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[Image: swaptitle_by_terra414-dc7oeqh.png]

Original Lucidstuck adventure
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[Image: 01_by_terra414-dc7oabh.png]

A young lady stands in her bedroom. It just so happens that she hasn’t slept for the past couple days. She's a bit groggy and has started having trouble remembering her own name.

…What was it again?


>Alice Willford

And another command

>Look around your room at all your stuff
>wear that bowl as a hat and stick the knitting-needles up your nose.
Well, since you're asking us, why not switch up the names a little bit

~~>Poophead Dumbhair~~

I mean.

>Delilah Willford

And for good measure

>Exposit the variety of INTERESTS you may or may not possess!
I mean it's obvious, it's in the title!

>Ms. Willford Swap
>Bedwetting Wench
>Conniving Broad
>Depraved Psychopath
>Malicious Hypocrite
>Disgusting Stalker
>Jean Williams? Andrea Mumford?
> What's that stylish bag you're carrying?
>Meowwhiskers Nuzzlesnout
i love everything abut this

>Remember name as well as interests
[Image: warning_1__by_terra414-dc7pcum.gif]

>Jean Williams? Andrea Mumford?

[Image: 02_by_terra414-dc7pcti.gif]

>Delilah Willford Poophead Dumbhair

[Image: 02_by_terra414-dc7uuv3.gif]

...Woowwww, you must be more out of it than you thought if this is the best your brain comes up with. That barely felt like you at all.

Besides, what kind of person just forgets their name? You know your name is Alice Willford.


It seems like certain commands won’t work on Alice if she feels they’re unbecoming of her. Taking care when phrasing things may help.


>Exposit the variety of INTERESTS you may or may not possess!

[Image: 04_by_terra414-dc7peno.png]

As previously stated, your name is Alice Willford.

You have a variety of casual interests that include the intriguing and peculiar aspects of life, as well as anything related to fashion – specifically the hands-on side of it, which you enjoy indulging on.

You are a shrewd and cunning person who uses charisma to take the path of least resistance in life.

Recurrent lucid dreams involving monsters and demons are an unexpected but not exactly unwelcome recent change in your life, as you feel it’s become rather dull and stagnant. Thanks to your brother's nagging you have taken measures to protect yourself from the "playmates" outside of your room; your Wardrobe is a last resort to hide from the creatures that lurk behind your door. You have no friends other than your beloved brother, however you haven't seen him in a couple weeks because he’s busy with this or that. You still keep in touch using the chat client called Pesterchum.

You are getting a bit edgy from lack of sleep and the mess your room is in. What will you do while in the confines of your room?
>Examine adorable cat face by the wardrobe
>Open up the messenger on your tablet and see if anyone is online.
> check pesterchum to see if your brother is online

> give a MTV crib-esque, in-detail tour of your room
>Those posters seem interesting why not check them out?

>Continue to talk about your interests. delve into the little details.
>Tidy your room, this mess is gonna give you a migraine if you have to keep looking at it
> if the weird voices that dont sound like you keep up, maybe you should sleep, or try too, hopefully that will calm them down, but for now clean up your room
> Alice: Take cover off rack and and wear as protective cloak.

... May as well throw in something silly.
2 lucidstucks, twice the update, waow. love this

> that's all
>now you have "hey there delilah" stuck in you head due to that name your brain came up with
>open laptop, browse scandalous fanfic collection.
> What's that stylish bag you're carrying?

[Image: 05_by_terra414-dc7roep.png]

You gaze fondly into your SCHOOLBAG, a little project you're particularly proud of. Just the right size for your needs coupled with high washability factor. So what if a couple people made fun of your 'grandma tote bag'? Those peasants wouldn't be able to tell apart a Seed stitch from a Garter stitch if you put a knife to their faces.

Better put it away where it belongs, no sense adding to the general chaos.

>Examine adorable cat face by the wardrobe

[Image: 06_by_terra414-dc7rofl.png]

You suppose someone may find it adorable but you don't. Still, your mom did make this pillow for you with love and it's one of the few things you have left of her. You feel kinda bad you left it on the floor after taking down your cloth bolts. You leave it on the bed for now.

>Open up the messenger on your tablet and see if anyone is online.

[Image: 07_by_terra414-dc7rogn.png]

No one but lil bro in your Pesterchum, and he’s Idle right now. Hopefully napping, but knowing him, he’s doing anything but. You leave him a message to respond when he's free.

> give a MTV crib-esque, in-detail tour of your room

[Image: 08_by_terra414-dc7rohf.png]

You would *never* allow a camera in your room the way it is right now! Sure, you’ve been kinda in between projects but there’s no excuse for this clutter.

>Tidy your room, this mess is gonna give you a migraine if you have to keep looking at it

[Image: 9_by_terra414-dc7rojc.gif]

It’s not like you’d be able to sleep like this anyway, so may as well start putting things back where they belong.

>Those posters seem interesting why not check them out?

[Image: 10_by_terra414-dc7rokb.png]

May as well while you put things back where they belong...

This poster is of your greatest role model, Miranda Priestly, from ‘the Devil wears Prada’. People may think that she’s a cold, ruthless bitch, abusing her power, but the truth is she’s just looking out for number one.

You respect her attitude and identify with her ambition and drive. You can only hope someday to be able to make it that far.

[Image: 11_by_terra414-dc7rokz.png]

‘The Cell’. You can’t help but love this mess of a movie. Admittedly that may be because you kind of ignore the whole ‘plot’ thing and just enjoy it as a lengthy exposure to amazing costume designs, courtesy of Eiko Ishioka at her most decadent.

Labyrinth was your favourite movie as a child and still holds its own little corner of your heart. You can’t help but both envy Jareth’s power and pity his lack of judgment. Love made him clumsy, he exposed his true feelings and that gave Sarah power over him.

You’re sure that if you’d been in his shoes, you’d have played your cards more skilfully.

[Image: 12_by_terra414-dc7roll.png]

Ah, Homura. You can’t quite call yourself a fan of Madoka and your exposure is mostly through a couple movies and a bunch of really good fanfiction, but there’s something about this gloomy, doomed, lovely girl that you can’t just let go of.

You deeply empathise with her plight. You too would do anything in your power to protect a loved one, no matter at what cost, even against their wishes.

[Image: 13_by_terra414-dc7roma.png]

Haha, this is pretty much your life motto! Some people need anger management therapy, some people need more yarn.

[Image: 14_by_terra414-dc7ron1.png]

You have a lot of yarn. A lot of it.

>open laptop, browse scandalous fanfic collection.

[Image: 15_by_terra414-dc7rpbk.png]

You don’t…own a laptop…


Alien thoughts have unsettled Alice a little, it may take her a bit more time to fall asleep now.


What should you do next?
>check your diary
>That cactus pin cushion is quite adorable

>Knit to relax and calm your nerves. You should be able to get to sleep if you're relaxed
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