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Due to the current indefinite downtime of the MSPA forums, I have decided to start updating Chiasmata on Eagle Time, with an additional suggestion box here on the forum of Kintsugi.

Basically, the full updates will show up on the Eagle Time thread, I'll post links on the Kintsugi thread, and then the wonderful AScWCC (Minty) will mirror them onto the MSPAFA site.

Other useful links:

My Tumblr (ware spoilers)
The Geneverse Masterpost (thanks, Nix)

The first "new" update will arrive in this thread in the next couple of hours, so see you then, and in the meanwhile...

[Image: SHtmxVO.png]
>Proceed along the path, I guess

[Image: C1bwSPX.png]

The green stuff is scratchy under the soles of your shoes, much rougher than the rest of the Location.

You realise that the robot is standing on (in?) a pillar of the same rock, which stretches down to the floor (wall).

Directions in this place sure are confusing!


[Image: Z8BFOgT.gif]

ASH: “So, we’re back at a closed d-”

With a flicker and a whoosh of displaced air, the door disappears.

ASH: “-what the hey.”

What the actual heck. Is that water?


[Image: OV7VHeI.png]

ASH: “Well, that's certainly a thing.”
DAVID: "I'm still not sure how friendly that robot is being. Are we supposed to climb?"

TIME TO CLIMB also ash, help david because of the whole one arm thing
See if there's like, a ledge you can drop down to or something.
Figure out what the heck is up with that water, like, seriously. And be wary of that rockbot.
>Can you even climb? How is the water staying like that?
>Ash: Ask the robot for help.
>David: Can you switch the gravity of you two with the gravity of portions of water with around equal mass? You're 50-70% water, maybe you're similar enough.

We'll never find the limits of their powers if we don't try!
> see if there's an easy way across or what. Does the water look dangerous? Can you swim?
> Check to see if it is actually water.
Is there a "ceiling" to the next room?
>Does the room have a ceiling? Is there a ledge you can jump onto?

[Image: A3apHQ5.png]

You look up and then down. And then right. Yes, there is a ceiling.
Looking down, all you can see is flat water and monoliths, and a very long drop.

ASH: "How is the water even staying like that?"

Nevertheless, maybe it can be climbed. You just need to lean out over the yawning abyss, aaaaand...

>Can you climb that?

[Image: Qp1QRJq.png]

Initial attempts are disastrous. This doesn't even count as climbing.

DAVID: "Um, are you okay?"
ASH: "Peachy. Well. This makes the whole water thing make more sense."

You would like it stated for the record that gravity is unfair. What was this room even doing before everything turned on its side?


[Image: l7OQsJd.png]

DAVID: "W-what are you doing?"
ASH: "Checking to see if it's real water!"
DAVID: "Do you just stick your fingers in ev-"
ASH: "Hm. Kinda salty."
DAVID: "Please stop taste-testing every strange substance you come across."

Science complete.

David navigates the confused gravity easily, and you help him stand. The two of you now stand on a strange pathway through strange waters in a strange room.

> Well than, what funky thing is going to go on in this room?

>how does the water react to a few drips of acid?
Splash fight!

Forreal though, follow that path. See what's down there.

Can you tell how deep it is maybe?
>How deep is the water?

[Image: 35VKEzY.png]

You kneel down and lean out over the water, to see if the bottom’s in sight and…

Is that what you look like? Your eyes… they’re weird. It’s very strange. You don’t have any specific memories at all, and of your eyes in particular, but you have a strong feeling that this isn’t what your eyes look like. Or, well, looked like.

That aside, you can’t see the bottom.

>More science: drip some acid in the water

[Image: QVNcHoy.png]

Nothing much happens. There’s a splash, you guess, and then the ripples spread out. No odd reaction or anything.

Conclusion: More science needed.

>What kind of funky thing is going on in this room?

[Image: HfIRpsU.png]

Nothing much? There are some weird obelisk-thingies with glyphs on, you suppose.

Just a long path until a door (probably) in the far wall.


[Image: IL5NUD0.png]

Or, you suppose, you could go right instead of left, and take the other path.

Huh. Could've sworn that wasn't there before...

I no longer have the decryption for the codes. Is anyone able to figure out what those pillars say?
>Proceed with caution to door
[Note: Went back and edited the lines after the last panel to make something more obvious.]
> Sure! Let's take the mysteriously appearing path. Nothing bad could happen from that.
(06-04-2016, 10:23 AM)Maltor Wrote: [ -> ]I no longer have the decryption for the codes. Is anyone able to figure out what those pillars say?

Code translations under spoiler:
>Look around for more glyphs or strange writing. Any green writing in particular?
>Look where the newly appeared path leads.
>Also poke the newly appeared path. Make sure it's solid.
>Go right. Take the weird path that just appeared.

[Image: eA3CLCO.png]

But... it's always been there. It was there when you first looked in the room. You just overlooked it for a second or so.

>Where does the right path lead?

[Image: VzKaJrL.png]

It leads to the glowy red things, like it always had. It's pretty much the most obvious feature in the room.

Wait, why did you even suggest going right as an option? It's a dead end.

>Proceed with caution to door

[Image: qpupRDD.png]

The door vanishes, like the last one did, as you approach.

ASH: “Any idea what that red glowy stuff was?”
DAVID: “No? I don't think I've seen anything like it.”
ASH: “I wonder if the gravity thing is localised to th-”

You are interrupted by something weird happening.


[Image: VnoRHTV.png]

With a series of loud cracks, something weird continues to happen.


[Image: 6PgVWvU.png]

The cracks open out into a hole in the air, leading to a darkened room.

???: “Enter.

You don’t recognise the voice.

>Split up! Ash enters into the weird crack while David goes and touches the red stuff.
I don't like that tone! We need to experiment first

>Flick some tears at the Red
> Sure. Why not? Nothing could possibly go wrong with entering.
That red thing looks incredibly dangerous and threatening, but you should check it out anyway, just very carefully. For science.
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