Forum Announcement: PSA For Eagle Teens
PSA For Eagle Teens
Hi squad! I'm Schazer and I'm here to remind everyone that Eagle Time and Discondor are Thank You, Please No Creep Zones Thank You, Please. All forumites (but for this announcement, minors especially) have a right to participate in our community without harassment or other unsafe+uncomfortable situations.

To this end, I've got a few requests for our younger members:
  • Be honest about your age. Keeping your birthdate+age hidden if you prefer is fine, but if you do display it please don't lie about it. The primary responsibility is (ofc) on adults to keep their behavior appropriate, but they can't do that given misleading info.
  • Feel free to disengage. Don't stick around in situations+conversations which you're not comfortable with. You don't owe anyone your time, least of all any folks who aren't respectful of your boundaries.
  • if you feel unsafe, let us know. Regardless of where it happens - in public or private; on the forums, Discord, or elsewhere - get in touch with an admin (like myself, or a senior member of the subcommunity in question that you trust. I'll do my best to support you and respond to your concerns in a tactful manner. This applies not only to (god forbid) any future incidents, but also letting me know about any issues you've had in prior circles with forumites. I'm on your side, and want to make sure Eagle Time is a safe and pleasant space for you!


I'll keep this announcement up for a couple of weeks before working its content into the existing rules thread. If anyone's got questions about what I've outlined here, feel free to DM me (discord preferred).