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A lot of people make an entire compendium of funny IRC moments in their signature, but big signatures aren't very tidy and a lot of people skip over them! If you have a very funny bitty from the IRCs, and you want to make other people feel as if they missed out on something, slap it in here!

...What're you looking at me for? I got nuffin'
I don't have room to put shit in my signature because it's already at the maximum height limit
So if someone says something funny I will put it here

Nobody has yet today though ):
This just kind of happened.

[21:27:20] <@Pinary> (Woff, you here in any of your names?)
[21:27:30] <BlizzardGuy> She be roberthombre
[21:27:58] <Godbot> robert hombre, starring as wojjan starring as woffles starring as woffs
[21:28:18] <BlizzardGuy> ( starring as The Pyro )
[21:28:33] <@Pinary> (Dressed up as a demon)
[21:33:53] <PickYerPoison> (and playing the part of Hannibal Lecter)
[21:34:50] <AngryPencil> (But who was Buffalo Bill)
[21:35:36] <TimeothyHour> (Disguised as Woffs to fool the antagonist)
[21:35:58] <Godbot> (later we find out woffs was secretly the antagonist)
[21:38:55] <PickYerPoison> (who was actually a double agent in a bigger power struggle)
[21:39:45] <Godbot> but secretly, both of her were working for the same side
[21:39:49] <Godbot> now she's two traitors
[21:40:15] <PickYerPoison> She went to scum school twice
[21:40:16] <PickYerPoison> Now she's
[21:40:18] <PickYerPoison> TWO TRAITORS
[21:29] SolarAway FUCK YOU BUMGLES
This topic needs more loving


Quote:22:22 Sanzh Yes I am the dick prince
22:22 Sanzh (don't quote me on that)

Quote:00:06 MrBear I would really like to eat something soon.
00:06 Jacquerel how about a sandwich
00:06 Jacquerel I'd recommend cheese and onion
00:07 roberthombre smacks the epidermis off of jack
00:08 *** Sruixan quit (Remote host closed the connection)
00:08 Jacquerel damn that's my second largest organ
00:08 *** Sruixan joined #eagletime
00:09 roberthombre what's the largest?
00:09 Jacquerel ;)
00:09 roberthombre please don't :winky: oh god damn
This was probably uh, one of the weirder conversations I've had?

Sanzh dear you should probably crop your discussion a bit, I can't find the funny part! Actually, I'd suggest if people have two conversations going on at once you'd sift out the lines of the other one so it's nice and succint.
I think 'Sanzh on a Plane' is one of those things that are only funny if you were there at the time. Also why did nobody make that joke yet?
<Pinary> I've set the hotness limit to 100,000 [REDACTED]
Quote:* Yhwoka is now known as Whwoka
* oheat is now known as qheat
* Whwoka is now known as Yhwoka
* veryTired is now known as whyParaaaa
* lyber95 is now known as oyber95
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* whyParaaaa is now known as xP
* xP is now known as zooP
* qheat is now known as rheat
* Yhwoka is now known as Chwoka
<fabricati> lots of nicking
* oyber95 is now known as RobustLaser
* zooP is now known as soundlyParanoid
<Chwoka> fabricati: balderdash.
<fabricati> incorrect, sir
* You are now known as balderdash
<balderdash> Now it's correct.
* Chwoka has quit (Quit: Not legit enough.)
<balderdash> :|
Quote:<Sanzh> pharms I love you
<Sanzh> but I'm married to my dutch wife ::<
<Ixcaliber> with my face
* BlizzardGuy (<!-- e --><a href="mailto:~MrGuy@pool-74-104-46-139.bstnma.east.verizon.net">~MrGuy@pool-74-104-46-139.bstnma.east.verizon.net</a><!-- e -->) has joined #grandbattle
<Schazer> I think
<Schazer> a dutch wife is
<Schazer> kind of like a doll
<Pharmacy> a cushion I think?
<Schazer> yeeeeah it's a sex doll
<BlizzardGuy> ...
<Sanzh> haha what
<Ixcaliber> i object to this
<BlizzardGuy> That seems disrespectful to the Dutch.
<Ixcaliber> i object to this most vehemently
<Ixcaliber> guy disrespectful to the dutch how do you think it makes me feel?
<Pharmacy> dutch?
<BlizzardGuy> Ix are you Dutch??
<Pharmacy> I thought he was british
<Ixcaliber> no
<Ixcaliber> but sanzh has a dutch wife with my face
<BlizzardGuy> Oh.
Fabricati Wrote:
Quote:* Chwoka has quit (Quit: Not legit enough.)
<balderdash> :|

aw man what an anticlimax. sorry to leave you hangin' there. here, pretend i said this:

<Chwoka> There are three types of lies: Lies, Balderdash, and Statistics.

