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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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im box
hello box and welcome
(04-05-2018, 09:38 PM)box Wrote: [ -> ]hullo
im box
Hi box. I sure hope you contain many interesting things!
how do we know you're not a square-based pyramid in d i z g u i s e
As long as they have a claw for a butt i'm fine
Stumbled upon this place while looking for Fortuna stuff. It looks like fun and I hope to get to know the dorks here, they seem like good people
we're not.

at least i'm not.
wandered my way in and joined because im big on oc writing and this looks like a place real friendly for it!!
hi zazozaliad and welcome : )
Ey! I stumbled in here while reading adventures like Waterworks and Superego, and now I'm in the process of making my own mspaint adventure after lurking a bunch!
A good choice. Stardust looks pretty nifty too! Welcome aboard.
> Dec 2016

Now that’s some good lurkin’!
hi I like to play mafia sometimes and this seemed like a cool place to do so

maybe I'll also talk about other things with people here since they seem pretty cool
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Hi I'm Rain, 13, female and I like to draw. Came here for Fortuna and to make new friends.
Hello friend, welcome. I wish I had a cool online name like you when I was 13.
Heyo! Name's Kaz, I'm 23, I'm a trans dude (he/him pronouns only plox), and I'm tooootally not here for Fortuna or anything like that haha why would you think that

Okay I'm here for Fortuna, but also to meet awesome people. Which all of you probably are.
I like to draw and write stuff. And also RP.
Welcome to the forum! It's always cool to see new people around.
Welcome! Fortuna is the best ☆
Heyo, folks! Finally taking a stab at playing here from over on ChocPi. I'm Brenden, but you can call me Proto, Boogaloo, Boog, or whatever else you come up with. 23 years old, and he/him pronouns, please! My interests include being a big history nerd, being a big philosophy nerd, playing way too much Monster Hunter, complaining about capitalism, caring about people in general, and both playin' in and runnin' roleplays.

I look forward to meeting you all, and hope your days are going great!
Hope you enjoy your stay.
I literally only joined for the Fortuna forums lol
I meme a lot
Please put up with me
ayo! someone posted something about fortuna on a discord server and i got curious and fell down the rabbit hole and eventually crash-landed here. seems like a pretty tightly-knit community here, i'll watch this space.
(also don't freak out if i disappear lol, i can only focus on so many communities at a time)
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