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[Image: fAIegMo.png]

Welcome to the official thread for the Eagle-Time Gaming Youtube channel!

You can find the channel here!

And the Discord chat: HERE

Currently, we have a few videos that will go up, once per day, this week.

Here you can ask questions, make comments or suggestions, or work to collaborate to get involved with ETG!

So what is Eagle Time Gaming?

Eagle-Time Gaming is a community let's play channel. In theory, anyone from Eagle-Time who has footage they'd like to share of them playing a game can have it uploaded to the channel for all to see!

How often does Eagle Time Gaming Update?

The current goal for updates is one video per day. As with all projects, this may go up or down depending on available content and editing time. Hopefully it will go up, but we'll see over time!

How can I add content to Eagle Time Gaming?

At the moment, I'm the only registered user who can manage the youtube account. Depending on popularity/interest, I can give additional users access to the channel. That being said, if anyone wants to add things like titlecards, thumbnails, endslates, or audio/video, you can either message me directly or post it here in the thread!

Does ETG make money?

Uhm. Not currently. Ads should be turned off for the videos.

That being said, youtube is a platform that encourages monetization. There may come a point where turning on ads becomes a good idea. As a community gaming channel, however, that decision will come down to the community.

How is ETG made?

The first episodes were recorded using OBS, and edited using the Adobe Creative Cloud (particularly Premiere Pro). Personally, this project is largely an excuse for me to get experience with Premiere and the Adobe suite of software. It is a very dense tool set and if anyone has suggestions on tutorials or exercises to try with it, I'd be very happy to try them out.

You may, in fact see me in this thread (or whining in discord) asking for help or advice in solving one problem or another.

I want to be on ETG!

Awesome! Talk about what games you'd like to play here, set up times with friends and let's record something! Not everything that gets sent in will be uploaded, and everything goes through an editing process, but the more content we have to share and the more users that get on the show, the better!

Our first video is PART 1 of Ixcaliber and btp play Payday 2. We may have set the bar a little high for a first episode. Please don't be intimidated.

Also here is some SWEET EPISODE ART by Papers. It does a great job of summing up the whole episode:
I love me some daily queues.

edit: can we record Keep Talking with schaz
(07-25-2016, 06:54 PM)Papers Wrote: [ -> ]edit: can we record Keep Talking with schaz

That sounds amazing! Yes. Let me know the time if you need someone to record.
What's the Eagle-stance on solo content?
I would listen to any eagle timer try to start a game 18/15 very good!!!
Okay that was absolutely wonderful. Turns out you don't need to be able to play games in order to produce high quality gaming content for the internet! In fact it probably helps...

(07-25-2016, 06:54 PM)Papers Wrote: [ -> ]edit: can we record Keep Talking with schaz

Please can we do this? And I say "we" very deliberately.

(also bob I would challenge you to Civ 5 but that is a hard thing to record/edit because it's so prolonged)
"This might not be worth recording" Deens, being wrong

I'm deffo down for screaming and disarming! Let's get a group together some time.
(07-25-2016, 08:51 PM)Lankie Wrote: [ -> ]What's the Eagle-stance on solo content?

If you got it and want to share it, send it my way! I may chop it up to make it episode-sized, but I can put it in the queue!

@Sruix, I know that sirens call. I would be up for playing against you but goodness I am pretty sure I would lose vryfst.
I really did not expect this video to include shit being talked about my computer
you should have
SPOILER ALERT: This entire series is leading up to talking shit about Akumu's computer.
I wasn't even there to defend my computer's honor
if you see bob and ix on the voice channel, you can just assume they're talking shit about your computer
Absolutely up for some Keep Talking shenaniganery, especially if my stupid voice can be in on it :P
Part 2 of Payday escapades is up!

Ix and I actually play Payday 2 for the first time.
Bob you are too innocent for this world.
Me and Lankie recorded some hit video games and I'm real excited about the future of Eagle Time Gaming.
More heist. Give.
God bless Akumu.
Oh goodness it's a NEW SERIES!

Ixcaliber and Lankie play Binding of Isaac! PART 1 is up!

Oh boy we are almost at TEN subscribers. We should do something special if we hit those double digits.
ET Gaming Animated
Lankie is too good at video games.
Wait are you telling me that this episode includes competent play? That goes against everything Eagle Time Gaming stands for!
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