Forum Announcement: April Ban log (Edited 8/4)
April Ban log (Edited 8/4)
Hey eaglefolks,

Due to circumstances that we hope we sufficiently explain in our supporting document (see link below), the following users have been permanently banned from Eagle Time and Discondor for the coordinated harassment of other community members:

Clockwork Dragon/Athenike/Athenike™#6942
[strike]Orpheus The Bard/Sc0rpi0#6981[/strike]

EDIT: Following a review and apology from Sc0rpi0 for their less-extensive involvement in the situation, their ban has been reduced to one week.

Hermes, Hichico, and LoverIan, as the adults involved, additionally failed to demonstrate a proper duty of care and guidance to the minors/teenagers joining in the harassment campaign. Hermes in particular has a pattern of reckless and irresponsible conduct toward minors in discord servers satellite to the Eagle Time/Fortuna/Discondor community.

Iron and Sc0rpi0, while not actively involved in harassment, were privy to the views of this group and their actions suggested active ancillary support of what was happening.

The behaviour of these individuals went way past the line of acceptable conduct, and is not welcome in the culture (established or aspiring) of our community. Gimeurcookie is in agreement with the moderation team that the entrenched culture of the Fortuna community (a contributing factor to this incident) is not compatible with the forum it is currently hosted by. The Cosmic Tuna and Erischat Discord servers will be closing as a response to this, as well as the Fortuna subforum on Eagle Time. The logistics of this will be made clearer soon, and individuals not involved in the offending will be able to access their notes and archives from said spaces.

Here is the document link explaining our decision/what happened in detail:

For further questions, please get in touch with Sunspider, Schazer, or Mirdini.