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Full Version: The 2am thread
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You can only post in this thread if it's after 2am but before 2:30 am wherever you are

No cheating
I'm gonna fight like six things and drink a while bottles of water before I give into sleep
Somebody come join me. But gong post in this thread with your unclean tinezonea if you know where good for you
I'll only accept true respecters of post law on my late night crew

Should I make a thread for peopkevwhin wish to post in this thread but cannot because they ate too bound by law???
I would make a poll but you shouldn't even be <bold>reading</b> this thread if it is not the appointed half hour in your jurisdiction

If you are reading this you are probably a dinner?
Sinners for dinners
Typos for hippos
If you are a sinner please confess your forum crimes in this handy dandy receptacle

Custom built for your comfort
Get done


My time here is almost at a close, thank you, readers of the future 2am

May I never darken this semihour again with my shit witterings
Stay hydrated!
It's 2 am. Hi.

I'm so nervous.
Well, uh, bye
Hey guys I just woke up, what's going on?
I'm thankful for this thread.
Hello there 2am, its nice to see you again
It is almost 2:30, and i will vanish back into the aether to work on my comic thumbnails once again.
It is now 2:12 and I have no idea what I'm doing.
One of my larger essays is done. I'm pretty certain I'm going to fail. There is currently explosions in my queer network and I'm sick and tired of being a shoulder to rant at. Why are queers natural drama magnets? We shall never know. All I want is a quiet air-conditioned corner where I won't be murdered for being me. Also a fridge to store soda in. I don't know anymore. I don't want to rant. There's not enough material for me to rant about. But I can't stay silent.
I just want everything to be done. I wish I hadn't caved to my parents about going back for Christmas. I'm going to hate it and I'm a disappointment to everyone I know.
I hate it when people can't just hate each other in silence.
I want to go home. When I say that, it's a complex set of thoughts. It means I want to be back in a place where I feel safe, where I don't have to worry about tomorrow, where everyone around me can stop screaming and shouting. I want a place where I can detox, a place where I'm happy. Am I happy? I could be happier. I could be less happy. I don't know. I'm not content, that's for sure. We must dissent. What's happening to the world? Am I just cynical?
[Image: Australia-Timezones-Daylight.png]

Fuck this shit
I worry I'm not enough constantly. I worry I don't achieve enough or create enough. I'm not a useful member of this planet. I'm just a drain on limited resources.

But I want to live! I want to be something! I want, I want, and I want. When will I start to do?
Quote:[23:31] <Dalm> im going home
[23:31] <Dalm> then i get 3 hours before im gonna go to that life drawing class
[23:31] <sdegenko> Life drawing?
[23:31] <sdegenko> That seems a bit ambitious.
[23:32] <RomytheRed> myahh
[23:32] <Dalm> ye its like
[23:32] <RomytheRed> well hey
[23:32] <Dalm> u get a person and then draw them?
[23:32] <Dalm> thats not really that ambitious
[23:32] <RomytheRed> you needa be ambitious to get better
[23:32] <RomytheRed> pyahaha
[23:32] <Dalm> unless that was some kinda passive aggressive jab at my art skill but im assuming its not bc sdeg is cool
[23:32] <Dalm> :B
[23:34] <Dalm> anyway i'll talk to you guys later
[23:34] <Dalm> ttfn
[23:36] <sdegenko> No, I meant that drawing an entire life seems like a lot to draw.
[23:36] <sdegenko> Those things are pretty long.
[23:36] <Dalm> oooooh
[23:36] <Dalm> pff
[23:36] * PickYerPoison (~Derp@64-251-147-183.fidnet.com) has joined #eagletime
[23:37] <Dalm> ye thats true
[23:37] <sdegenko> Yeah, it was just a stupid pun.
[23:37] <sdegenko> Sorry.
[23:37] <Agenvortex> not necessarily.
[23:37] <sdegenko> Thanks for assuming I wasn't being an asshole.
[23:38] <sdegenko> Yeah, but short lives would be super depressing to draw.
[23:39] <PickYerPoison> morning!
[23:39] <Agenvortex> hey pypsy
[23:39] <Agenvortex> we're being depressing
[23:40] <PickYerPoison> aw
[23:40] <PickYerPoison> i'm sorry to hear that :<

[Image: shortlife.png]

[23:55] <Agenvortex> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1551...rtlife.png okay scott i drew a short life
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