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Full Version: "Seriously brain, what the hell?" A Thread For Weird Dreams and Nightmares
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Just not those dreams. This is a family friendly establishment.

I am pretty sure ProfessorLizzard was in a dream a had a few weeks ago. It was a short dream. The two of us were sitting in a car, and I'm certain something akin to the apocalypse was going on outside. Either we some how missed all the death and destruction or we simply failed to care, because he entire time we were having a very pleasant conversation about whether he was actually from Hungary or not.

I also still remember these really weird dreams I had when I was a kid. In the first, Christmas trees came to life and started killing everyone. One punctured my arm, turning my blood green and possibly beginning my conversion into the murderous tree kind.

Spoilered for a bit of body horror.

Anyways, weird dreams, discuss them!
Despite the fact that I have not been in a schooling establishment for over a year I still regularly have dreams where I am in fact in some form of schooling establishment

If such a dream included me worrying about not doing an assignment I will generally spend the initial 2 seconds of being in the waking world worrying about that assignment before realizing "Hey wait I dropped out of college" and relief washes over.

I had a dream two nights ago-- I was hired as an engineer for some scientific project, constructing what were referred to as artificial ecologies. There were these giant tanks of water, maybe three hundred feet deep if I had to make a guess based on my memory of the dream. There were large rock formations, and we were tasked with populating the tanks with a mixture of species to create a self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem. We had these banks of genetically-modified species, at least that's what I think they were, they definitely weren't normal organisms. One of them was sort of this black eel-like thing, covered in glowing white eye-spots I think?

At some point the dream transitioned to a road-trip to Australia, but sort of a weird Australia in that it was called Australia but obviously wasn't. The entire continent had been converted to desert, with steep mountains built further inland. The poorer cities were along the coast, being raided by pirates from the ocean, apparently, while further inland there were more prosperous cities that conducted scientific research, like the one with the ecosystem tanks. I think that city was Sydney, or named Sydney seeing as it'd have to move inland somehow and lose an opera house.

From there, I ended up in some sort of apartment, working on some computer project with a bunch of other people. I ended up making a computer code that saw the future, I think, which attracted aliens from space oh no. I managed to arm myself somehow and killed a few of them, they were sort of bipedal insect things. There was some kind of evacuation effort I met up with, but it was cut off and trapped by aliens. Some sort of alien leader flew towards us-- I had kind of sheepishly hidden my gun to try and avoid being caught. Then I woke up so I have no idea what happened next.
One time I had a dream where it took all my might to get people to notice my existence.
I was with some other family in the dream, and they went to the grocery store and left me in the car. It was unbearably hot, and just as I was about to faint, they came back and drove to a doctor's office or something. Walked with them to the front desk, only to find that my dad was there too. I didn't want to be with the other family any more, so I tried to talk to my dad so I could leave with him. He couldn't hear me or see me at first, so I had to shout as loud as I could to get his attention. Once he finally heard me, he saw me and smiled. I said I'd like to go back with him, and he agreed. So we started walking across the parking lot, but I got some sort of heat sickness and could barely move. I tried to shout, and dad only heard just enough to turn around and help me. Dragged me to some cafe next to the doctor's office, so I could go to the bathroom and get my bearings. Then, once we were in the bathroom... okay there were bathtubs in there for some reason, and he sat in one, and said something about how I have to learn to live without him, and then I blinked and he turned into a belt or something.
I woke up crying.
Then I got out of bed and thought about what loneliness feels like.
Thought about games like Yume Nikki, and how you're pretty much always alone, no one knows you.
I wanted to replicate that feeling of loneliness and neglect I felt in the dream.
I basically started thinking up my own Yume Nikki fangame, but I don't have any programming skill at all, and the friends I have who do have programming skill just wanted to work on their own games.
So instead, I made a forum adventure called A Different Realm. In the process, I kind of left out the loneliness aspect. :/
I can only think of one particularly memorable dream.

