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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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Hello forum dwellers! I am Seventeenth Squid (or just Squid) and a few of you know me already. I mostly came here for this but I might join some other things and do some lurking.
At frirst I thought your name was just Seventh Squid, and I thought "Yeah, no sorry there's already way more squids than that in here".

But I think seventeen is a fair number, so I welcome you with open arms.
crab-walks back into eagletime after a hugelong abscence hey hi how you doin
dangit yoshi you broke the last page of the topic
now I gotta FIX IT
Is this the new page topping?
(07-08-2013, 08:36 PM)KittenEater Wrote: [ -> ]dangit yoshi you broke the last page of the topic
now I gotta FIX IT

what did I DO
Posting the last post on a page makes a new next page with no posts on it.
Hello, I was told to post here by a person. I am a human who likes things. Please do not eat me.
Request Denied.

[Image: 10402-monster-eating-frog-425.jpg]

It is in fact customary to eat new forumites arriving to the community to prevent the spread of secrets coming from here.

Secrets about us eating people.
So Stij reminded me of this forum and I realized I miss you guys :( I'm posting in the intro thread because it's been a billion years and I'm not sure who remembers me? so hi I'm Isaac maybe
Hi Illisid, welcome back!
What have I missed, aside from general awesome conversation? I see most people here have given up on MSPA as well. I'd been an apologist for a long time, and around the trickster mode update I kinda lost hope.
With nothing left to feel superior to, we've started being better than each other. It has made for a confusing hierarchy.
I didn't realize there was a hierarchy. Does that mean I'm at the top, or the bottom?
Those kinds of determinations have to be made from directions that have to be relative to a frame of reference anyway.
I'm better than all of you guys
guess I'm back to being a level 1 peon then
ooh can I be your unhelpful exposition pixie???
"Remember, things get cut if you use your sword on them!"
Ooh unhelpful exposition pixies are great for [strk]slave labor[/strk] sound advice!
Here's another tip: there are two functions that, when taken the derivative of, remain the same.
Are you counting 0 as a function?
f(x) = 0 is, so far as I know, a function.
Hmmmyesss, well, it seems to match the criteria.
Yeah I was just curious if that's what you were thinking about or you missed it and knew another more complicated and supersecret self-derivative function.
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