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[Image: 812rIbr.png]

Hey there! I'm Naem and I'm one of those sorry folks who had an adventure going in the MSPA Forums back in the day. Then, last year, a bunch of circumstances came together and I kiiind of didn't update for over a year. But now I've finally decided to rise from my grave and, well, I'll do my best to keep at it!

We're not terribly far into the story, so please don't be afraid to use that mirror link up there to catch up. But just to provide a brief summary...


And really, I think that's all you need to know for now! Please enjoy the update I've had sitting in my hard drive half a panel away from completion for over a year now, and thank you for reading!


> Were you trying to send them a letter via birds?

[Image: sAaIZBQ.png]

CLOVER: Listen, nobody uses courier pigeons anymore, and I'm guessin' there's a good reason for that!
SELENA: ... What?
EFFY: Shhh. L-Let her tell the story, Clo!
SELENA: Thank you~ Now, as I was saying...

[Image: OwQlfrC.png]

SELENA: I've been trying to see someone again! The tricky thing is, she's dead.
CLOVER: ... What??
SELENA: Yeah, which makes things complicated! But just a few weeks ago, I started looking into some really cool human literature that--
EFFY: *GASP!!!* Wait, wait, what are you?!
CLOVER: Ugh, guess that explains the hair...
SELENA: ... Do you two need a second to, like, get your questions in order or something?? Not that I mind answering, but it's kind of breaking up the flow of the story!
SELENA: I'm a kitsune. You know, like a fox, but magic. Anyway--

[Image: z43ExNn.png]

EFFY: Oh... my...

[Image: nKGzjzR.gif]

EFFY: W-Where are you from? Are you from Japan? Are you a good kitsune or a bad kitsune?? Do you fight demons?!
CLOVER: Oh my fuckin' GOD, just get to the point!
EFFY: But... But we have time! It's just some birds!
CLOVER: No! No, we don't have time! We're officially in a goddamn countdown 'til I give up and go home!
>Effy: tackle Selena Senpai
>Effy: Realize you interrupted Selena-chan. Apologize profusely and let her finally yell her story.
(04-24-2017, 02:19 PM)Myeth Wrote: [ -> ]>Effy: tackle Selena Senpai
> Foureyes: Stay focused. Calm the heck down. Ask questions as slowly and as calmly as you can.
> Clover: Hold Effy still
>Effy: drill into the ground due to your rapidly vibrating atoms
> Effy: tackle Selena Senpai

[Image: jnm7YvF.gif]

No... No! You're not one of THOSE people! You can't do that!

Your glomps are always strictly textual!

> Effy: Realize you interrupted Selena-chan. Apologize profusely and let her finally yell her story.

[Image: LHbur6Y.png]

... Besides, you're pretty sure it would be a terrible idea to disrespect a magical fox spirit.

EFFY: Um... Sorry. I-I didn't mean to interrupt you!
EFFY: Could you please continue?
SELENA: ... Sure! You can just ask me stuff later. We do have plenty of time to get to know each other~
SELENA: Aaanyyywaaay!

[Image: VZB4Yk5.png]

SELENA: Where was I? Right, human literature!
SELENA: You guys are pretty amazing, you know. Even though magic isn't "supposed" to exist, some of you are still pushing on! Writing about all sorts of spells that don't just come innately to most people!
CLOVER: ... But a lot of it's bullshit, right?
CLOVER: The fuckin'... Ugh. Human spellbooks or whatever you're goin' on about. They can't ALL be real.
SELENA: Oh. Yeah, I guess not. A lot of it is just for fun, I guess, or plain old fiction. But then again, how many of you guys are writing fiction based on personal experience? Really makes you think!!
SELENA: Anyhow, I found a real, functioning summoning spell. Well, more of a ritual, I guess? It was a little involved.

[Image: G7EagcW.png]

SELENA: At first, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to pull it off... but then I found some nice people on the internet to help me out, and we went to work!
EFFY: Oh, oh, so... Um, this was supposed to bring back that person you wanted to see again?
CLOVER: Sounds like necromancy.
SELENA: Hey, there's nothing wrong with that! I've met some really nice necromancers!
SELENA: I couldn't get ahold of any of them, though. Bummer. Maybe it would have worked better if I did...
SELENA: Oh, but it did kind of work, in a way!

[Image: a4K09nK.gif]
>What... "way"?
>Hopefully it didn't end up like FMA, right
> What... "way"?