I was walking around this crypt, and I was pretty certain it was dangerous and I wasn't supposed to be there. The roof had collapsed in places so there were huge mounds of rubble and stone lying around. There was no illumination apart from the odd torch, so there were deep, dark shadows everywhere that something or somebody could be hiding in. I walked through to the other end of the crypt fine. I can't remember what I was supposed to be doing, but evidently I did it and walked back to the entrance of the crypt. That was fine. But then I opened a door, and there was a room with a huge window through which a big manor house could be seen. Outside it was stormy, but this room was well lit and well furnished. A woman in a dress was sitting down, looking out the window, and a big guy in a suit was leaning standing near the wall. They both turned to look at me when I walked in, and the woman welcomed me and asked me to sit down in the chair next to her.

I sat down, because I apparently knew and trusted these people, but I was a little uncomfortable. It's worth mentioning at this point that I was wearing my old school uniform, and that this included a tie which I was wearing. (In real life the tie was striped blue and yellow, but in the dream it was green and yellow.) Suddenly the woman was undoing my tie. I was kind of weirded out and about to ask her what she's doing, but before I can say anything she's strangling me with it. I could feel my throat closing up and I died. Then I woke up.

It was a pretty creepy and strange dream, so when I woke up I wasn't so keen to go back to sleep. But sooner or later I do.

And I dream again. I don't remember much of it, but I was strangled to death again. Only this time the attacker was male and just throttled me with his hands. (It might have been the guy in the room? Maybe not.)

So yeah, I got killed in two consecutive dreams through similar methods.
I ONLY get killed in dreams by the same method

Eaten by wolves has happened to me occasionally since I was a kid, and its the only time I ever die in dreamworld

Clearly my departure from this worldly plane is set in stone
is this a thread for dreams?

or is it exclusively a thread for weird dreams and nightmares?

my dream is like say a four on the scale of weirdness. and maybe a two on the scale of nightmarishness.

i'm going to keep it out of this thread just in case.
I occasionally suffer from sleep paralysis, does that count for this thread?

To be perfectly honest I don't know if I'm actually awake or if I'm just dreaming about having sleep paralysis

Whatever it is it sucks and is scary
I'm pretty sure any unconscious mind-happenings are fair-game for this thread.

Fun fact: Sleep paralysis is something that happens to everybody, every time you go to sleep. Your brain deliberately releases chemicals during certain stages of sleep that block the communication between your brain and your voluntary muscles. Most the time, you're unconscious and waist deep in dream doings when this happens (which is why your brain releases the chemicals in the first place: doesn't want you running away from that zombie fridge and falling and breaking your neck in real life). Sometimes though you get shocked awake or regain consciousness at the wrong time while the paralysis effect is still active. It's only temporary, but yeah, it can be pretty scary to not be able to move your own body and not know why.
i started playing an endless game of Bejeweled last night

i should stop playing so much
(06-18-2012, 11:32 PM)btp Wrote: [ -> ]I'm pretty sure any unconscious mind-happenings are fair-game for this thread.

Fun fact: Sleep paralysis is something that happens to everybody, every time you go to sleep. Your brain deliberately releases chemicals during certain stages of sleep that block the communication between your brain and your voluntary muscles. Most the time, you're unconscious and waist deep in dream doings when this happens (which is why your brain releases the chemicals in the first place: doesn't want you running away from that zombie fridge and falling and breaking your neck in real life). Sometimes though you get shocked awake or regain consciousness at the wrong time while the paralysis effect is still active. It's only temporary, but yeah, it can be pretty scary to not be able to move your own body and not know why.

I don't even get the "not know why" anymore. I am generally able to realize what is happening when it happens now. I've gotten to immensely humorous state of "Not this bullshit again" reactions now, and I'm sure all the completely real non-imaginary people who watch my every move like a TV show are laughing at that.

(06-18-2012, 11:50 PM)AgentBlue Wrote: [ -> ]i started playing an endless game of Bejeweled last night

i should stop playing so much

I thought I was the only one...

Blue, we might have a problem.
A few days ago I had a dream that I was playing... some kind of alternate version of Psychonauts, I guess? I don't know if it was crazy-jumbled-dream version, or a sequel, or what the hell it was. It was the same general conceit I know that much and I was going for 100%

But then I went to the last level (which was still the Meat Circus, I think, maybe? I remember it was the point of no return and I was Not Enthusiastic about playing it, so it was definitely the Meat Circus in spirit) because I was sick of looking for scavenger hunt items, so I was all "I'll create fifty thousand backup saves" and then my backup saves were gone and I was sad.