oh wait that's a bastardized mark twain paraphrase. nvm.
Quote:<Solaris> no i have the biggest boner for /wheat/
Quote:06:38:25: <RobustLaser> i need a top hat
06:38:54: <RobustLaser> somebody buy me a top hat
06:39:06: <RobustLaser> i will give you my mailing address if you buy me a top hat
06:41:58: <hhwrite> I have one somewherre
06:42:43: <flummox> i have one
06:42:52: <pharmacy> I don't have one
06:43:07: <flummox> you poor orphan
06:43:24: <flummox> run and fetch me the paper, and i'll give you a nickel
06:43:35: <hhwrite> you'll never be accepted into proper society
06:43:41: <flummox> do that a hundred times and you might be able to afford a top hat
06:43:52: <Aryogaton> http://i.imgur.com/omkSb.png Here you go, cyber
06:45:08: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/hargwe1.png
06:45:13: <flummox> this man doesn't have a body
06:45:18: <flummox> but he's still better than you are
06:45:26: <Sanzh> whuh
06:45:45: <flummox> we are discussing top hats
06:47:31: <Sanzh> i
06:47:45: <Sanzh> am going to relocate
06:49:25: <PickYerPoison> Byyyye
06:49:28: <PickYerPoison> @ Sanzh
06:49:49: <pharmacy> bye there
06:50:50: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...aaappp.png
06:50:51: <Sanzh> i am back
06:50:51: <flummox> bye
06:50:56: <pharmacy> hi
06:51:06: <flummox> haha
06:51:28: <Aryogaton> This is now "who in #grandbattle can make the fastest top hat"
06:51:45: <flummox> aww man
06:51:47: <flummox> i will never win
06:51:51: <pharmacy> me too
06:51:54: <pharmacy> I need time to draw
06:51:55: <flummox> i cannot draw quickly
06:51:55: <pharmacy> :o
06:52:07: <RobustLaser> my tablet is not at hand
06:52:10: <flummox> mostly because i don't have a mouse
06:52:13: <flummox> nor a tablet
06:52:27: <RobustLaser> TO DA MURO
06:52:28: <PickYerPoison> USE MS PAINT
06:52:37: <Sanzh> I really need a lamp
06:52:55: <flummox> I DON'T HAVE A DESK EITHER
06:53:15: <flummox> hnngh
06:54:48: <RobustLaser> http://cyber95.deviantart.com/art/TOPHAT-276034356
06:56:49: <flummox> haha
06:57:00: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...ophats.png
06:57:09: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/fangha.png
06:57:18: <flummox> good one pharms
06:57:43: <RobustLaser> i could have drawn more than just the top hat
06:57:46: <RobustLaser> but i was racing
07:02:05: <Sanzh> I'm gonna uh
07:02:09: <Sanzh> sleep now maybe?
07:02:14: <flummox> okay
07:02:17: <flummox> night sanzh
07:02:24: <Sanzh> night dudes
07:02:56: <flummox> http://filesmelt.com/dl/fafb.png
07:03:01: <flummox> i had to try again
07:03:13: <pharmacy> night sanz
07:03:14: <pharmacy> :D
07:03:19: <pharmacy> http://i778.photobucket.com/albums/yy62/...tophat.png
07:03:36: <flummox> hahahaha
07:04:13: <AngryPencil> XD
07:05:24: <pharmacy> this is a ridiculous contest
07:05:25: <pharmacy> :B
07:06:53: <Aryogaton> Someone ought to post these in Eagle Time or something
07:07:20: <pharmacy> did I win
07:08:09: <Aryogaton> Everyone wins, Pharms
07:08:15: <pharmacy> hehe
07:08:21: <pharmacy> just joking
07:08:22: <pharmacy> :B
07:08:26: <pharmacy> ;B
Here, I compiled the images from the above quote.



[20:48:52] <Loather> i fucked a bee once
[20:48:56] <Schazer> yeah so did I
Quote:04:53 Een that is good sanzh cos i am actually madly in love with you!
04:53 KittenEater you said that about me too enn
04:53 KittenEater een
04:53 Een oh
04:53 KittenEater are you
04:53 Een oh gosh this is
04:53 KittenEater CHEATING ON ME
04:53 Een this is awkward
04:53 Een i uh
04:53 Een shit
04:53 *** Een left #MSPAFA
Hah, Jack, why are you always on IRC at such ungodly hours :C
Because that's when all the cool people appear ):
Quote:<Sanzh> I'm pretty cool

Quote:Godbot: so when the replies count is one lower than it should be
[11:43pm] Godbot: and you complete one page
[11:43pm] Godbot: it starts another one
[11:43pm] Godbot: for the last post on the first page
[11:43pm] DragonFogel: But it doesn't have any posts to put on it.
[11:43pm] Godbot: let's test that
[11:44pm] DragonFogel: Try posting in IRC Highlights.
[11:44pm] Godbot: I was just about to do that
Godbot's post confirmed to have broken IRC Highlights.
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