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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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Well this is late, if you're not time-travelling.

*grabs axe*

HI guys!

*smashes car*

I just saw this thread


and I thought I might join in


Despite the fact that my REAL REASON IS


that i had to jump off the plane of MSPA into this

*flips car over*

awesome place due to the games forum being archived

*attaches C4 to car*

and now do you know what that subforum looks like?

*car explodes*


*car sets on fire*
Hey ICEE Cheesy, glad to see you here.
Came for the Clusterf; stayed for the... actually, since the Clusterf hasn't started yet, I don't really have a witty retort to finish this. Oh well.
Welcome, neighbor!
(03-27-2013, 03:04 AM)Nopad Wrote: [ -> ]Welcome, neighbor!

Nopad, for a short while after you posted, this page gave me a message saying the thread doesn't exist.


Nopad, it's within your best interest you don't speak either, the universe needs to exist, yuh'know?
But, but, it was giving me that message before I posted.

(03-27-2013, 04:09 AM)Nopad Wrote: [ -> ]But, but, it was giving me that message before I posted.


This is a known glitch with some old threads, basically they're counting the first post as Reply 1 instead of Reply 0, but the links to the pages are just based on the number of replies.

So when it reaches the end of a page, the thread says there are, say, 300 replies. So it makes a link to Page 13, but there are no actual posts on Page 13 so you get an error.
Hello fogel welcome to the forum
...xD This is new member territory here! Everyone over 150 posts, out out out! /jk
oh should I introduce myself to people who don't know me between #mspafia and #mspafa

or does my reputation precede me
I am not entirely sure who you are.
So introduce yourself to me!
I'm here now because it seemed like the new place to be.
I like wasting my time, using complicated words (Sometimes incorrectly) and outsmarting people (which is kind of hard when you're not as smart as you think but I'm getting better)
(03-28-2013, 06:02 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: [ -> ]I am not entirely sure who you are.
So introduce yourself to me!

I just did
More Cucumber Questers. 8D
Welcome, Red, yd12k!
'Sup, just registered since the forum games section of MSPAF is going down the drain.
No Homstuck content posts here, I promise.
And I see some people here I already know from MSPAF so that's great.
Hi everyone!
Well, there isn't much of a prohibition against it; just ensure nothing goes too overboard and it'll be fine.
oh right i was from maps I mean MSPA

also I believe some people might know me, but not sure how well
Uh... Yes. I'm here because the MSPA forum went 'pff'. I've been here a few days. And not introduced myself. I don't want to be a bad person.
Yeh, I too was on mspa, came because games also I heard something vague about grand battles
Hello, I am from MSPA. I came here because I had the link for quite some time, I just didn't get around to registering.

Also, forums migration.
Welcome, all the new peeps! I am also a new peep! Let's join forces in the [strk]takeover[/strk] migration. Soon, this place will be ours. Yes. *fistpump*

My name is Viata, you can call me Via, I enjoy music and sharing music with people and I have anxiety issues which is why I am hesitant with/have issues with internet forums because a lot of them have felt unsafe for me but this place seems okay for the most part, at least from what I've seen/read from lurking. I used to play forum mafia but stopped after some incidents happened and actually had to check the memberlist/ask another member here for Certain Information to make sure someone that I'm trying to avoid wasn't a member here (because they're usually around places with mafia communities) and otherwise I'll probably lurk some games here and hang around if that 's okay,
yaaaaaay welcome
Hallo hallo halllllllooooooooooo!!! :D
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