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(08-22-2012, 01:17 AM)Nopad Wrote: [ -> ]guess who intends to sign up for things for literally a year without doing so

[Image: Thumbs_Up.png] this fellow [Image: O07rs.png]

Hi folks my name is Mr. LL (Terrorbuns on tumblr) and I make sprites and games and love chattering about games and design and science and about you and myself and things I like oDo/

I will probably end up lurking more then anything but alas, hope to have fun here! :3
Hello hellooo I hope you have fun too!
Hey broooooooo.
Glad you could make it, broooooooooooooooooo.
A new face! Welcome Welcome Mr. LL, hope your stay is pleasant (and perhaps filled with eagles)
Hello everyone!

I'm E-Claire. I've already said hello a few times on #grandbattle, met a few of you lovely folks and now I'm here to make it official. I've seen some of the stuff you guys do and it looks like a lot of fun. I look forward to hanging around, contributing useless opinions and eating up some server room.
Hello! Grandbattle is a p cool thing (although I've never participated innit) so I'd wager you have Good Taste. Glad to have you!
hello! there's a grandbattle just starting right now that needs more people i think! The Grand Illusion
Hello, I was pointed in this direction after trying to find where all the adventure authors I followed back in the days of 2010 went.
Yaaay, more old faces in new spaces
Good day to you, sirs and sirettes!
I found a random link on TheBoyd's deviantArt page and it led to this place. And so I registered, and here I am now. I kept meaning to return to the MSPAFA forums and never got around to it, so I guess I'll come here instead? Looks like all the awesome people I remember from my days there have come here.
Oh, yeah. I was Dfaran. I did Parallels and Perpendicularities, the adventures that were pretty awesome if you could get past the terrible MSPaint art and the fact that you basically needed to know C++ to understand at least half of what was going on. Maybe someday I'll revive them, too.
Oh, hey, what's up! Always nice to see a new face, and even nicer if it's an old one too.
Dfaran!! heyyyyyyy
How are things over on the old forums, anyway? I poked my head in and it seemed like it was swamped with two-syllable adventure titles that ended in -STUCK or something. But then I read a couple general chat topics and it looked like the same old awesome nonsense as always.
What happens is that for the most part the people who made the stucks and trollventures don't really seem to even want to interact with everyone/anyone in the forum so those two threads are pretty nice and stuff. So while the individual threads are moreish in amount, the general feel of the community hasn't changed that much other than the usual inning and outing and what-have-you, although that is just my opinion.

Adventure's seem to have left the puzzley mechanic experimenty thing like what you did and gone into a almost only story tellingy comics that people help with deal too??? I dunno, I'm should be doing things.

If you want a primer on all of the Quality Adventures you've missed you'll probably be able to catch them if/when the nominations are posted for the next new awards-a-mabob in however long.
It's similar to old times because there's still a small sense of community and said community still produces original stuff, but it's largely overshadowed by the constant flood of buburbventures and it kind of turned into a smack-jeeves-amateurish comic site in that regard.

I like to think of eagle time as a different site altogether rather than an "alternative", there's not nearly as many ongoing adventures to justify the comparison.

E: Ninja'd, why did that take me so long to write.
I remember you being really cool, Dfaran. So, oh boy, welcome to Eagle Time.
(11-01-2012, 06:20 AM)Mr. Arsenic Nog Wrote: [ -> ]I remember you being really cool, Dfaran. So, oh boy, welcome to Eagle Time.

:D :D :D
I do indeed feel welcomed.
Hey, it's Dfaran! Welcome!
Welcome to the forum Dfaran.
I kinda defected to the Eagle Time side in the Minecraft forum war so I figure I'd be decent and sign up over here, too :L
We're a forum of innately defective people (with innately defective vocabularies), so welcome aboard!

There was a joke here about our secessionist origins but I'm tired and malapropisms were the best I could offer, sorry
I somehow found this place by following a link from some Tumblr? Yeah, that's the idea.

So hi there! I will most likely be sparse-ish here.
What happened to your name, bro? It looks way more un-extended ASCII than usual.
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