I only remembered a couple of days ago that this was a dream. I think I'd thought it actually happened and then just forgot about it.
okay then yesterday I had a dream that me and my multi-ethnic group of Dream Friends (who I'm pretty sure were not anyone I actually know) were going to canada on a half-vacation half-see-if-it's-fit-for-habitation thing I guess, maybe?

and it was nice, but, like, for some reason garbage floated in the air and formed clouds, and there was this crazy old lady who we thought was with the inexplicably dystopian Canadian government but it turns out she was just lonely and sad and wanted surrogate children. then eventually she died of grief when I faked a snake bite from a pokemon (which apparently existed but only came into play when needed) because apparently some fortune teller had said I would get a snake bite but it would be non-fatal, which is dumb because 1) I don't believe in psychics and 2) I don't remember that happening in the dream either.

also there was a video-gamey bit where for some reason a house was laid out so I had to keep jumping through a torch, which caused a transformation for a single turn or something, I don't know.

my best guess is that I've been reading this Guy Delisle graphic novel about living in Israel for a year and that sort of got mashed up with my vague aspirations for the future. the garbage thing almost certainly because I know he mentioned there was a lot of garbage just out there in certain areas.
This morning, following getting up early to sign on to classes:

Quote:* Agengie curls up in a blanket wonton

whereupon my dream involved Kasane Teto, a wheelchair bound genius who is also an assassin, and a water supply that made people magically change sexes. And it was a sad dream because the genius assassinated Teto and i woke up crying because she turned into a doll

dreamagen Wrote:Teeeetooooooo nuuuuuuuuu ;A;

and then the water ran out and bluuuuuuuuuhhhhh

Quote:* Agengie unfurls from blanket wonton
* You are now known as Agenyawn
Another immigration dream. This time some guy was suspected of being an illegal immigrant to the US, or he was going to be the 100th guy who could be legal, or some bullshit I don't even know, so he was hauled before a jury (which I'm positive is Not How That Works) and I guess Jeff Dunham wait no it was Jeff Foxworthy with Jeff Dunham's puppets because my dream is really bad at differentiating between comedians I guess.

so anyway it ended up pretty disastrously and the guy was deemed illegal but then the judge was all "wait hold on i think there's a contradiction here" or whatever and then the guy was all "nah fuck all y'alls"

but then he turned out to be a friend of mine, which is weird because 1) that guy lives in Britain and looked absolutely nothing like this guy and 2) has never expressed any desire to emigrate? anyway apparently he had some kind of robot who, when I visited, was walking tightrope, then he hid her and we both had ice cream sundaes and he confessed to, like, going insane from wanting to be Andrew Hussie or something which is even more dumb because I don't think he's even that big a Homestuck fan.

also jeff foxworthy-dunham's career was ruined and there was a brief flash-forward to an interview where he had white hair and stuff.

The immigration thread my dreams seem to be on probably has to do with me going off to college, I guess? but what's weird is that both these dreams happened after my alarm woke me up, I hit the snooze button, and then my alarm totally failed to wake me up any further.

I guess the moral of the story is "get a better alarm or your brain will pester you with really obtuse dreams"
I had a dream

I had a dream that I was on a bus for some reason, and there was a diner called the Eagle Time. So of course, I had to stop in.

Everyone there was very friendly but the waitress took a long time to deliver food. And it was difficult to explain to people how to spell my forum handle.

True facts.
I have had dreams three nights in a row!
That's cool although I can't remember the first two.
All I remember is that both times I woke up sort of after going "Wait a minute this isn't my life, this is a dream." then I just AWAKE.

