Forum Announcement: Welcome newcomers!
Welcome newcomers!
Hello, old friends and friends of friends! I wish we could attribute our latest uptick in registrations to happier tidings, but for now I'm glad you're all here. Let me give you a tour!

The community

Eagle Time was started in mid-2011 by Pinary and myself, for a small community of writer-roleplayers to archive their sprawling, verbose-ass group project (the Grand Battles community). Homestuck Sucks was a strong sentiment in the forum's early days - mostly from a sense of "our" spaces (RP and Forum Adventures) getting "invaded" by fans of homestuck and their fanworks.

We've mellowed out since then, and moreover, being an elitist shitbag about what works of media are ok or not to like is pretty tiresome Melonspa Eagle Time's been small enough, friends-of-friends enough in its new membership, that rather than quoting specific forum rules we try be adults about shit.

I'm Schazer, ostensible head Drudgerepond in charge and once-moderator of the Forum Adventures section of MSPAF. I technically hold the power to ban anyone who insists on starting shit, but would consider it a personal failure if I expelled someone instead of trying to help them be a better person. If drama happens, expect questions, conversations, and attempts to reconcile/make peace (and please, remind me of my ethos if I start screaming and threatening hellfire).

Bonus: The forum has a high proportion of folks who are gender/sexuality-diverse, and many regulars may have revised notions of their personal identity over time (yours truly for one). User profiles have gender+pronoun options visible, so keeping those in mind and a new tab (with a lavish slathering of sigular "they") will go a long way toward keeping forumular harmony Minion Relatedly we are extremely chill about name changes, either PM me or inquire in basically any thread that isn't a Forum Adventure and I'll probably eventually see it.

Of course, if you're not familiar with the above concepts (I didn't really understand transgender people were real until I met individuals in the Forum Adventures community circa 2009, so I'm living proof that you can not know everything immediately and still be an ok person), we've got the LGBTQ Threade where we warmly invite you to come get your learn on.

Eagle Time Forums for questions about the forum. Ask why we don't have XYZ on the forum (it's usually because I'm Bad At Computers and feel bad pestering Pinary about it), ask where a thread might belong, junk like that.
Forum Adventures for the titular panel-and-textcapades. If you've got an existing adventure and want to take suggestions here, or have an adventure idea but don't know if it "fits" the tone of the forum, the answer is "yes! Please! Show us your cool thing and fuck the haters"
We also have Forum Games (for mafias, tabletop campaign hubthreads, non-adventure collaborative stuff, and other play-by-post nonsense), Projects (making games/music/crafts/arts), and Webcomics (chat about specific webcomics or talk about webcomics-making) for your personal creative outputs.

Mediawarks is a dedicated subforum for Gimeurcookie's forum adventure, Fortuna. Fortuna's collaborative worldbuilding aspects meant it'd benefit from a tidy forum of its own - if you've got a similar project with a fan/userbase which would thrive with its own subforum, get in touch! We'd love to help, if help is limited to digital real estate.

General Chat, Hawkspace, and The 21st Subforum Of Many Names are chat subforums. General Chat is like a classic chat subforum, with more structured discussions (not necessarily "srs chat", so feel free to goof around in there). Hawkspace is for experimental/dadaist/off-topic/low-effort/ironically intense effort posting. "Hawkspace After Dark" is a forum where everyone can vote on the rules of said forum. Jokes are ok in all of 'em, being a douchebag for any reason (including "laffs") is ok in none.

Eagle Time, elsewhere

Our main roost is Discord! You can find the link at the top of every page, or click here. IRC also ostensibly exists; we're at #eagletime on

If you were wondering if a particular MSPAF-ite has a presence on this forum (Forum Adventurers particularly), we happened to assemble a couple weeks ago in this thread!

Thanks for reading, feel free to PM me always if you've got any questions, and catch you all on the flipside Lobster With A Gun