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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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Iso!!! yay hi
(02-23-2013, 05:47 PM)Akumu Wrote: [ -> ]What happened to your name, bro? It looks way more un-extended ASCII than usual.

Yeah, last time that happened things went incredibly wonky, no? I have to play it safe lest encoding horrors come up again.

If I would have known with certainty that it won't choke on ķ and ð I would have done so, otherwise, the best I could do is to include "Anadai Mištšú" at the bottom.
You seem...familiar. Where have I seen you before.

/me hmmmmms
(02-24-2013, 06:04 AM)AgentBlue Wrote: [ -> ]You seem...familiar. Where have I seen you before.

* AgentBlue hmmmmms

You may have recognized me as the author of Chess: the MSPA[FA -- sic] Edition (which I now thoughtfully abbreviate as CtMSPAE or Cut-miss-pay). The chess game that blew out of control and ended up with 1930 × 3000 px images of a massive 13 × 10 × 11 cube board. All done in MSPaint naturally, which was abandoned for exactly the same reason: the exact color palette wasn't there and it eventually outgrew even my capabilities to track the game. Even so I managed to keep the file size small.

I still have every single last file on me, complete with the older way to handle PNGcrushed files (append C after the file name, rather than moving it to /crushed on the folder.) Lasting 29:25 pages, it was my most successful forum adventure to date.

I don't plan on making another one any time soon.
I think it was Mars. I'd check, but...

/me shakes thumb at MSPAF's burnt out husk
wait i might finally know how to pronounce iso's name now
Pronounced "bob"
I just poped back in cause i can
I made a few forum adventures over on MSPAFA. Now I'm here.
I'll start a new one here eventually.

Welcome to all our new fish!

There are loads of you and that's quite exciting.
Heh, its almost as if there was some kind of triggering event to cause this influx.

Regardless, thanks for the welcome, I like this place already.
Yes hello, I am a new fish. You might have heard of me.
i had an account here but i forget both my password and email i used to register so yeah.

the fish above me smells like buuuuuuuuttts.
h-hi... i am the sam of the ifer
i like puppies and japanese food and the color green
i am scared of fursuits they are very creepy i do not like their eyes
i know some people here and they have suggested i come here for the adventuring
you all seem very interesting and cool it is nice to meet you
[Image: 31YF0c9.png]
hi sam u r cool
Hello there! Hope you guys have a good time here.

I was Stickmeister at MSPAFA and I came here from the big ol' move

I'm here for the same reasons pretty much and I have an adventure over at MSPAFA as well. It's kind of big I guess. It'll probably be over here soon. I'm staying here though so you better make room in the car seat
Welcome! We hope you enjoy your stay here.
i was once known as kilroywashere
i had exactly 300 posts, and my avatar was the duttle
but now i am here with one thing to say:
hello hello i am here it is very nice to meet you all
you may otherwise know me as Intoxicating Starlight
no u rnt allowed i dont like ur ships
Supposedly I have no posts? let's change this.

I am here.

I have arrived.
(03-11-2013, 03:00 AM)GenTrigger Wrote: [ -> ]Supposedly I have no posts? let's change this.

I am here.

I have arrived.

the yuri cycle is complete

I am here by popular demand.
Hey there! I'm Alana, and I am here because I am thinking that maybe certain forums will no longer meet my needs for sharing the adventures of Tentacle Girl and Pink Velociraptor.

Also, I am an incredibly serious writer of very realistic forum adventures. Clearly.
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