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Welcome Eagle Timers to the Eagle Time Gift Sharing Thread

We're a pretty diverse community filled with really rad people and anyway I found a watch:



I really liked this watch so I had a thing done to it:


I did this sort of on impulse, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I mean it would be great to just wear it around town constantly. Or even just give it to someone.

Anyway I asked Pines and Schazer and it sounds like the best idea is to let everyone have it.

Which is great because this is a thing I was thinking of doing anyway.

So this is the first Gift of the Eagle Time Gift Sharing Thread!

Here's how the thread works:

Every month/two months/if there is interest a new Gift will be posted here. If you want to share in this gift, then sign up! You'll be placed on a ordered list that takes into account shipping costs (if the gift needs to be mailed), locations etc.

Then we start passing the gift around!

Now each gift may have some requirements associated with it, something that you need to do if you want to help build to the gift. After all, what good is passing a gift around if you don't get to improve it in some way?

Gift #1: A one-of-a-kind Eagle Time commemorative pocket watch!

Trading medium: Snail Mail!

Requirement: You need to take a picture of yourself with the watch at some local landmark. It doesn't have to be something fancy or well known. In fact, even just something about your local history or favorite hotspot will work! We'll get to see a growing photobook as this watch travels the world!

(if you're particularly camera shy- don't be! We love your beautiful face! if you're adamantly camera avoidant, maybe just hold the watch in front of your location of choice!)

Can I modify the item? Its up to group judgement on this. The watch will be shipped with a very small box, so if you want to send something personalized to the person next on the list then you could slip in it the box! The watch itself is pretty small and not easily modified: (but other gift exchange items will be highly modifiable!)

Anyway that's all I can think of to put here now! Ask questions if you'd like. Sign up if you'd like to too!

[strk]- BTP
- Noodly[/strk]
- Coldblooded
- Ed (?)
- g0m
- AgentBlue

I'd certainly love the chance to show the watch around Columbus. (And possibly NYC if it gets here in the next couple weeks(?) or so.)

I'm assuming we're not gonna try to rush this or anything? If you guys would rather me just snap a few pictures and send it straight off again instead of holding onto it for a small number of weeks, that's doable too.
Weeeeeelll, if air mail will work I'd love to let the watch see allll the non-sights Brisbane has, including Generic Ferris Wheel, Generic Glass Building, and Not Generic By Definition Arts District!
Oh, this sounds lovely Minion

I'll ask my dad how doable is shipping things here.
giz please
This is still very much happening, I'm just waiting for a certain noodle based friend of mine to send me the pictures we took of this gift so we may begin to craft its story.

That being said I think this is a swell group of people to start up a list!

Coldblooded: you mentioned visiting New York, has that already passed?

Edit: and there's no real rush, I figure don't hold onto it for more than a month and you'll be fine. If its just gonna sit on your desk then I guess then send it to the next person but if you've got some rad pictures you have in mind then by all means keep it for those.
No, we're still not sure what day we're leaving yet, I'll let you guys know as soon as I find out.
Mkay well I think I'll get this thing going on the forums b-day on the 9th.

Now for some logistics:
I rearranged the ship to list based off my estimates of shipping costs and such. It looks like the cheapest way to have this guy travel is to stuff it in an envelope and send it like that (put it in a box and the cost skyrockets to 75 USD per trip.) Even with that it's looking like a good 12-15 USD to send it on each trip. Like I said I'm willing to pitch in some if that number scares you.

Ed, I couldn't find a good shipping calculator from Mexico. I know how much it should cost to get it to you but not how much for you to send it off. Maybe you could find some more pricing info on your end? Like how much it costs to send a .5 kg letter to Ireland or the US.

Also, sorry guys for not getting my pictures up yet! I promise to have some up on the 9th so you can know where this thing has already been!
My dad used to ship a lot of things in his past job, he must know where to ask. If it's not feasible it's no biggie if i drop out, right?
I will cry a million tears but yeah don't sweat it. There's no real rush to send this thing around, as long as everyone who wants to join in and is able to gets to!
At the start of this, I was wondering where exactly I could take the watch. I mean, sure there are some nice parks and statues and such here and some places I personally really enjoy, but I was hoping to get things rolling with something more iconic that people might recognize.

Where could I even take it that's in Houston?

Oh I don't know...how about...



Now the space center here is divided up into two main parts. There is the "funtimes space museum" part designed to appease tourists while the real work is kept separate at the actual complex. There are security guards and other people who will get mad at you, so running around taking unauthorized pictures on government property wasn't really an option.

That being said, we did manage to hit the highlights.

Those being:



(sorry that not all of these pictures have the watch in them, it can be tricky to properly pose, especially when you're stuck in the middle of a tour group that doesn't want you to sit still)

Oh man i went to that museum when i was a kid! I distinctly remember those entrance signs.

Also, i think i won't be able to be part of this :<
And..... suddenly my dad found out that he has to go to a seminar next week and the trip gets pushed back to late July/early August.

