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Full Version: Justice Watch presents: Cherry Bomb: HOTLINE BING
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I'm working at a cherry packagng plant for the next month or so. I'm gonna try to draw a comic every day at break time so hopefully my mind doesn't slough right out of my nostrils while i try to keep my projects in shape.

First update has three comics, since this is my third day working in this hellhole. And I'll transcribe them, too, since my handwriting is shitty.

DAY THREE - June 13/14

[Image: ChLf1XT.jpg?1]

[Wow, I'm incredibly unproductive, art wise.][Even more so now that I have a factory job.][Maybe I should do something on my breaks.]

[Image: 17YdblM.jpg?2]

[Its cherry season][Which means there are a lot of cherries][And SOMEONE'S gotta sort 'em!]

[Image: rIrCp3e.jpg?2]

[It's incredibly soul-crushing work][Cons: Long hours, short breaks, no off days, cold, incrediby boring, repetitive, everyone speaks spanish][Pros: Lots of overtime and thus, moneyyyyy $$$$$$]
DAY 4 - June 14/15

[Image: ZM93NpN.jpg]
SELL-OUT Lobster With A Gun
I cannot see any of these images?
What am I doing wrong.
DAY 5 - June 15/16

[Image: yZv1f2d.jpg]
I edited some of the dates in previous posts because apparently I'm already too tired to tell the difference between June and July.

(06-15-2016, 09:45 PM)SeaWyrm Wrote: [ -> ]I cannot see any of these images?
What am I doing wrong.

this is either a problem with your internet or imgur, sorry yo. these should be comics

(06-15-2016, 04:44 PM)ICantGiveCredit Wrote: [ -> ]SELL-OUT Lobster With A Gun

its worth my next year of college c':
DAY 6 - June 16/17

[Image: XyKZQn7.jpg]
DAY 7 - June 17/18

[Image: GJOobNx.jpg?1]
was it you? oh my god you know we don't accept any blue-berry rebels in here! circumventing the Berry Pact is illegal and subject to international sanctions on your company
Day 8 - June 18/19

[Image: 1eHh8yi.jpg?1]
I love these comics!

I think it's fascinating to get these cherry picked experiences. Thank you for sharing them!

My list of things I look forward to seeing on ET each day has just gone up!
DAY 9 - June 19/20

[Image: ecPZVKI.jpg?2]

Thanks btp c':
DAY 10 - June 20/21

[Image: FsnhHJe.jpg?1]
DAY 11 - June 21/22

[Image: CpGFZ0t.jpg?1]
Day 12 - June 22/23

[Image: ttVqupD.jpg?1]
also this thread should probably be moved to projects or the webcomickers' corner or something, thanks
DAY 13 - June 23/24

[Image: Zy0IKSQ.jpg?1]

and thank you schazzz~
DAY 14 - June 24/25

[Image: SbcO8R7.jpg?1]

[Some days they send me to the sorting table to pick out bad cherries.][They have chairs there!!!!!][...But your fingers tend to freeze off from directly handling so many cherries.]
DAY 15 - June 25/26

[Image: 5ZPiUXV.jpg?1]
DAY 16 - June 26/27

[Image: v4wIW4v.jpg?1]
I'm enjoying these
are they edible? the double doesn't look that bad
DAY 17? - June 27, 2016

[Image: pUQaM7g.jpg?2]
did u kno
rhythm heaven megamix is super great
and i will never
get perfect on lockstep

why did it have to be lockstep why couldn't it have been dj school i love dj school