[Image: TmD4Pbp.png]

SELENA: ... Come on, aren't you going to ask me what that's supposed to mean? I'm waiting~
CLOVER: Wh-- What the... fucking-- What way?! Tell us! What the fuck is your problem?!
EFFY: Um! What she means is... um, the way you put it, i-it's kind of worrying! Since you were trying to bring someone back from the dead...
SELENA: Oh! Well, don't worry. Nothing terrible happened. It's not like she came back wrong or anything...

[Image: R7aB3K0.png]

SELENA: It's just that the wrong thing came back!
EFFY: W-What?
CLOVER: What's that supposed to--?!

[Image: frmHmWr.png]

[Image: eDkpvpv.png]

SELENA: Whoops, that's one of them!
CLOVER: One of what?!
EFFY: M-Miss Selena-sa-- Selena! Your neck!
SELENA: Huh? Oh, ouch, it does sting. Wait, did they take my headphones?
CLOVER: Will you PLEASE just tell us what in the holy fuck is going on??
SELENA: Uh, that's what I've been doing?
SELENA: Anyway, let's go! We're never gonna catch these birds if we don't get to work.
SELENA: The ones that came back! My friend's birds!
>Catch those birds! Somehow! The fact that they can fly and you can't is an irrelevant detail!
What do these birds look like exactly??
> Come on, what's the worst that birds could be?
[One smash cut to exactly how bad birds could be later...]
This adventure is cool so I made you a fanartShow
(05-31-2017, 09:44 AM)Tuesday Wrote: [ -> ]
This adventure is cool so I made you a fanartShow

Oh my gosh, that looks fantastic! Thank you very much! Would you happen to have an art blog or something I can check out?

Also, the next update is coming soon! My weekend's going to be a pretty busy one, so if I don't get it done before then, it'll have to be next Monday or Tuesday. Thank you all for not minding my admittedly irregular schedule!

EDIT: I keep looking at the picture and feeling this immense joy inside you even made her stupid anime hair look adorable

> What do these birds look like exactly??

[Image: JtODs0U.png]

CLOVER: A-Alright, hold on, hold on, just...
CLOVER: What kinda birds are they?
SELENA: ... Artificial birds?
CLOVER: Wh... No! Goddammit! What do they look like?!

[Image: 3co2Vwe.png]

SELENA: Well, they're smallish...
EFFY: Whew!
CLOVER: Thank fuck--
SELENA: ... compared to a human.
EFFY: ...


[Image: XePiX9v.png]

You're both starting to get the idea you need to think about whether this is really worth the cash or not.

EFFY: Uh... Umm... Oh! D-Do they like bread?!
SELENA: Hmm... Probably? I think they'll eat just about anything.

[Image: LTY3iZ0.png]

Like, SERIOUSLY think about it.
don't be ridiculous, birds are friends. what's the worst that could happen?
> What doth eat may be satisfied (see: conservation of mass) so GET THE BREAD AND LEAVES AND GET ROLLING
Yo there. Good to see another survivor drifting in on the wreckage.

>Hey, c'mon, we'll never be proper superheroes or whatever if we can't even take on some lousy birds.


[Image: ZQYJNr4.png]

You are Clover right now, and you're trying to give this some thought.

On one hand, you really don't like the idea of going up against some weird eagle-sized necromancy birds that aren't even supposed to exist. Ideally, this is the kind of thing you'd only face when armed with, say, the exact kind of badass plasma cannon you are currently trying to earn the money to get materials for.

Shit, you don't really have a choice, do you? Okay, sure, you could wait until a less insane job came up, but what else are you going to find on Craigslist?? It's 2011, there isn't a single rational human being left in that place.

The way you see it, the bread should at the very least help. You might have to run and get some more - a lot more, even, if it turns out these are flesh-eating birds which need a lot of distractions in order to not eat flesh - but you came prepared. Sort of. In a way.

Birds usually aren't even smart. What are you afraid of?

EFFY: C-Clo...

> Hey, c'mon, we'll never be proper superheroes or whatever if we can't even take on some lousy birds.

[Image: yzi62KK.png]

EFFY: I've made up my mind.
EFFY: I know this is pretty scary... Well, it is for me anyway. Y-You don't have to say you're scared if you don't want to.
EFFY: But... But this is the kind of thing we'll have to face from now on, right? And even if I-I don't really know any magic yet... I need to be ready to fight for what's right!
SELENA: Hey, what are you talking about?
CLOVER: Geez, Effy, slow d--

[Image: eWrmt7a.gif]

EFFY: So let's do it! Let's save the park!


[Image: YPUu6kN.png]

Shit shit shit what do you do SHIT
>Pull a Jean Valjean and heroically steal that loaf of bread!
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