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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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Welcome back sadges. I saw you that one time and you were cool, even if our contact was very awkward and limited
Wowee congratulations on graduating Sadgi, you're the coolest
aw, thanks guys
I got my name changed back, so I might as well be a fresh and new face!

"Who is she?" You may ask yourself.

"Why is she so attractive?" You ask yourself once more, taken aback by this very forward question you have just internally processed.

I am Gen.

I kiss girls, build worlds, my hair is a mess of little curls.
What has happened to everyone's favorite magical girl
She may be laying low as a cute girl of the normal variety.

Don't worry, she's never far.

[exaggerated wink]
Oh, you're GenTrigger! Kitet (iirc, bad w/ names) mentioned you a lot, but I didn't know who you were.
yeah i mention gen a lot because i;m kissin her 24/7
Although I'm no newcomer to internet forums (I've been on the internet for six or more years now), I am a newcomer to this particular one. Give me a few days/weeks to get over this awkward newbie shyness so I can get complacent enough to do some reckless things. You guys seem cool, like a few other tight-knit forum communities I've been to. I'll try to stay active but I bet after a few months I'll be on hiatus here and resume my other forum activities (or start a new one). For now I'm just here to quietly stalk one or two forum adventures and maybe make my own once I'm ready.

A more introduction-y introductionShow

I just hope none of you recognize me from the other communities, that would be embarrassing! Please don't actually try and follow my trail, 90% of my stuff is old trash from the past.
Heya newbie. I'm also sort of new, well pretty very new. I guess? When does one get over that 'newbie' stage?

I'm making an adventure soon and am kinda freaked out by my upcoming personal start date since I've never gotten this far before. Heh. So don't worry about starting late, we all gotta start somewhere. Anyway, hope ya like it here, and it'd be cool to see some of your stuff! But no pressure, just take it slow
One way to stop being a newbie: participate in post making contest
Don't do that.


Unless, you know, you want to. If that's the case, the Space Consortium welcomes you!
This current ruleset is probably a bad one if you want to actually figure out the rules (although I did give a pretty big hint).

But if you just want to make posts, it's as good as any other.
Heh. Don't suppose anyone remembers me. Finally got around to joining.
Indeed I don't! But that means I get the pleasure of getting to know you all over again :D
Or... in the first place. Because I legitimately have never met you.

Pirates vs Ninjas was your jam/forum adventure, if I recall rightly?

Lovely of you to hop on board.
Yep. That was me.
Hello! I'm QT or Tokki, whichever you prefer.

I frequent the OmegaUpdate forums a lot, but decided to make an account here as well as I sometimes feel like talking to a different crowd, lol. I'm not sure if I'll be posting much here but I figured I may as well say "hey."
heya. welcome new friend, nice to have ya 'round
Hey, I'm Tantusar,

I'm a person, I do stuff. Papers introduced me to this place. I'm sure I'll settle nicely. Good to meet you all.

(I was emotionTongue back on the MSPA Forums, where I used to read a lot of fanventures, and then time sort of caught up with me and I basically didn't touch it again until the incident, by which point it was too late.)
Hello, persons.
Hello Tantusar, person who I've absolutely never met before
yo dawg
new dawg
welcome to the park
Hello people, I am a mere bunny. I hope to join in more around here rather than lurking in forum adventures. Though, I will mainly be doing that because I'm shy unless people have similar interests.

(Did I do that properly? Yes? K bye.)
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