In the dream I had last night, I was hiding in Mirdini's house(??) from two weido dudes. There was a little hidey place hidden behind a brick wall and I am pretty sure this dream lifted the plot from somewhere else. Anyway, they were going around the house that sometimes, when you went upstairs, led to a park, and then I kept hiding from them and their stupid monkey who I kicked into a lake secretly somehow. Anyway, for some reason, I went downstairs and hid in a closet and locked it and then one of those dudes were shaking it and trying to get it open and that's when I just woke up.
I dreamed I was at orientation for a new university that I'd been accepted to. One of the team-building exercises was that members tossed a ball to one another while calling out names, you know the one. Everything seemed nice and normal until I realized the people weren't actually catching or throwing the ball, like the bits of time where they were actually holding the ball were cut out, leaving a discontinuity. Then I realized everyone there was dead, but like a corporeal ghost. And then I realized I was a ghoooost tooooooo

And then I set fire to the school, which by this point I realized was a recurring setting in my dreams (one point was that there was only one way to go around this particular building, and all the other routes were alarmed or blocked) and then I kneed a ghost in the balls.

And then I woke up D:

There was more to it, buuuuuut it wasn't really important. The odd thing is that I can pretty clearly understand what happened in this last week that contributed to each bit of the dream (read: Pyromania)! And the fact that it made such a self-consistent dream as well o_o
Man, ever have one of those dreams where you find a black fleshy lump of thread-like spiders, and you're freaked out for a moment, but then everything is okay because,"Well, at least they aren't burrowing into my skin." but then, as if on command, they do?
btp, that sounds terrifying. Eurgh.
One dream I had last night involved discovering my bedsheets were full of ants, and some sort of surface that you could look into and some types of fabric would look transparent.

The other involved getting on planes to and from Honolulu and to and from home to some place, somehow I ended up driving on Honolulu and the brakes didn't work, until I discovered that I was slamming my foot on to a couple of not pedals. And then I was thinking how the hell am I going to get the car back home.
Ah, dreams. I have a lot of dreams, none too pleasant usually, but I still consider them fondly. The experience is unique of course and the relief you get waking up from a nightmare is almost palpable.

Just last night I dreamed about my old school. The day had ended but instead of heading outside to go home, everybody was heading for one of the three assembly halls to go to their lockers. Here in Ireland we don't have the classic full-length school lockers, but banks of smaller boxes maybe just a foot across and a foot in height with enough depth for all the books etc. Small lockers. So anyway, the people all opened their lockers and, one by one, started breaking their own bones. Snapping elbows, twisting kneecaps and arching spines until they snapped. Then they began to sort of push themselves into the lockers with these jerky, claymation movements, pausing to pop of a joint out of place or bend fingers back beyond their housing. The sound was the worst thing about it, all that splintering and crunching echoing around the otherwise empty assembly hall. Finally, when the last of them had crawled in (they all faced outwards I should mention) the locker doors swung shut and locked of their own accord, leaving me alone in the building. Then I woke up.

Of course it was frightening, but looking back on it as on a lot of my dreams, I'm almost glad it was so vivid because such alien experiences can only be found in dreams like that. It was so real I could practically close my eyes and see it now. I have a lot of dreams, basically one every night, so I won't go on and post them all. If anybody would like to hear some more or if I have an especially crazy one then I'll report back.
Ohhh, it finally happened: Slendy decided to invade my dreams.

But the dream ended up being an idea for another Slender game, if anyone wants to make it :P

Essentially it was a bridge, slightly post-apocalyptic because there were car wrecks everywhere. Some of them looked as if they'd been crashed into after being abandoned for a while. At the end of the bridge was a military complex, all covered in lights and things and dedicated to sheltering people being chased by Slendy, which he does, all along this long, long, long bridge. The lights of the complex don't even illuminate the bridge at all, so it's just a goal in the distance without being much help. You has flashlight. One thing here is that while Slendy can teleport, in the early stages of being chased he tends to go around the car wrecks and things, so you can buy yourself a little time by going over the cars. Of course, by the time you reach the halfway point he just starts teleporting, and all you can do is try to lose him among the wreckage on the bridge and run for the complex...there was also the abutment along the side of the bridge, which was a completely clear path to the complex but essentially a death wish if you stay there too long, since Slendy will (and did) catch you. Three of those I was escaping with died that way.

And then you get into the complex, you breathe a sigh of relief...and the he teleports in front of you. THERE IS NO ESCAPE


stop fueling my nightmares
Slenderman was in my dreams too the other day. We were in an Ankh-Morpork cafe or something.

But the collision detection was really bad, so I was half scared and half pissed off at him for not following the rules.

Also I think I escaped but then I looked at a bird and the bird slendy'd me.
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