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Full Version: Introductions: The Inauguraling
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Welcome, newcomers! Did I drunkenly herd you onto this forum with the business end of a broken cider bottle? Did you get invited on by someone in the above situation? Tell us about yourself! Ask things about each other! Share your favourite impromptu bandage recipes!
Hey there! I just stumbled onto this place. I hope I can meet some fun and interesting people here!
It was the cider bottle for me. What's up dudebros?
Hey there, everyone. Looks like this is a thing now.

That's it, go home.
But Noms, you are home!

Oh yeah, we're going to need some new non-rubbish smilies up in this joint at some point. I should go make a thread for that.
Yello. I support this gathering of us coolbros and sweetdudes.
I'm not sure why this place is, but I am glad that it is.
In spite of the terrifyingly minimalist skin, this place looks pretty cozy. :> Count me in.
Guys I

I crashed my car outside, and there was a hitchhiker in the back, and she's bleeding really badly

There's a hospital around here right
I have arrived.
You have been merged with the Introduction Amalgamation Abomination!
I'm a bottle of water that decided being on the internet is cool, so I signed up for this forum.
[Image: cawcawcawcawcaw.png]
What?! No quick reply?! ;-;
hi i'm een!

i'm very silly

this introduction is also very silly because i know all of you already. ohoho!

Hey there I'm g0m


[Image: k22XQ.gif]
Hey guys.
Salutations, eagles.
[Image: warkymoat.png]

Hey guys it's me. Have a terrible emote.
Mike stop fooling around and come down for dinner! I don't care how many "high scores" you've blasted, if your soup gets cold I'm not heating it back up!
I have arrived here thanks to a space time anomaly.

Don't kill me :c
Once upon a time there was a girl who liked birds.

Then suddenly there was a shiny new forum with a bird in the name and the girl thought it was pretty swell ((( not just because of the bird thing ))) the end.
[georgetakei]Oh my.[/georgetakei]
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