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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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(04-23-2017, 01:29 AM)Diorum Wrote: [ -> ]
(04-23-2017, 01:16 AM)SC Wrote: [ -> ]WELCOME TO HELL [flips lightswitch]

[Image: 5NTWInP.gif]

Venom begins playing.
I guess I'm here now, I'll probably read forum adventures, maybe talk around here (or not, words are terrifying). And hopefully, soon, make something cool
Words are terrifying indeed, but thanks for using em anyway and sayin' hi. Welcome yo

We look forward to seeing you around.
That kiwi from a few weeks ago was terrifying and I don't understand it. I'mma chalk that up to your quirky local meme-culture and/or occult worship of a fruit-beast nightmare creature.

But hey! Hello! I was poking around, looking into the fate of some old Suggestion Games and Quests and stuff. Tracked down Superego, and then by extension this forum... and now here I am!

I'm a dabbler, and I do a bit of digital art, music, and Indie GameDev type stuff; I had a long and better-left-forgotten history of Shitty RPGMaker JRPGs, but I swear I got better! I've also been a long-time fan of interactive fiction and other nifty web media stuff; Weaver's RubyQuest was my first exposure, and it continued on into MSPA stuff, quests and interactive comics run by other communities, and so on. This seems like a good place to poke around for stuff like that, and maybe to share some stuff I'm working on too. Even if I just end up being a filthy lurker, I may as well formally initialize my presence and all that!

Also, I wanted to check in with folks on this first... but I'm considering mirroring (or maaaybe experimentally opening up control of another perspective character) for an existing Illustrated Suggestion Game / whatever-that-genre-is-formally-called-if-it-even-has-a-name-yet over here too. Da Rules suggested that it wasn't too terribly frowned upon? But I wanted to check first, lest I accidentally commit The Gravest Faux Pas.

...er, anyway. Hi again.
Fruit of all planar persuasions is delicious, our memes are esoteric and detested by Chwoka, and you are warmly welcomed to these forums!

I'm loving the look of Ashwood Cross, and you're most welcome to mirror it and take suggestions for it here (or run a concurrent adventure in the same setting - it's totally up to you how essential/accessible you make the happenings of the original thread if you go this route).
Welcome! Please stop by the discord~
o f f b y o n e e r r o r
Im here for the tiny cat people
I'm here to kick ass and post forum adventures, and I'm all out of feet.

...could uh,

could someone drive me to the hospital?
Hey! I was introduced to this by Solifuge who only joined very recently as well >.>...

But I'd like to have more outlets for creative things (maybe I'll actually do them), and I do enjoy hosting Forum games on other places.


(also i have way too many gifs so i put 4 in my sig rip any bad internets)
I just noticed how many people joined in april, cool.
April's a popular month. I feel it
(I just realized I joined in april too. Neato)
Hi! I like aliens. This is a cool place with chill vibes.
ni hao!
the last forum i joined died right after

it doesn't look like that will happen here
Hey all, welcome to eagle time
(05-20-2017, 06:29 PM)splingtwanger Wrote: [ -> ]Hi! I like aliens. This is a cool place with chill vibes.

Aliens you say... yes very good
Hi hello.
I'm basically a trashbag given human form and I basically don't really do much but cool folx seem to hang here and I like cool folx.
Welcome! Here's the world's greatest psychic on the phone, informing you that you are in fact Also Cool Folx and not actually a trashbag もしも~し
hm.... hello?

.....I started an adventure in another forum and a friend said I should post it here as well, to have more..... participation
so........ here I am......
........can I just start an adventure in the same day I joined the forum?

well, I hope to be a bit more social here maybe.....
I like plants
Welcome! You absolutely can start an adventure as soon as you've got here. In fact, many would encourage you to do so!
Hi it's me
(07-11-2017, 12:29 AM)bigro Wrote: [ -> ]Hi it's me, I'm bigro

In this post bigro is their sweet self, bigro
wow i've only introduced myself a few hours ago and there is already the best gif ever to greet me
this is nice
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