprnkz9so.png]

Mountain Man takes 1 damage for standing in the acid. Mountain Man is defeated!

S.P.A.T Agent takes 1 damage for standing in the acid. S.P.A.T Agent is defeated!

[Image: victory%2006_zpslxvkkmhe.png]


You win:

Biome Jewel
Resist Gel
Dark Base X2
Fire Base
17[Image: Coin.png]

Bases Returned:


Still Dust
Push Potion S


Water Base X2
Freeze Cream

[Image: treasure03_zpslph5rfv0.png]

You open the chest and obtain:

Selfish Gene
Tri Essence
Fire Base
Water Base
Wind Base
Earth Base
Light Base
Dark Base

[Image: AA%20map%2021_zpsuxf8xpit.png]

Schazer INV:

Mirdini INV:

Sai INV:

Palamedes INV:


ICan'tGiveCredit INV:



RE: Alchemy Attack
*high-fives Pala*

I go east
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RE: Alchemy Attack
I propose we split the loot as such:

I get a Fire Base, Water Base, and Dark Base to cover my elemental bases; then also the Miracoil and Biome Jewel as Mirdini's already got a Miracoil and a Hurricane Jewel.

Deens can then have the remaining bases (Dark, Dark, Light, Wind, Earth, Fire) along with the Resist Gel, Tri Essence, and Selfish Gene. This isn't exactly a fair split especially considering I've got 17 coins worth of loot and Deens gets 13+2 (Selfish Gene increases loot after a battle but isn't actually a usable ingredient during the fight), so the 17 coins Loot can be split 8 for me and 9 for Dini.

Either way once we've divvied the loot I go rescue our friend-to-be to the east.

(A thought for later: it'd be cool if we can pay to convert/combine/refine bases into creams+jewels down the track, assuming we're still sitting on a stash of these things by the time we facing enemies where +1 damage to a potion isn't worth the turn it takes in battle)
RE: Alchemy Attack
Oh hell yeah I want the shady stuff. I want that Chessence, the Pierce Pipet, and the Redpot.
[Image: WFQLHMB.gif]
RE: Alchemy Attack
Sounds like a fair split I approve Schaz's plan.

I'll head south for now.
RE: Alchemy Attack
I return the high five! Then I go east and (assuming we can keep going as long as the way is clear) wave to Sai's new friend.