Sorry for holding this up everyone, especially BTP since he ended having to pay express mail for no real reason.
Edit: Okay apologies if these pictures are coming out huge, generally I'll just tell photobucket to resize them and all problems are solved, but at the moment the resize doesn't seem to want to take. Of course that could just be my browser cache but I cleared that so I dunno. The cause is probably "using photobucket". but iiiim not sure which folders I stuffed the originals into so I'm a just gonna leave them here for when it's not 5 in the morning.


So anyway Noodles and I took this sucker on the NASA tram tour which conveniently stops at Mission Control. (see above picture)

Now "Mission Control" means a lot of things, and it didn't really mean everything that I wanted it to mean. For example, I thought it might mean "The Historic Mission Control Room that Coordinated the Apollo Missions."

well no it didn't.

I also thought it might mean "The current mission control where people are working and celebrating things like Dragon docking with the ISS or Curiosity rover landing on Mars."

No not that either.

What it does mean was: In the same huge ass building as those other two things and one floor directly below the second thing I mentioned, and viewing the previous mission control that was used in between the Apollo missions and present day and had the same screens that are typically shown on the floor above us and live feeds from the ISS so still pretty cool right?"

Anyway here are the pictures:

So we listened to a college intern give a speech about space and space programs and then took questions. Some guy apparently confused Bruce Willis' Armageddon with reality and asked about when we landed on that meteor. I figured the bar couldn't be set any lower so I asked where the hell NASA was when the Aliens took over on july 4th and Bill Pullman had to save us all. (Her look told me two things: 1) she genuinely thought I was serious, possibly due to past experience, and 2) she has never seen the movie Independence Day. both things made me pity her greatly)


Rocket park is an outdoor park with Rockets that I don't know much about but there there was the SATURN V ROCKET. (see above picture again) (Also a new one).

So I spent a great deal of time mashing buttons on my eyephone trying to figure out exactly which saturn V Rocket this one was. (Noodles spent most of her time making this.)

Okay so like Mission Control I was hoping that this thing was cooler than was logistically possible. I was hoping that maybe this gigantic crazy intact rocket had been into space and back again.

Well turns out the Saturn V rockets (okay if you didn't scan the wiki already these are the rockets that ran the moon missions), are disposable rockets. You just sort of leave the parts in space. Most are not meant to return. So this rocket was actually a bit of a mash up from a couple of Saturn V's that didn't go to space (the front bit was initially supposed to go star-bound, but they instead used the rest for a non-manned mission so they didn't need the extra stages to bring the people back).

I explored it a bit. Walked around, and then noticed that there was one part where if I leaned in just right and didn't bother anyone I could actually maybe sort of put the watch...inside the rocket.


We then took the tram ride back to the not-nasa part of nasa. We checked out the food court, which touted such classes as :"Moon Wok", "South of the Martian Border", and "Italian Bistro", and decided that it was probably better to spend our food budget elsewhere. (despite how tempting "SPACE DIPPN DOTS" looked)
what a nice adventureeee
Warning: There are approx. 30 large images underneath these spoilers, so if you're reading this a phone or a stone age computer, just.... brace yourself, I guess?

So anyway with that out of the way, I guess it's time to just go ahead and kick off

[Image: Eagle_American_Flag_Logo.gif]Eaglequest 2012[Image: EagleHeaderRevernse.png]
(Name pending.)

Chapter 1: Gettysburg

Chapter 2: Washington D.C.

Word stuff:
So uh, who's getting the watch next?
Roight. Ed or g0m. Gotcher. :3
ahhhh, washington dc! that bethesda place you mentioned is just south of me- in fact i used to live there!

i enjoyed all your captions they were great!
woo dc.

wish I could have walked like 10 minutes and met up with you guys.

cause I live there.
necroposting this cuz it's spring cleaning time as Chateau Du Crapteau Du Schaz, and I am a terrible impulse-purchaser with a dickton of Weeb Shit that I'd get more pleasure out of gifting to other folks rather than hoarding for myself.

(Also because I am overdue a trip to the post office so it's all very convenient and coerces me to Get Shit Done)

Sometime next week probably (I'm bz this weekend!) I'll post pictures of shit I'll gift to folks, no strings attached. First in first served but I'll need your postal addresses.

Plz nag me to get this done because a tidy house makes me feel better but I'm also a chronic procrastinator <3

This is what necroposting is all about.

Free stuff from Schazer sounds awesome.

Dang, where is that watch now anyway?
Man I think I've ever received A Thing from anybody here somehow so uh, address incoming when I get home from work.

Remind me to art you something later too
Oh yeah i was going to send people energy drinks and probably nz chocolate. I have money right now so if you want in on this shit then ayyy
I was going to send people ~maple sugar candies~ but kiiinda forgot, hit me up if we're cool and you want some maybe? Schaz, Plaid, and Agen are already on the list.
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